December 26, 2005


My new blog...


Chk it out.,.. it's jus begun... will post more soon...

So how do u tlike this temporary new look of my blog? I wanted the template 'splash'. Not bin able to upload properly. Curses kaila kadacha pannuven(he he.. ellarum aashirvadam keppa.. Naan curses odu presence kekkaren! All time!!! :D)

Well guys… I’m off to attend the Annual Convention of the National Association of the students of Architecture at Aamchi Mumbai!!! Yay… I leave early tomorrow morning by the Dadar express and will be back only on 2 Jan! Yippee… I’m all excitement :)

So guys… Hope u all had a Merry Merry Christmas. I went on a mega shopping spree on X Mas day and got a pair of floaters (at last!!!) and now I’m beyond the I-Wear-Only-Bathroom-Slippers mode. Thank god!

Well with prayers that at least this year sees no disaster like last year and that we shall soon erase the pains that tsunami evoked, I wish all ye dear dear fellow blog-trotters
A Very very Happy happy NEW YEAR!

May 2006 be an year where all your dreams come true.

December 21, 2005


This is a tale of woe… One you would never have heard of before or one which moves the very stoniest of hearts... Muster courage ye and read on… for I’m going to tell you how a 3 cm long creature brought down my little world of dreams…

It all started with my sister, one fine evening, declaring that there was some wriggly-squiggly creature behind my study room curtain. I went, “Hmmm.. your imagination! Don’t think there’s anything!”. But due to her persistence, very bravely, I went upto the curtain with the Jaanavaasam Vadi of my father [he he… Appa-amma kalyanathukkaprom ipdi thaan adhukku use! ;)] and prodded the curtain. Imagine my horrorest of horrors when a chuntaani rat pops up and runs about!

That was just the beginning… That rat, which I thought had safely left the cramped confines of my study room apparently, had loved the comforts of my computer table! Sigh! Maybe it was hungry…maybe it was an animagus of some enemy of mine but THAT WRETCHED RAT has wrecked my computer table…

Boo hoo… My eyes run dry on this recap! :(

Mr.Rat nibbles my internet wire, feasts on my headphone-Mike wire and tears into itsy-bitsy bits my precious speaker wires. The novice that I am, I solder all the above to disastrous results. Three things I so totally adore in my computer are these and that bloody 3cm thingy destroyed it!!!! I could have squeezed it in my hand till its innards
Had popped out! Ugh!!!

So Operation Krazy Rat began(Er… I couldn’t find Mortein Rat Kill in that store :(

Bits and pieces of Krazy Rat (yeah yeah.. it was crazy with a k… Manufacturer must be an Ekta Kapoor fan… he he) lay scattered on all that was my floor and beyond… I wrapped my computer table up in newspaper and all… YET YET that bloody rat somehow squeals and sneaks into my stupid computer table and eats off the spare internet wire, does something to my modem and bites thru my handy cam box(thank god the object was saved! Phew!)

Braving Chennai’s rains, I got down doing some action… DESTROY the rat…DESTROY the rat.. I kept repeating to myself… And to my great joy, I procured MORTEIN RAT KILL!!!! So after re-protecting my computer table with further card boards and charts and newspapers (Ah! Now u know I don’t do Architecture for nothing!!! ) I left bits of rat kill all over…

Imagine my triumph when even after two days the rat didn’t come! I successfully killed something in my life!!! I feel a mixture of joy and sadness… But sadly… I still religiously cover up my computer and every other crevice in my house! L Some habits die late…

Sigh! Whatever it be, I just believe

“Killing a rat a day keeps the computer at bay!”

December 16, 2005


Lady Oliver Twist's smiling... Broadband becomes reality!!! :)

December 13, 2005

MY WORTH... :)

My blog is worth $2,258.16.
How much is your blog worth?

December 04, 2005


*title courtesy- my dear sis Swetha*

He arrives with his unmistakeable stink making me feel all puke-ish! People swear they can’t live without him. Having born into a section of people whose daily existence revolves around him, I am sneered at for detesting him with such a passion! All around me people hail him king and sing his praise while I, for the past 18 years and 8 months have been waging a lone war against him, and winning it!

It’s time I shout before the world… or atleast before that set of loyal readers in blogsville,my most well-kept secret…

I HATE Gabbar singh a.k.a. curd!!!

Ever since ths gal of yours was a wee one, she’s had this unparalleled hatred towards what people around me call… pardon while I puke… a ‘delicacy’(MISNOMER!!!). One year old me had very over-sensitive taste buds, all declared and with snooty looks branded me as a ‘fussy eater’. Dear momma of mine tried bringing ‘more’ and ‘thayir’ into my little world but all I did was vomit when it was brought within a 2 ft distance and say-‘noMORE’! My mom tried lassi, thick curds(yuck! How horrible they look!) and a lot of othe sub-ploys to trap me into the never-ending Brahmin fascination for butter-milk and curds. Their deviousness could not win against my innocent, yet strong opposition!

Amma gave up! She, after wiping a tear or two in her pallu, decided that her daughter shall never be forced into taking what she doesn’t like!(Thank god for me!)

Thus I remain, till date a non-moreholic and a non-thayirholic and a non-bothoftheaboveproductsholic. Or in other words- a teetotaler of sorts!

This is the everyday scenario… while everybody has their food on the dining table; I’ll either have it separately on the living room sofa on a moda or eat before/after the rest of them. Reason- the very smell boils my blood and gives my sensitive nose-buds an excruciating pain and illness;also the fact that I have to have one of the three while eating-a book, tv or conversation and the others don’t like me having any of the three!

While the family slurps delightedly at the horribly white distasteful object of discussion, I try my best not to grimace or show a face. I run far away… I don’t even touch the utensils which hold/have held them! Ugh!!! And don’t even dream of me to serve anything which has ‘it’ in it!

My family has got used to it. But my friends…

When I initially joined DAV for my XI, there used to be this major ‘food hunt’ in the lunch break by a few girls.They used to go around and sample every mom’s cooking. I used to discard my food if anyone used a spoon which had even touched a drop of curd! Soon my friends realized my ‘unusual tastes’ and decided to jus use my spoon!

College- well, I’m still the butt of all jokes! My friends are still amused how could a girl, that too an Iyer girl, not like buttermilk/curds and how she could survive without it all along? I tell them- if there can be vegetarians alongside non-veggies, there could be curd-haters alongside those foolish ones who love it!

Marriages and public functions are quite a trial for me and without my mother’s support, I can not attend them for nuts! People fail to realize there could be curd-haters. How biased! These catering people who serve the food are wont to put some curd-article on to the ‘elai’. This happened once and boy wasn’t I bloody pissed?!? From then on I keep my hand in front of me in that ‘bus-bus’ manner as soon as they start serving food and take my hand off only when something I like comes up, which again is rare cos I’m a fuss-pot when it comes to food!

So many have tried in vain to ‘get me hooked’ to curd but in vain. I stamp my foot and yell a no-no! I’m not alone in this world. I know at least half-a-dozen people who are like me and a dozen more who have it only occasionally (puzzles me how!). Forget them all! I’m living proof who stands testimony to the fact that people can live-a hale, healthy, sane and HAPPY life- WITHOUT CURDS!!!

Gabbar singh… ab tera kya hoga???

