December 27, 2004


I thought it was my head spinning soon after waking up. But unfortunately, it turned out to be worse than that. The tsunami has wrecked India. Nature unleashed her most ferocious whip yesterday and my… it was frightening.

Imagine, waking up to find the world trembling furiously…
Imagine, finding huge waves that look right out of a Hollywood movie, breaking upon you all of a sudden!
Imagine, all your properties being washed off, you have no place to live, no place to go, no one alongside you…

Oh my god… life is so uncertain…
This second you are safe. Next… no one knows what may happen.
It is so sad to see so many fisher folk dead and others- with no catamarans, no family, no home.

We had, after having woken to the tremor, gone off to Satyam at 9:00 to catch the morning show of Swades. There we saw the fisher folk running as far away as they can, from the sea. The very sea they worshipped had swallowed their near ones! The frightened eyes told it all. They told us that the sea had come as near as the Icehouse police station and that it was slowly entering more into the city.

Oh… it was so sad to see them all carry their left over possessions and run off. I felt quite guilty to be watching a movie when so many people had losttheir homes. But then we hadn’t known the extent of the damage… all thanks to dear old Doordarshan, which had after nearly an hour and half later only, eported the tremor we all felt! So like it!

Think of that… DD is the national news telecaster. It is the only source of information for so many people even today( me, sadly being one of them!). Isn’t it the prime duty of the nation-level telecaster to report a disaster of such a magnitude immediately? If not as a special bulletein, I think it should have at least flashed the news. But oh, since we are discussing about DD, could that be expected? I really got BUGGED! I was so terribly angry with the channel! 1.5 hrs later, at around 8, it slowly informs… “Chennai mattrum suttrupura nagarangalil nila nadukkam.Makkal ellam beedhi!”(Earthquake at Chennai and neighbouring places. People tensed and frightened.) To top the fact of delayed news, they don’t report that the ‘quake’ was actually an undersea earthquake that originated off Banda Aceh,Sumatra and that what we felt here was just a tremor of that 8.9 on the Richter quake.

It is so sad to think that so many people have lost their lives due to the tsunami. Another sad fact is that people have, out of curiosity, crowded the beaches and hampered the rescue operations. If we can’t help anyone, we should at least not hinder anybody trying to help. The only thing we can do now is to pray for the departed souls to rest in peace.
Nature… nevermore unleash your strongest whip on the human child!


What a movie… Such honesty, such a clean film, Such high ideals, such exceptional acting! Fantastic songs, marvelous cinematography!
I loved the movie!!!
Shah Rukh was awesome and looked ages younger than he is. It is different from the normal roles he does and he doesn’t fail the expectations.
Gayathri Joshi was good though her dance can be far from appreciated!
Ah… I loved ‘Yeh Jo Des hain tera…’ I cried for the song. The picturisation is amazing and touching. ‘Yun Hi chala chal’ is different and nice. ‘Yeh taara’ is cuddly cute! ‘Pal pal hain bhaari’- oh except for the dance, everything else is good about it.Seriously, WHY should Gowariker make her dance when she is so not graceful!!! I was sad that they did not show ‘Aahista Aahista’. That song is clearly one masterpiece and they have cruelly cut it out of the shows! ‘Dekho naa’ is surely much better in Hindi than Tamil. ‘Saawariyan’ has beautiful lyrics, picturesque settings and beautiful choreography.
I adore Kaaveri maa and the dear postman( Jai Bhajrangbali!!!).Mera naam was also a really well etched character.
The movie was simply, unruffled and neat. That is what I like about movies. They should have a strong theme, should not be preachy and should be decent to watch. Swades had it all.
There was such truthfulness and honesty in the characters and such sensitivity and underplay in the portrayal. Man… Ashutosh Gowariker is surely one rarity in directors. I fact, I’ve started to like him more than Mani Ratnam. To tell the truth, I did not like ‘Ayitha Ezhuthu’ much. The acting, story, music and packaging were good, but somehow the movie did not appeal to me!
Laggan and Swades, though have both stirred my heart deeply. They are so rooted in the nation’s tradition- something which I like deeply- that they created an immediate impact. Trisha’s character in Ayitha Ezhuthu- one very hollow, but sadly existent and true in present times- put me off!

Oh… , I feel proud to think that I have seen Ashutosh Gowariker playing the role of an aspiring actor in the DD serial ‘Circus’( along with Shah Rukh) , a million times!

Speaking about movies… People… go listen to the music of Kisna. It is inspiring and soul- stirring. Especially ‘Aham Brahmasmi’ and ‘Hum hain is pal yahan’. Magix ‘n’ Curses thanx for the cassette review. That made me buy it!

