December 05, 2004


Let’s walk through the woods my dear friend,
Dwelling in beauty-wild and grand.
Let’s listen to the chirp, the rustle, the croak,
Nature is whispering tales to us both.

Isn’t that the loveliest rose that bloomed?
Bejewelled with grandeur, in pink crowned.
Oh! Let’s dance to the nightingale’s song,
You and I-merrily along.

The wild florid expanse breathes fragrance,
Filling our paths with its enchanting presence.
Let’s gather those flowers prettily dimpled,
And like little dryads play in the woods.

Let’s dream we dwelled in those treetops,
Where airy breeze and fairies flock.
Oh! My dear friend-do come along,
Let’s walk through the woods singing a song.
© Dryad's Peak
Maira Gall