( Incidentaly these are the other things I loathe:

beetroot(blood vegetable),
beans/cabbage with rasam(I can have it only with vathalkozhambu/sambar),
avial(with more),
shrikhand, lassi,
over-burnt ladies finger(it should have that perfevct padham I prescribe for the day), manja-pazham and karpooravalli pazham(I only like malaipazham, rasthaali and elakki), keerai(yuck! But I’m forced to have it sometimes…),
vazhathandu( read vomit) esp as molagoottal,
molagootals of most varieties,
appams with sukku,
ginger-tea and all other ginger-related things (except ginger-lime juice in my college), pongal with peppercorn,
adai(yuck!!!!), vengaya dosai(can’t have it even if that shall save me from death), ulutham paruppu(I ALWAYS take it off my food and eat. My mom very sweetly NEVER porichukottifies the vegetables!),
grambu in anything,
whole elakkaais(I love it powdered tho),
steamed corn(don’t like it much),
pavakkai(unless it’s pavakkai pitla),
usili, kovakkai,
radish(unless it is muli paranthas),
spinach(unless it’s methi parantha),
mushrooms(not tasted too much),
all bland international food(yuck!!!!!!!),
raitas(hate hate hate them),
saththu( a Maaru sweet that tastes like ‘nothing’ and makes your whole mouth all sticky and gooey-gooey!)
Have pazham after drinking milk(god, I hate it!)
I could go on… :D

November 28, 2005


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~The Dreamy Dryad~


This post is dedicated to Vinesh for a suggestion he gave long ago to write about my dreams…

Can’t I dream? Is it wrong to dream when you know you will fall? Is it wrong to be so dreamy? Isn’t it nice all the time you let your fancies soaring… touching those star-spangled skies, those cherubic clouds?

It is so nice to leave your body behind and let the soul do a jig in cosmos... Wow... I love those little dreams I weave out of the silken chords of my imagination-wild, fanciful and precious; and those silly ones that invade my sleep. He he… speaking about the silly ones, sample these…

A senior of mine came as a plumber in my dream and was repairing pipes in my terrace and later doing a celebrational dance when he successfully repairs it! And it turns out that he indeed is good at plumbing. I was creeped out!!!

My school principal escorting Rahul Dravid and Sourav Ganguly for flag hoisting during Independence Day(strangely held in an empty desert!!!) while my dear ‘sister and companion’ Nithya and I tail them for a long time. After a while, losing patience, we call out to them only to see actor Naazar and some other guy standing in place of Dravid and Ganguly! Seeing our puzzled and disappointed expressions, Naazar explains-‘Naanga Mask pottuttu irundome!’(we wore their masks!)


My buddy wearing a lungi and lounging in an easy chair like one lazy bum when I gate-crash into his house. Then taking me to his terrace which is full of dried fallen mango leaves. Then I leave my slipper in his house ( dream-layum vida maateengudhu pa indha slipper saga! And incidentally, someone pinched yet another pair of slipper and two other pairs came apart and I got them stitched- one as far away as Thiruvanmiyur and another as near as my next street.) My father and I then travel in a boat from his house and visit a number of temples which have attached stationary and papier shops!

My cousin and I jumping over mountains, caves and monolithic ancient temples to met Madhavan who suddenly gets transported to my cousin’s house and signs on a bed sheet!!!


The entire world has been kidnapped (by heaven knows who!) except for my father, his friend and I. We jump out of the window of the house and everybody’s returning with bags and baggage, Sachin Tendulkar being one o the first to be released. In the end of the line, Rahul Dravid’s waiting with his bike. I hop on. He takes me to a house and Rahul Dravid turns out to be my science teacher’s son!!! :D rotfl!


A guy with a knife following me on the main road! Scary!!!!


My family traveling to China, where I get lost, to be found by actress Sri Devi to be restored to my family! (This dream came twice)


Tushaar Kapoor being my neighbour!!! Lol!

My bestest dream being me on board a wooden boat, out in the ocean with the blue blue blue all around! Nothing else in sight… just blue and I’m all thrilled and gasping with joy! Wow…


I imagined waiting in some place and eating a weird jelly-like sweet before I get to meet Rahul Dravid. Hold your breath…a couple of years later, I DID wait in a similar looking lobby and I ate the EXACT kind of sweet before I met my demi-god, demi-bro idol!!!! Creppy, eh?


And my self-created dreams…
My land of moonbeams
My lonely sojourns to reverie land
My silent stupid silly impossible romantic tales
My dreams of achievement in the future of all my set goals…
He he... When I first learnt that if you repeatedly visualize something, it’s sure to happen in reality.(It works, trust me!), I visualized quite a number of academically oriented stuff- journalism at ACJ, First in XII etc. The first one may happen, who knows what I’ll do after B.Arch (mostly M.Arch only to become a professor but I may revive my journo dreams). Second one sure didn’t happen!!! He he… I can only look at it with a smile. It’s laughable but sweet and childish!

Ah… dreams are such pretty pretty things…like the pale frills on a pale blue frock.
Lovely lovely lovely dreams…


Have you ever felt lonely? So lonely that even when people are around, you can’t feel their company?

Yes… I do over-react. I do exaggerate. I’m someone who fancies a lot but I do mean what I write…this is a very psychotic post, I agree, but I’ve felt it all and no lies here…

So, have you?

To feel so lonely that no one near you can calm you down? To wake up in the nights and though people are sleeping next to you, you are scared… scared of the dark, scared of seclusion… scared of being forgotten.

People seem to move away from you. Everyone’s words seem fake. The world seems alien… an illusionary happiness seems to abound it…always seeming to be present, but never quite! You drown in your mind’s disquiet and maddening thoughts so much, that you feel you are becoming sordid… morbid… psychotic?

You reach out and all around you slap you hard; push you back forcefully till you fall… deep deep into a bottomless gulch from the bowels of which you hear a spine chilling evil laughter.

You try to sleep but can’t till you hug your stuffed toy close to your chest and strangely feel a warmth and comfort in a lifeless object!

You pity yourself for being such a mean, despicable, low, cowardly creature who does not deserve anything but two tight hard slaps across the face.

You hate yourself. You don’t know why. The world seems to be turning away. Everything moves on. You cling on. Hold on. The cloth is wrenched from your hands. You grab that lone loose thread. The fabric falls apart and even the thread of sanity is lost!

You fail miserably in your test on yourself- every way. Everything you do does not satisfy yourself. Life suddenly turns slow, boring, and dull. You have no self-respect. No pride.
You remember your past smiles and tears and lie on in those memories…A ghostly existence in the shadows of yesterdays… the past glory and pain breathes n life… memories…past… past… good old past… bad old past…past… past…never again…nevermore….past…past…past…it’s over, forget it… past… past…let


I’ve always wanted a brother. An elder brother who’d always be around, teasing me, pulling my pigtails, slapping me hard on my back ‘just for the heck of it’ and putting that sturdy arm around me during my grief.

I don’t have a first cousin elder brother also! Hence I adopted (or I was adopted sister) a lot of brothers and they seem to fill almost 75% of that void that’s in my heart… Thanks all of you… Rahul, Murali, Immesh, Arvind, Shayilu, Vishaul, Rajesh…

Being the eldest in the family can be quite a pain. You have to set an example and be all proper and obedient- something which I try earnestly to be, but fail miserably many a time! My wish for a brother grew only then, when I wished for someone older than me in my house. My cousin who lived next street filled the slot of elder sister. SO what I sorely required was an impossibility called elder brother!

My mother remarks that every girl without a brother goes through this ‘I wish I had a brother’ phase which fades in an year or two. Seems to not hold true in my case since I’ve wanted one for the past 7 years… An ardent wish ever since I chanced to buy ‘Doli Sajaa Ke Rakhna’ for being an A.R.Rahman’s work.

Every time ‘Jhoola Baahon ka’ plays, I fight that deep ache in my heart. I LOVE that song. It has always meant something special.
Those lines…

‘Moti hoon main, in aankhon ka…
Phool hoon inke bhaag ka…’

Happen to be one of those I passionately love! Since then I’ve loved Raksha bandhan and Kaarthigai on par with my favourite Deepavali.

Wish I had an elder brother…

I’ve a dream brother and mad me’s written a loving letter to him one raksha bandhan day. I named him Shishir but I call him ‘brother’. Not anna or bhaiyya.

