April 03, 2011

Short Story-19

It was one of those days. Long hours of work. Sitting in front of a computer. She was typing away on the keyboard.

It annoyed her that it had dirty marks on it. All the vowels and a few consonants. The O had a small patch to its top left corner. The F was barely visible. Aah, all the swearing secretly on chat!

The V had a fingerprint etched, almost! Her print for her boss's name. The numerous mails she had to type with Vimala in brackets, before she could get her signature. 

The control, alternate and delete keys were also not spared. Her rotten system that hung every two seconds. She needed ctrl+alt+del for surviving with it!

She scratched away at the dirt slowly. She noticed how crumbs of the doughnut she had everyday was lodged between P and [. How a line of dirt ran between the function keys and the numbers on top. 

The num lock glowed.

She sighed, and typed
Thanking you,
Yours sincerely,
She pressed the dirtiest of them all enter key. Thrice.
[Vimala Sriram]

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