Oh… now I am looking forward to Aamir’s 1847, a revolution. That sure is going to be one great movie!!!

December 12, 2004


Little Miss Perfects, prim and proper ladies out there and dear mama’s darlings- lis’n up! This is all about you- mean nasty things with no kind word strewn in!

It takes all kinds of people to make the world. But it takes just one species of mankind to irritate- the Perfections!

Ha… but hear you being pulled down, torn to shreds, scolded, preached at and being… oh worst of all… compared to what happens to be the biggest mistake of God- Perfection- is what I personally feel is HELL!(I’ve felt this many a times, though not recently. Yet something forced me to write this blog.)

“She can sing, she can dance, she can do anything in the world.She’s beautiful, and she’s kind. She’s this, she’s that…”goes momma about her ickle sweetums!

“Oh…you know about my boy? He’s so good at sports. He plays anything and everything. He’s the school pupil leader. He’s very generous blah blah blah!” brags papa.

Huh! Enough of these goody goody people. It irritates, bites, cuts, stings and oh, does every possible horrible stuff to you.

Well an accomplished person- fine we’ll give them their due. But those irrevocable pieces of goodness that fear to even move a muscle lest they be called improper- ugh…I feel so disgusted!
Be good, alright- no one’s stopping you. But being soooo good with not a single flaw is so not human- why doesn’t anybody understand?

Human beings are a mixture of good and bad, sweet and sour! You need a little streak of evil, a glint of mischief and a scoop of wickedness in you to remain human.

Too good a person is not a person at all. They are so eeh ugh yucky! Just so unnaturally good, that I’m sure they have a devilishly bad side to them.

I wish people don’t go about with one “I am ironed and starched” look, too.They are bodies without souls. There’s no ANYTHING about them. They just exist along with the pillars and cushions and chairs. No spirit, no will, no fire, no spark, no enthusiasm, no life at all. They go about their routine in one ‘soi…’ droning way. Nothing worthwhile ever happens to them. Even if it does, they play it down so much, that it doesn’t seem worthwhile anymore.

Come on, you live your life, but once here and you need the world to know you LIVED. What’s the very use of living, if all you do is just stick to the rules and not dare, not be bold or creative or do anything differently?

Wake up you show dolls out there! Start gearing up for some fun. Go do bungee jumping or at least go for a roller coaster ride in your life. Do something- HAVE AT LEAST A BLEMISH IN YOUR LIFE! Be silly, stupid or dumb for a while. MOVE! Make your presence felt with some ACTION!

I might have been exaggerating and over doing a bit, but yes, there REALLY are perfect beings on earth! All I want them to be is to scale down or underplay their goodness so that we not-so-perfect (in my case ‘total crazy imperfection’! Oh God, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING WHEN YOU CREATED ME???) People are not really discouraged in life.

Ha… the soul feels free…it is human. Its written some insulting stuff; unfurled a malicious grin.Ah…I’m happy I’m not ironed and starched… and blessed are the souls that are imperfect!!!

December 05, 2004


Let’s walk through the woods my dear friend,
Dwelling in beauty-wild and grand.
Let’s listen to the chirp, the rustle, the croak,
Nature is whispering tales to us both.

Isn’t that the loveliest rose that bloomed?
Bejewelled with grandeur, in pink crowned.
Oh! Let’s dance to the nightingale’s song,
You and I-merrily along.

The wild florid expanse breathes fragrance,
Filling our paths with its enchanting presence.
Let’s gather those flowers prettily dimpled,
And like little dryads play in the woods.

Let’s dream we dwelled in those treetops,
Where airy breeze and fairies flock.
Oh! My dear friend-do come along,
Let’s walk through the woods singing a song.

December 02, 2004


This blog comes your way after the writer devoured Dan Brown's amazing masterpiece-"The Da Vinci code".Oh my god...the book is a proof that when there are master story tellers, the reading habit won't die...JUST WON'T!!! It leaves you with a satisfaction... not of your heart, but of your brain. Never heard of such a thing, right? Read it to believe.
It is one cannot-be-put-down kind of book with so many twists, riddles, suspense, shock, adventure etc in it. It is sooooooooooooo fast paced and gripping that I actually forgot doing anything other than reading it. The story extends for only about two and a half days in a few people's life and Dan Brown has retained the interest all through the 400 odd pages.
People this is a request...DO READ IT!!!It's an extraordinarily good novel that starts your brain's clock ticking...

© Dryad's Peak
Maira Gall