I sorely am in need of his protective shoulder these days. Dunno if it’s just ‘teen trouble’ or some psychotic disorder, but I keep going into these depressions. Feeling all insecure about everything. Scared…shit scared that I hug ‘Bobby a.k.a Hillary’- my life-size stuffed dog (named after two of my favourite characters from Enid Blyton’s classic-Mallory Towers)

Brother… I wish you were real… I see so many parts of you in all my adopted brothers. Just wish that one/all of them were really my own… living with me, knowing me wholly, guiding me and telling me that I’m ‘not such an awful girl after all!’


She sits and picks the little withered flowers- old yet faintly fragrant. Slowly she puts them into the plastic bag along with all those broken trinkets and the rare old gems- almost fading away.

Hesitantly she ties the bag up tightly, as if even a little gap would ruin her precious few. She puts this into another plastic bag and another, and so on till almost twenty bags are used up.

With a frightening shudder, a sigh and a lone passionate tear, she throws it into an unused cupboard to lay forgotten!

A part of her now is wrapped forever in obscurity- dormant, though not killed forever…


She was walking by his side, two steps behind him, observing his steady confident walk and his sturdy build.

He was cutely humming a song- his voice was sweet, clear and strong. ‘Protective’, she thought.

They stopped by a tree with beautiful pink flowers. Pink was her favourite colour and he knew it. She gently kept touching those pink flowers and looking at him expectantly.

‘When are you leaving for cochin?’ he asked
‘Sunday. Why?’
‘And when are you back?’
‘In a week’
‘Hmmm…Will be boring’.
She smiled.
‘I mean… no entertainment. An office tour. Won’t it be boring?’ he corrected himself.

Her smile disappeared slowly and she replied, ‘No. I like my job. It’ll be interesting.’
‘Hmmm… Cool! So, you’ll call right? I’ll be waiting for it,’ he said and smiled.

She smiled. ‘At last the idiot’s getting romantic,’ she thought and said, ‘ duh! I will!’

She continued to caress the flowers, as if waiting for him to pluck one and give it to her.
That instant, as if reading her intention, he plucked that very flower! She shyly smiled to herself.

He looked at the flower and gave it a weird smile and started to pluck one petal after another till just the stem remained.

‘Men…’ she muttered to herself and frowned.

‘You expected me o give it to you, right?’ he queried.
She said nothing.

He plucked a handful of pink flowers, bent on his knees and gavi it to her saying, ‘I love you’.

She smiled…
‘Men…’she remarked and kissed him!

A whip
A slap
A delve with a knife into my heart
Couldn’t have hurt me more
Than that one word from your lips


I’m a leech
Clinging on
To old memories
Broken bangles
Forgotten tangles
Lonely wanderings
Sweet nothings
Sunshiny smiles
Childish wiles
Broken hearts
Their scars and marks
Joyous times
Nonsensical rhymes
Little boats of thoughts
Streams in and out fast
Divine presence
Unknown silence
Lovely gurgling laughter
Lonely desolate after
Holding on to past
As day after day does pass
Can’t let go fast…

[For people like Harish and Vinesh, who never seem to understand my ‘portry n pome’ here goes an explanation…

I’m this clinger to past with its cart-load of memories and objects reminding me of bitter-sweet times. I’m happy and sad about my past being a part of me. I want to let go but I cling and where I have to cling, I let go! And I’m all about my past because that’s what I’m made of- my past and a little dream about my future. Never living in the present. I’m expressing my angst and surprise at this helpless state of mine and smile and sigh at once about it! ]

October 31, 2005

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May the light burst forth…!

The rocket shoots across the skies and bursts forth into a million twinkling gems. For once the stars aren’t the only glittering things across the sky! A new beginning for smiles and pleasantries. A time to reconnect with family and friends.


The festival that ushers in light and joy and colours!

May this deepavali bring you loads of happiness, health and wealth! May the light burst forth…!

Here’s wishing you a happy, safe and prosperous deepavali…


October 30, 2005


Ghanan Ghanan Gir gir aaye badhra
Gane ghan ghor kar chaye badhra
Dhanak hanak bole badhra ke danke
Chamak chamak dekho bijuria chamke

Smoothly this song plays on my ears as the rains lash out their fury outside, enveloping the entire world outside in a translucent white sheet. Not drip-drop-drip but pitter patter pour with a ferocity henceforth unknown. Tales of the years back Chennai floods are told with renewed vigour. Water runs back again on Lake View Road transforming it to what it might have been
*above a photo I clicked in the rain!!! :( long long ago, very long ago when it was once a lake midst thick foliage!

Houses transform to mini pools, much to the wee ones’ joy! They thump about in the water, splashing it on to the older ones’ faces! As schools and colleges declare holidays, we wake up to lazy mornings, steaming hot up of coffee and horlicks awaiting us. Cupping them in hands, letting the warmth seep in, and slowly lifting the eyes from the hot concoction and out into the maddeningly slushy roads and joyously dancing trees!

Chennayil oru Mazhaikalam- after a hell lot of longing for water, now it pours…and how!!! Kuduthalum kuduppan, kooraiya pichundu kuduppan! Lovely fragrant earth tantalizes our noses and fills it with its intoxicatingly sweet perfume. Mother Earth heaves out a huge sigh and lets out the huddled summer’s heat in one burst of steam, as the first drop of rain falls on the cracked soil. The erstwhile blazing gold firmament adorns a steely gray and a kohl-black attire and threatening, menacing clouds huddle up and flash a toothy sparkling smile and let out a raspy harsh laugh to chill the bones.

I remember my periamma recounting her younger days when she was advised tochant ‘Arjuna Arjuna’ at every thunder clap. Divinely beautiful, I feel- both the magical alluring lightening and the simple trustful chanting!

Paralyzing all work, roads get blocked, electricity fails, newspapers become a soggy dump of paper pulp. Too lazy to move, too cold to work, all the eyes do, is to san the invisible horizon for one streak of golden sunshine to warm the benumbed bones!

Little street kids let out their dreams afloat on the puddles, steering their paper boats-one pirate ship drowning them all. Mud fights in the construction site opposite my house. Rail tracks forming an Olympic-length pool with beautiful partitions for the swimmers. Trains waiting for hours, impatient anxious men looking out for movement; fear, sorrow, tire-all flash across in a moment on their faces as they let out expletives cursing the rain. Endless waits. Soaked clothes. Droplets glistening on a wet umbrella. Pearls falling from wet pipes to fall one by one on outstretched arms. Puddle dance in the balcony. Shivering crows and pigeons taking refuge in the terrace. Craning necks, checking out water levels on street with Turkey towels for cover. Endless calls to friends confirming a holiday. Rainy morning wishes on sms. Plastic covers on heads; pants transforming to stylish capris. Warm baths. Sweaters and socks-English dressing in India. Dirty jeans. Steaming vethakozhambu. Mists of Swiss, swirling near the skies. Anxious ‘are you ok” enquiries. Beautiful thoughts digging their roots deep into the fertile mind. Wild fancies and delightful music. Rubbing of palms. Cold shivers and chattering teeth. Sudden humming of rain songs. A distant rumble of thunder, a flash across the skies. Arjuna Arjuna.
Chennaiyil oru mazhaikalam!

October 26, 2005


My name using Egyptian Hieroglyphs!
S A N D H Y A  R A M A C H A N D R A N" method="get"> Try'>">Try your name

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I’ve always loved my name and thanked my stars over and over again at the thoughtfulness of my grandmother for naming me Sandhya and not Abithakujalambal or Ammini!

