January 15, 2012

Off the top of my head- 6

Three years can change a lot of things in one's life. It can change cities, perspectives and life itself.

When I first walked down the pigeon path in college and got pooped by those ever diarrhoea-ic pigeons, I came back to the room and shampooed my hair clean! Today, after three years, I walked all the way back to the room as a matter of fact, understanding that where there are pigeons, there would be poop, and simply washed that part of my hair and my hands and went back to my routine.

At times there is no time to shampoo. All we can do is remove the crap from our heads as quickly as possible and go on with our lives. Off the top of our heads, literally!

January 09, 2012

Lessons in life

Certain days are not about striking things off your personal lists of to-dos. Instead, they take their own course and make you meander. Today was one such day.

There were loads of things that needed-to-be-done. I thought I had it all planned and under control. The day, however, had a mind of its own. Instead of making me geared up for my aerobics, it made me sleep excess. Instead of edit, it gave me interesting conversations and discussions. And instead of buying my new hard disk, it took me on a ride all over the city!

Probably the day was not meant to be about all these three big things. Maybe it was just about all those things not happening, leading up to the simple finale- ending up on Ashram Road in front of a small street side sop selling Chanaa zor garam- something I've been craving to eat for the last two months!

The delight of digging into that paper cone of the mouth-watering snack was a crowning glory to an otherwise unproductive, but enjoyable day, nevertheless.

Maybe we all expect too much from our everydays, from people, from life itself.

When somehow you learn to string together your simple stones instead of diving for pearls, you might just end up with your own wacky piece of original and wonderful jewellery.

Maybe it is not about the milestones, but just about the long and winding journey to end up with your favourite cone of chanaa zor garam on a cold wintry evening!

January 06, 2012


Never ever
don't trust
it's never gonna be okay
but then you'll sail through
cos you are you
and amazing too
and somewhere within
you found a treasure trove
and you'll be great
maybe lonely
but great nevertheless
and that's all there is
there isn't anymore

© Dryad's Peak
Maira Gall