Sandhya. Dusk. Twilight. My name couldn’t have had a better meaning than that of my favourite part of the day. The ONLY time in the whole 24 hours of time (other than the few odd hours of sleep) that I’m peaceful, tranquil and unusually quiet. When thoughts, rather than words take centre stage and help with a tryst with the divine. A time of contemplation and retrospection of silent smiles and bitter remembrances. A beautiful tranquil time! Am I not glad my name means twilight?

But that’s not all! I’ve been someone who loves to name things and has been given a dozen nicknames too! When this girl of yours was a kid, she loved to play make-believe games like teacher-teacher, hostel-hostel, house-house, tailor-tailor, office-office, etc etc(Now don’t ask me why everything had to be double-double, it just HAD to be!!!)

When I was playing teacher-teacher, I used to frame an entire roll-call, roping in both my imaginary playmates (Nick, Jo, Nancy) and my sister’s (Sita Rajan, Gundu Ponnu). I was Karen and she was Ellen. We used to ‘travel’ to school-Mackintosh High(from the Mackintosh Quality Street chocolate box) by TRAM or METRO! Our house was called Brindavan Gardens and guest house :D –Rose Garden and Ellen and I, with Nick, Jo and Nancy used to have fun in hostel, home and dance parties!

As I grew up and when sweet innocence slowly faded into know-how, when ‘Anne of Green Gables’ came into my life, I began to name places. There are two trees- ‘Old Lady with Green Fingers’ and ‘Rippling waters’ in my school. A mountain range called ‘Horizon’s Coronet’ in Cumbum etc. And today it continues and extends over to naming people!

Sample these: Sweetie pie, Sweet heart, Sweets, Sweetie, Sweeto, Whiny, Moron, Zero Best friend, Bunty,Monkey Thatha, Sir Abi Reddi, Pompogoa, Poonsie, Ahu-Kuhu, Arvi boy, Grand Paws, Meanie, The lofty one, Shabby, Maerel, M.Shabida Gore(daughter of Madhavi), Thala, Boss, Cow, Dosti etc!!

Now what exactly am I coming to? Well, the flip side! Due to this incurable habit of naming people and places, I, Sandhya Ramachandran has become the object of naming by all and sundry!

Bajju has been my pet name at home. Very rarely am I called Sandhya by my periappa, periamma and cousin. So much so that, even a couple of my cousin’s friends call me bajju!

I’ve lived with the name and so no probs on that! I don’t mind it but I don’t love it as much as my self christened ‘The Dreamy Dryad’. Now that makes it three names. “Quite normal”, you say? Ahem! Wait!

Begin crackers (chumma oru festive side-effet thaan! :D)

Sandhu, Sandy, Sanyasi- Names I’ve been putting up in school, with Sandy extending limbs into college.

Then there’s ‘Bubbly’. This has a long story behind it. There’s this 4 yr senior of mine (Architecture’s a 5 yr course) who’s the sweetest guy I’ve ever met in life. He’s one helluva dancer. We did a dance together and ever since been bum chums! He named me ‘Bubbly’ after my enthusiasm and insisted I call him ‘Bunty’. So from then, we are, ‘Bunty aur Bubbly’ (not Babli, ok?) And that’s how the whole department knows us!!!

‘Cutie’ is how my class guys call me! This name I totally love… For obvious reasons, duh!

Well if all the names above have been sweet, look at these… My Grand Paws(another 4th yr), a 6’4” guy whom I fondly call “the lofty one with an ALTITUDE problem” and Anoodha calls “the one who gives everybody a pain in the neck” calls me “JABBER JAWS” of “JAWS”(chellama! X( )Two reasons why. One-cos I’m a nonstop chatter box. Two- cos apparently I resemble the shark in ‘Finding Nemo’ and a ‘A Shark’s Tale’. I watched both the movies and well, I declare, I LIKE THE FIRST EASON BETTER!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr To add to the insult Meanie No.2, another guy whom I partnered in a dance, calls me ‘Sora Meen’ cos- he HAS to be ‘mean’ to me!

Queen of blah is yet another name that two third yr gals and a guy named me! And this guy came to know my real name only recently! :”(

‘Tam-Tam’ is another recent inclusion to my Names Directory.
‘Akash Vani’ is Praveen’s fond contribution! X(
So many names for one dear soul like me! Now I just want you to let your imagination wild and name yourself three evil and three cute names. Also add on three evil and three cute names for me too… Wanna see wat more I can get.

Remember, the latter category is COMPULSORY. The former, you may omit!
He he…

October 18, 2005


I’ve not been regular at the desk! I have never visited many of your sites all along. I check out only three regularly. Still you all keep coming. Twice, I gave it up and a little later, continued again. It’s created a million blossoms with a million thorns.

*drum rolls*

No… this is not going to be a big thank-you list but it’s one retrospective post with a few thank-yous (come on, I can’t cut that out, can I?)

An year of blogging, with a dial-up connection; with frequent quarrels erupting at home due to the telephone bills can be quite a lot of pain. There have been times when I actually cursed myself for getting into the habit. God, why did you make Sudhish tell me that there was something called a blog where you could let out steam? But well, for reasons unknown, God DID make him tell me and I got into this obsession.

Initially I blogged frequently, visited many sites, left comments-sometimes for the joy of commenting, sometimes to maintain my readership. But later with no time at hand, mounting college work and huge bills, I gave it up an regularly visited and visit those three blogs (Vani,Harish,Sudhish) and also frequent two others- Murali and Vinesh. I visit loads of others too, but irregularly!

I’ve had a great time reading other’s thoughts, raves and rants; trying to understand the genius or lack of it in their writing, laugh, cry, scream exasperatingly at kadis(you know WHO I mean,don’t you? ;) ), read some super creative stuff, some simple but beautiful pieces of literary worth(Vani’s stories), made great friends and got a dear loving brother(Murali), attended two Blog meets and had a wonderful unforgettable time(esp. St.Thomas Mount!!!) and most importantly listening to people appreciating me and having the confidence now that ‘I can write’.

On the downside, I’ve had numerous arguments and fights at home, unsubmitted assignments, poor internal marks, stopped mailing people, writing on paper reduced drastically, troubled and disturbed my mind as to what to blog next and a million other reasons, felt the pains of a writer’s block, felt the pain of almost giving up what’s grown to be a most-looked-after-weekly-joy and to sum up underwent a rollercoaster ride of emotions with its shares of ups and downs!

I may not blog regularly even now, but I sure will tell my tale when I have one. Blogging has changed many facets of my personality and is helping me evolve, collect my thoughts, try different genres of writing prose (sarcasm, wit, direct), let out my poetic outbursts and at the same time mould the writer in me with the feedback I get. As a person too, blogging has changed me a lot. For better- it’s made me take criticism in the right spirit, made me bold enough to meet new people, make new friends,etc. For worse- broken my confidence in myself at times, took away the scrap of modesty that I possessed till date, made me a big muddle-head and mess-pot!

I look back at this one year with both fond and bitter memories. I realized one thing- I should NEVER give it up because it lends a purpose to my life! I’ve loved this year here and though with a mixture of joy and a streak of regret at having started to blog, I want to say, I’ll continue to keep DREAMING ON, now and forever!

Now for my thank yous………

Thank you, Sudhish for introducing me to blogging
Thank you, all of you who’ve visited my blog, even once! It made hell of a difference!
Thank you, my dear critics- my sister, my classmates, to members of my family who check it out regularly (Shreeram anna, Navin anna, thanks!), to one of my friend who’s a regular visitor(Anita, thanks!), to all those who’ve read even a scrap of my crap(hey that was just for rhyme! You better not think that way, ok? :D )
Thank you, Vani and Harish, for reading every single bit of my trish-trash, it REALLY made a difference!
Thank you, ALL… Do keep dropping in! It makes a great difference. I’ll visit you whenever I can! I promise!


October 09, 2005


(Title copyrighted strictly under Copyright Act 09-5678A to Sir Abi (Zero) Reddy)

This post is to all those who’ve had frizzy hair all their life! My deepest sympathies and condolences are with you.

Sniff Sniff!
Ladies and Gentlemen, this is a story of an 18 and a half year old girl who always dreamt of straight hair. This girl was born under an unlucky star, a bad omen, you might say! With no pity, The Creator bestowed her with frizzy hair and made her Looooong for straight hair according to the rule-The Other side of the grass is always green!
Actually when she was born, madam ‘elikunju’, (that was how her appa used to call her. Not anymore, duh!!!) had a thicket of hair covering her itsy-bitsy head. This hair, sources say, was quite straight. As she grew up, the hair slowly started to kink and curl around. Neither tears, nor heart-wringing pleadings could move the creator’s stony heart! Neither Sunsilk Curl Control nor Clinic All clear make it ‘smooth and shiny’ as they promised.
Now the girl, I, Sandhya Ramachandran, 18 and half years of age, has been suffering inexplicable pains in relation to this black clinging mass!

In my XI, owing to rules like, ‘if you have hair that drops below your shoulder, you should put double pig tails and fold them up’, I had to cut my long thick hair short! Come on, WHO on earth will like to parade around in pigtails when you’re like way there in the ladder of seniority in school?

Then came college. My hair was still short and I just trimmed it. But now it was not the length that mattered but TEXTURE!!!

It’s my mom’s gift- my unmanageable curls! There are these SHORT curly bits right on top of my forehead…too short to be tucked into my pony and too long to remain inconspicuous. So they stick out in every possible direction, much to my embarrassment and others amusement! They remind me of those yummy ‘Twistee-lee’ Kurkure from Lays. Just that this isn’t yummy! (No, I’ve not tasted them…. GROSS!!!)

So my hair was the most amusing creation according to my lovely friends. Every morning after oiling or applying my ready made and inexpensive ‘water’ gel, it looks fine. But after that hour long journey to college, my my, the frizz surfaces!
If that was bad, you should see it at the end of the day. All my hair, twistee-lee included, stick out, giving me this eccentric batty look! Not that people in my college don’t have other reasons to call me weird!
Initially I did not like to undo my pony tail and put it back again, cos I always never liked others doing it. It made me feel as if I’m being too vain! But then, to hold on to that scrap of respect that people have for me, I undo my pony these days and put it back again, with a trifle help, sometimes, from my water gel!
On Freshers’ day, after a dip in the pool, my hair frizzed out totally and my class people thought I looked quite nice. But well, good things don’t last long and yeah, it was back to being madam frizzy head from the next day!

So when I got this Rs.500 voucher to ‘carry out any beauty treatment’ at Naturals Unisex Salon, I was flying high! Cos in fine print, along with beauty treatment, was written four magical words- includes HAIR STRAIGHTENING TREATMENT!!! I couldn’t have wished for anything better that day!

So off I scoot to Spencers wit my cousin in search of that ‘Dream Factory’, only to find that Hair straightening costs a bloody 3500Rs! So much for hoping for a revolution. I sighed one deep sigh and thought I would have step-cut/layers as they call it. Lots of my friends have it and I’ve wanted one ever since I saw it on someone’s head.

Me: Can I have a layer cut then?
Hair Stylist: NOOOO! Your hair is FRIZZY, CURLY, BRITTLE and DRY! You SHOULD NOT do a layer cut. You’ll NEVER be able to manage!
Me (beseechingly): I can… Could you PLEEEEEZ do a layer cut!
Hair Stylist: Definitely Not! You need to bond and straighten your hair first. Then, maybe yes!
Me (with fading hope): How much will that cost?
Hair Stylist: Straightening alone is Rs.3500. Bonding will be another 100 or so!
Me: But I’m not prepared for that!
HS: how about facial?
Me: No… I don’t want anything on my face. Only something for my hair.
HS: Try ironing then!
Me (with raising hopes): how much is that?
HS: Rs.500 only!

That did it! I jumped at the opportunity. HS said that it would last till I wash my hair next time. And it also straightens your hair. After a good 45 minutes, I saw a new me on the reflection. DEAD straight hair. All my low confidence on my looks vanished for that second. I looked GOOD! REALLY, TRULY! It will ALWAYS remain one of those unforgettable moments in my life forever!

With flying spirits I turned to my cousin for her opinion. She said, “You’ve never looked prettier before. You generally don’t look tom-boyish but you don’t look girly either. But today you look so much like a pretty traditional girl. You’re looking a little old, yes. But nice!” I was thrilled. And for the first time I did what I have ALWAYS wanted to do. Walk around with my hair fully let loose in a public place! My… One more dream fulfilled. I felt nice… Very good about being myself and for the first time in my life, SO ASSURED of my looks!

We came back home by bus. Bad decision, we realized and got down mid-way from the terribly crowded bus. As I got into an auto, my cousin looked at me and said-“You know what? Your hair has started to curl up a little in the ends”. Horror of horrors, yes! It really had.

By the time I went home, THAT effect was gone and my hair looked wavy instead of straight and my parents and my sister did not find too much of a change! After listening to a whole half hour of “You’re looking beautiful, you’re looking pretty” from my cousin and my own secret peeping at myself in the glass on the shop windows, all I get was this!!!

I was so dejected and down in the dumps! I was almost in tears when Harish lightened my mood by some very funny messages! Thanks da! I owe you one more! :) Next time pakumbodhu unakku chocki, ok ya?

Go to college next day and no one finds a change! So sad! Very Bad! More disheartened! I thought I’ll go to college with my wavy hair let out. But mom and dad din quite approve. So I thought I’ll let it down in college one day and do some pist! But since no one found any change even after I sadly told them about the ironing, I so LOST ALL my confidence that I stuck to my pony!

Well my hair is now thankfully more manageable than before, but that would be only till tomo when I have my hair bath! Sigh!

But the silver linng in the story is that my dear friend Ahu gifted me a Schwarzkopf Magic OSIS + (Anti-frizz serum) and a Lakme Hair Next serum and they seem to make my hair manageable than straight. I’m GLAd about it. Thanks Ahu!

Well temporarily, whenever I use this, my hair looks better. Otherwise I still am Madame Frizzy head [No one calls me that. It’s self-christened! :) ]

Maybe in distant future I’ll permanently straighten my hair, maybe I won’t. But that single second, looking at that full length mirror, dressed in one of my favourite kurtas, hair all straight, eyebrows trimmed, I experienced one PERFECT moment in life… Something that shall always remain cherished and help me digest the fact that till then I shall remain HAIRY SCARY!

September 30, 2005

CRY’s FACT Quiz-2005

Hey all! CRY(Child Relief and You) is conducting Free A Child Today(FACT) quiz 2005 tomorrow at CLRI, Adayar from 4:30 onwards.

Leading corporate houses are sending teams for the quiz, which has a written preliminary round. The selected finals will go through a rigorous round of quizzing to be conducted by Mr.Gautam Bhimani.

People interested to be part of this event put up for a good cause, do drop in tomorrow. There are audience prizes that you could win!


September 25, 2005


It all started with me going to college. The enthusiasm that always washes over anyone when they begin something new, washed over me too.New bags, new clothes, new matching-matching stuff and new sandals too! I got a pair for some 120 bucks- a nice new workable yet fashionable slipper.

I never was great at handling flashy slippers- any slippers, for that matter! The only pair that has lasted longest is my high-heeled 250 bucks sandals that I got in Mumbai’s markets in my eighth. That too I had to discard last year!
Actually, my use of shoes was only limited to the black and white pairs of shoes which I wore to school. Miraculously they used to last me only a year. But of course by the end of it, they would have developed a million holes.

So slippers and I were never any great friends. Some lasted just an year. Some a month and one lasted just a DAY!!! No, I’m neither exaggerating nor am I bragging about my slipper-handling talents. This piece narrates the saga of Sandhya and her Slippers.

Coming back to that pair of sandals I got for my college, it seemed to be quite friendly with me, no shoe bites, no blisters and no pain in the leg too… But alas well begun is half done and in this case, pain in the run… It was one of those blue days when I get up late, when my half-an hour bath extends over to a 45 minute one, my bus mate who picks me up sometimes, bunks. I had to run to my stop (a 15 minute walk from home) away from the tirade of “YOU OUGHT TO BE MORE RESPONSIBLE AND QUICK. YOU’LL MISS YOUR BUS TODAY, JUST SEE…” back home.

And what do I see? Just as I come running near my stop, my bus already has reached the stop and is almost about to shoot past… I gather all the energy and with a burst of force, fly to my bus and plonk myself, panting, near my friend. A few deep breaths later, I notice… something is dangling loose near my leg… OH MY GOD! My sandals have a cut exactly in the centre… Not a very deep one. Quite manageable for the day. But TOMORROW???

Sigh! That’s how it began… After a good bit of scolding (Tirade repeatu!!!) amma got me a new pair- this one, a cut shoe, very workable. Result- two gaping holes at the bottom which burnt my leg due to the scorching heat… My poor mom convinces my sister to lend her slightly over-size spare slippers. It looked a little ‘bathroomy’ and snooty me refused to wear it initially. After my mom made me understand that it doesn’t fit in her budget to buy me a new pair of sandals every week, I wore it to college, much to the surprise and amusement of my class mates. “Sandhya, sandhya, do you know you’re wearing a bathroom slipper?” asked one and all. I cheerily answered,”Yes”. They gave up on me.

If you thought, there ends the tale, I’m sorry… there’s more left! What happened next is an unimaginable thing in the life of a so-far respectable, decent girl! Gulp… It takes every onunce of my courage to publicly declare this. But well, let this be my confession box!

It was April 1 2005 and I had left my slippers in the shoe rack and gone into the Computer Lab. After 2 hours of struggling to complete plans in AutoCAD, I come out, to discover my slippers missing. Thinking it to be a prank of my friends, I go ask EVERY SIGLE one, torment them, bug them and I also strangled a couple of them! My prankster friends, for a change, had not stolen it! And one lone pair was left in front of the lab. Informing the lab assistant that in case anyone comes searching for their slippers, it was with me, I happily wore that pair and walked to class. Now one- I still thought someone had accidentally taken my slipper. Two- I did not think it wrong to wear their slippers. Come on… better wear some slipper than walk barefoot. And remember my loo which is a zoo? Now how on earth could I ever muster courage to walk barefoot into a seething insect factory?

Well the day passed and no one had claimed this pair of slippers. I remembered that my friend from another department had lost her slipper somewhere near just a week ago and she too had been left with a different pair which she was wearing now. So we decided that mine WAS stolen! I went home all dejected. My mom decided that I was jinxed and she told me to wear this slipper for a week or so till she gets me a new pair. I agreed shamefaced.

Next day I meet my friend from the other department near the restaurant in our campus. I told her my sad story and ended by saying, “But I think this pair is a better one than my earlier. It’s from KHADIMS” My friend let out a soft gasp and looked down and screamed, “That’s my pair. Then one I told you I lost a week ago…” I was flummoxed! God, what a great thief that person was. Steal one, wear it for a week, leave this, take another policy! I exchanged the pair she had been left by the thief with her own. Now this pair had these straw like strings and was bloody uncomfortable. But I had no other choice and decently handed over my friend’s pair to her. She left happily and I left with blisters… :(

I went home, narrated the tale and everyone had a good laugh, and I had the last laugh, of course. My mom gave me money and my cousin and I went to buy a new pair. I got a fashionable local pair. I wore it the next day to college and… TORE it! I had to ask my friend in the hostel to get her spare slippers. I wore them that day. My mom was wild and she gave me a bathroom slipper to wear.(“Unakku inime Ramar-odu Paadhagam thaan vaangi kudukkanam.” We should get you the wooden slipper that Rama wore) A few weeks passed without accidents and as I have this uncanny affinity towards slippers, I damaged this one too. The best part was, my friend had broken her slipper the same day and the hostelite had lent her, her spare. Now I didn’t have any thing. So I made one guy in my class to get his spare NIKE floaters for me and I wore it. It was twice my size and I was some specimen that day! Thankfully I did not tear his and returned it the next day.

No no… It doesn’t end hear. Appa… Have some patience!!! Another bathroom slipper came to my rescue and I wore it for a while. Pitying me my mom gave me money to get myself a new pair. Again cousin and I go and we got a moulded slipper-THAT NEVER BREAKS! But sadly, it turned out to be very tight and uncomfortable and my leg was swollen for a week!(“Vaangumbothe idha ellam pathu vaangamattiya? Endi ipdi nee enna pottu padutharai?”Won’t you see if it fits you before you buy? Why do you trouble me so much?)
So I took my mother’s spare ‘kohlapuri-yish’ slippers and they were good. But they now look very worn out after practicing dance with them for two weeks. And I got them stitched again. But the effect is still bad. My mom repaired that fashionable slipper that I tore the first day. I wear it sometimes, on important occasions. But it is bad for regular long time use and that too when it involves a lot of walking. So last Sunday for the Chennai Poets’ Circle seminar, I stole my sister’s slippers and wore them, after emptying half a Vaseline bottle on them! But sadly, they were of no use and my legs have developed the most ugly and most painful blisters! My sister still believes that it was God’s punishment for stealing them for a day!

So now, it is back again to my faithful, old, almost faded, 30Rs. Bathroom slippers! I wear them to college, for important occasions, to Spencer’s also!!! I’ve stopped caring. As long as it’s comfy, it’s fine. But it still seems to amuse my friends and I regularly get comments like, “Oh what a beautiful pair of slippers, you’re wearing!” My mom has decided to marry me off to some cobbler or a slipper factory owner! So till then, its back to walk life’s lanes in BATHROOM SLIPPERS!!!


September 18, 2005


(A filler post till I get over my creative block. This was an entry to ‘The Sundaram Fasteners, poetry contest. I didn’t win. But this poem gave me a lot of emotional satisfaction…)

I sigh
It’s been a weary day.
My limbs are aching
Hunger comes in the way

My bus goes on its rickety journey,
Back to where there’s food and rest waiting
I look out through the window,
Lifting my droopy dead eyes, out into the city
Out into Chennai’s cityscape
Painted; at the same time alive
Buzzing and peaceful
Going about its work…

The sky is all gray with clouds
Outside looks so much better a place to be!
The earthy-rain smell makes me go high!
I smile, I relax, I look out and see…

There the wayside tea-shop sales
Are roaring on, like the gale.
The brown concoction steaming,
Creating abstract art forms
On the canvas of air.

There the lady with the pink umbrella
Stands, awaits the bus.
The evening sun is setting down
And home beckons with its work and fun

Here the lonely cycler walks,
Looking at the beautiful world
Drinking in delight, its golden beauty.
“Ah sometimes it should just be nature and me!”

There the beach stretches along
With a thousand hidden pearls
And secrets, well kept.
Its echoing waters call me,
Its waves lick the ground
I look and the blue expands,
Expands… till I can see no more!

There the beggar woman sits
Black eyes, looking out to nothingness
All around her, lives go fast…
Her life is filled with nothing but the past!
She cries and begs for a coin,
The beauty of the world, notwithstanding!

My city, in its shades of green,
Its shades of grays and blues and pink!
In shades of black and brown and more,
Stretches ahead on my road.

I see it now; I’ve seen it before,
Yet, it’s got something new in store.
Every time, a jolt of pain, a bloom of joy,
Life here makes you laugh and cry!

I look on outside, at the cityscape,
Tall buildings, hut, sun and rain!

September 13, 2005

My exceptional skills in photography... Ooty snaps...

Full of mist and fog... boy, I'm so thrilled i took this snap

September 04, 2005


I never in my wildest dream thought that an elephant, a pack of hyenas, a hectare of forest and a human being could all be stuffed into a single matchbox. Well, they CAN, you know!

Enough of that stupid example. I’m now going to vent my exasperation, dejection and disappointment here- about the two most horrible weeks I’ve just had. I’ve cribbed and cried to friends and family . now let blogsville hear it!

To tell the truth I don’t want to put this up. But then I thought I HAVE to post it, to serve as a reminder of my stupidities! Here goes…

Piled up a helluva lot of work on my head.and ended up infuriating all of my profs who’ve declared I’m IRRESPONSIBLE!
Wanted to VERY badly do the sympo work for my dept. Did a bit too. But due to point one, the responsibility’s been shifted and I like a kid sat down and cried!
Did something that I did not expect to do at least for the next few years. And I am confused regarding the merits of my act. Hasty unthinking me!!!
But the BEST part is nothing has changed. It’s all as if it never happened.
“Things change. People change. But some bonds remain forever.”
Long live friendship!!!
Have been fighting, cribbing, crying all the time!
Had to study for my assessment from scratch and ended up staying late into the night.
Had to finish my design in less than a day and ended up getting lousy marks and now have to re-do it!
Going to college on Saturdays too for practice for the zonal NASA(National Association for the Students of Architecture).
Been feeling miserable due to my rising expenditure!!!
Been feeling miserable cos a few people have been treating me like filth. Its always like this. I go to the ends of the world for friends and they always throw me away! I’ve felt miserable due to two such different incidents.
I’ve just realized what a lousy dumb idiotic specimen I am. The past few days have exposed all my negatives, not only to me, but to the WORLD!
Lost my friend’s design sheets. He took it bravely cos he had a copy of his design. Go own up to the prof. Get jacked majorly. Try stepping down from all responsible positions cos my confidence on my abilities is low. Prof asks me not to be a loser and escapist. Realise folly. Go to Computer room. Lo, my friend’s sheets are there! Relief! Exasperation! Confusion!
My bad memory power became worst! Forgot deadlines. Forgot books. Forgot where I was after taking my friend’s design sheet. I sadly asked,” ma’am, do you remember where I went after getting the sheets? Which day was it? What time?” to get an incredulous reply,” At 18 you’re this forgetful???”
Made a fool of myself repeatedly!

Bad is too light a word! It was the worst.. no most WORST two weeks! Things are no better now. No cell recharge for a while, I’m bunking the whole of this week for practice, have to clear my desk, buy my friends, brother and sister(all buddays coming one by one) gifts for their birthday when I’m broke!

The only good thing is that a little girl sitting next to me in the bus yesterday, as I was going to college, made me very happy. She had come with her very sweet grandmother who was sitting a little way off. The two of us were closing our noses as this old man in front of us was smoking a beedi. The smell was awful and even his wife was complaining. Both of us closed our noses at the same time and we found it funny for no reason. And we giggled. I found her very sweet and she had the most pleasant face amongst all the girls I know(in guys, it goes to my classmate Faheem!). As I got down, I would have waved and yelled atleast 5-6 byes! We were instant friends! And somehow the stress and depression of the two horrible weeks melted miraculously. From then, it’s been better comparatively.

I just realized that with all my faults, all my stupidity and all my hastiness, it’s still easy to make me happy! It just takes a friendly smile from someone around and a smile back from me for my miseries to melt…

Thank you girl, wherever, whoever, whatever you are! I’ll nEVER forget you, nor that beatific smile of yours!


August 31, 2005


Lady Oliver proudly declares that God miraculously opened his ear-wax clogged ear and ACTUALLY heard me! ( he he.. hope his short-sighted eyes don’t read THIS! Kidding sweet heart, you mean the world to me.. er, yes, I AM addressing God!)

LOT(Lady Oliver Twist, duh!) got amazing second semester results. Two- she got a copy of ‘Gitanjali’ by Rabindranath Tagore as a participation gift!!! Three- She got a surprise gift- a most flattering letter from C 17. God, thanks for helping me fly. Thanks to C 17 and his friend… :)

Now as promised, Lady Oliver Twist- Part two… ;)

*LOT urgently wants to change her XP name from ‘Disk Boot Failure’ to something romantic/ creative/ intellectual. (Sample these- ‘The persistence of memory’. I know XP doesn’t allow such a long name. But it happens to be my favourite painting by eccentric Salvador Dali. ‘Moonstruck!’- That happens to be my cat’s name. Um… I don’t have one. But if I had, it would have been that! Yes… Moonstruck with an exclamation! ‘pehla nashaa’ for I love ..…. the song! He he… ;) ‘I believe I can fly’ ‘If only there were no deadlines’ ‘My wish is your command’ etc… But she can’t cos she promised God she would retain the name till the end of the year! Venduthal-la ennakku vyavasthai illai! :)

*LOT wants to go on a trip to some foreign country.

*LOT wants to give a big hug to her amma for being the support for every decision, every success of my life! Amma... I LOVE you! :*

*She wants to travel by her college bus, sitting alone on that lone seat right in front, looking out at the cold morning and hug her bag close, dream and read verses on nature…

* She wants to overcome the tears that well up her eyes every morning when she has to drag herself to her college bus stop! Sigh sigh! If not for my friend, saviour and senior in my stop who sometimes picks me up and drops me back EVERYDAY, I wouldn’t live!

* Wants to see the college cows race each other in front of the gate as it happened today! HILARIOUS!!!

*Revamp her wardrobe in red cos she’s supposed to look pretty in red! Ahem! My friend said so! I’m far from modest, if you guys haven’t realized and I’m unashamed of it!

* Spread joy into lives by my presence.

* Meet Rahul Dravid again and tell him that this is the Sandhya who’s started to message him before every tour!

* Sing a song for Rahman’s music ( chorus kooda ok Thala! ) Enakku rumba nenaps thaan ponga!

*Act in the Harry Potter movie as Parvati Patil and waltz with Daniel Radcliffe and er… if possible Tom felton(ah… malfoy!!!!) or if all this is too much, then atleast as a ‘kuppa perukkarava’(sweeper) in Diagonal Alley! :D

* Get the first copy of Harry Potter and the final-book-to-be from the ‘witchy’ hands of J.K.Rowling herself in her castle.

* Meet Nirmal Shekar

* Own Swades, Life is Beautiful, Kuch Kuch Hota Hain, Papa Kehta Hain, Azhagiya Theeye, Dil Se, Kannathil Muthamittal(Vans, anti-copyrighting cd-ya vaangu inume. Loosu! Loosu! *shakes head in disbelief*), Anniyan(for Remo’s sake… Ah!!! Drool drool!), Harry Potter series, LOTR series, Hum Hain Raahi Pyarke, Hungama, RULES(oh… it’s de COOLEST movie, I’ve seen! And the rules are simply great and well-devised. After all Dadi ka medicine kab work nahi kiya yaar? :) etc

* Join a library. Read at least a book a week!

*Own Music World, Landmark (both outlets! ;D), Higginbothams, Raghavendra Musicals (neighboring shop, vasadiya irukkum! :D)

* Try to write sarcastic poetry!

*Slap someone with anger. I want to know if I can…

*Cook up for all at home!

*Blog my dream post-‘ gabbar Singh’

*Breathe life into my Kindred Spirits’ Promotion Club. It EXISTS. Want to group in more people who’ve read and are as passionate about Anne Shirley-Blythe of ‘Anne of Green Gables’ and the subsequent book.

*Publish my story ‘The Land of Moonbeams’ after completing it!

*Learn to sweep and wash the floor properly cos if Arch doesn’t pay, I can always have a fall-back options. And I’M NOT JOKING!!!

*Take a print out of all my posts, poetry and prose!

*Update all my creative writing books!

*dance in the rain in a grove to the tune of the pattering raindrops with a group of birds as audience.

*make my movie ‘joy ride’ with Arvind! Producers pl contact me!!!

*Make that movie I’ve wanted to make from my 4th. I devised the story also then only. It’s called ‘The Bulbul Birds’. Very Hansel and Gretel-ish. But still want to make it for retaining the child in me.

* Retain the child in me. To not let the perversion, distraction and pollution of the big bad world spoil the unadulterated mind, heart and soul that the creator created in me in that “infinitesimal second that bore me into the world”, to quote myself!

*Learn to play the keyboard professionally! Rahman will do! If not, connect me to Yanni please…

*Learn to love purely, trust faithfully and wait patiently. The firsttwo I’ve already mastered. The last seems difficult!

*Watch a rainbow spanning the sky from atop a mountain.
*Touch the clouds and feel their sponginess
*Hot air ballooning
*BUNGEE JUMP!!!!!!!!
*Roller coaster ride again!
*Have a room of my own.
*Live in a castle with the love of my life! ;)
*Get a perfect nose! I’m generally not jealous AT ALL!!! Except on three accounts. I’m jealous f Aishwarya Rai’s nose, ShahRukh Khan’s wife and Moron’s sense of humour penned the way he only can! And I BADLY WANT A PERFECT NOSE. Offtrack.. My nose ACTUALLY seemed quite near perfection today. It looked all slender and ‘chiseled’. I was wondering if noses change their shape or become thin. Pl Pl tell me… My mom said they do. But I know by that smile that she was only humouring me! :(
*Step-cut my hair(er… did I already mention that???)
* Ride a bike on Gemini fly over, letting my hair lose, wearing a leather jacket and leather pants, with a bandanna tied across my head, sporting a cooling glass, chewing gum and listening to music!
*Buy an Apple i-pod!
*Buy a Discman!
* Take a lonely walk on the beach
*Steal time for myself to spend with myself!
*Write letters to myself, seal them p and read them later (ala Anne Shirley,Calvin and a few others.)
*Inspire people.
*Be remembered
*Be loved
*Be a good Human Being
*Be pampered
*Be gifted all of the above!!!


Well, that’s about it now!

August 24, 2005


Yeah, that’s me! I always want more. Dissatisfaction is what runs my life. So if anyone out there is very keen on playing god fairy to me, then hey, you’re always welcome to get me the following!(in no particular order but for the one that it popped in my mind..)

Convince my close friend to not take a plunge into spirituality! Sigh!
BUY SWADES cd. Vani are you listening? :)
a hard disk with 120 GB capacity
A bigger house with a separate room for myself
A PROPER computer table
A new bag, pouch, wallet, better photo in my ID cod(he he!)
BROADBAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Scream scream*
Finish my climatology book by Monday
Do well in my design review
Do well in II semester. Results still not out! :”( hopefully I should have passed in Drawing!
Paint my desk and give it a whacky look!
Finish Lord of the rings. I seem to find no time for the amazing book!
Help my sister with her project
Buy a Scooty Pep/ A cycle, at least!
Publish a book
Celebrate an year of blogging by riding a horse on the empty beach
Take more walks on the terrace
Write more and more and more
Meet Sarojini Naidu and have a discussion about what inspiring visions make her write poetry (oh… I’m in love with her at present!). Sadly she’s dead! Boo Hoo!
Watch Mangal Pandey with friends-all 27 of us!
Win LOTS in Zonal NASA(National Association for the students of Architecture)
Learn Kathak and Bharathanatyam
Learn Hindustani Music
Sing Ra ra song on stage
Dance for Dola re again
Act in a play. It’s AGES since the last one!
Prizes in 3 competitions I’ve participated in
Bunk college, sit at home with a steaming cup of Milo, and look out at rain lashing the world outside with a lovely book in hand, dreaming some, reading some and penning the occasional poem…
Write in my diary more often!
Writethe5stoiries brimming in my head but REFUSING to be written!
Somehow keep getting 500 bucks and 24 free hours in a day!
Join the United Nations on some peace mission
Educate someone later
Spread environmental consciousness
Start a club for kids
Step-cut my hair
Shape my eyebrow every other week (I do it once in 1.5months now. Yuck!)
Revamp my wardrobe and the sucking education system
Make one PERSISTNG dream come true…
Travel… preferably alone or with some kindred spirit… Pratyusha, my sister, cousin, Vani would be great options!
Watch a cricket match with Lakshmi
Watch a live A.R.Rahman concert up-close with Lakshmi, Vani and Harish with Kartik and Sonu featuring in the singers list.
Become a real witch for a day!!!
Buy a monkey and call it Mischief(Enid Blyton, hats off!)
Build my dream library and call my old school’s librarian and all my English teachers and my 10th History teacher for the inaugural. It should have all my favourite books……
Buy gold bangles for my mom’s wonderful hands that conjure up the world’s best tea!

Oh well… I could go on… Part two will come soon!


Dreams there you blow towards me again and again… So much so that I believe you’ll come true. You should… cos you’ve come so often, that I can see you blooming true.

There are other dreams I dream, yes. Some more important than this, some less. But this is too close to heart for me to stop dreaming.

In many ways have the omens indicated that it’ll come true. MANY ways. Yet at times, events and people emerge to discourage me, to make me feel insecure and beaten. And then, I see yet another omen to tell me, “Dream on…” You’ll see the light!

I believe in destiny.MAKTUB, as Paulo Coelho says in his Alchemist. If it’s destined for things to happen, they will. But sometimes, unforeseen by God himself, man challenges destiny, changes it and there’s born a miracle!

I don’t know if it’s destined but it looks like it. I don’t know if I’ve to fight destiny. But, I’ll, if I have to…

The other dreams- I KNOW they’ll come true. But this one… there sometimes lingers a doubt. Sometimes, I have the KNOWLEDGE that it will! Actually this dream began with a pre-knowledge. I KNEW stuff before they were seen. Uncanny!

Vague… you must be murmuring. It is- to you. But not to me! Maybe one day all of you’ll come to know of it coming true. Maybe it’ll die… NO NO it won’t! It WILL come true!

August 21, 2005


In life, there always occurs a transformation. From the cocoon comes the butterfly. Life moves on; staging its various acts one after another. Sometimes it is a slow and long-drawn process. And sometimes, as is in my case, it’s an abrupt jump or rather a metamorphosis.

From eighteen, I’ve jumped to eighty- or so says the world around!!!

Ah… there is the first indication of the weakness in my bones and mind.

Ok… enough of the over build-up. This post has been due for almost a month and just now did I have time to actually sit down and type.

In recent times, poor eighteen year old me has been the favourite punch-bag of lots of dear ones. Tracing the origin, it all started with moron Curses telling me my voice sounded like a ‘kezhavi’s’ over the phone! The voice, that has been called ‘amazing over the mike’, ‘very expressive’, ‘emotional’ now got this ‘compliment’. I swear da, I could have slit your throat! Well, knowing it was only Harish who always makes it a point to irritate me every day, I just gave up the matter. Sadly he till has not given it up and refers to it quite often!(I’ve a good mind to put up an audio blog and ask for votes to support me!)

But Sandhya did not sense that it was just the beginning… close friend, classmate and bus mate Nanditha after patiently listening to one tiny advice session of mine staunchly declared,” Sandhya, you’re one Mother Hen, me a list of dos and don’ts!”

Doom 2 was bad! But Doom 3 was worse…
Being the class rep of a bunch of 25 annoying yet sweet people can be a trial, especially when you have such whiny vice-reps like ex-blogger Arvind Caulagi! (Sorry, couldn’t resist Arvi!:D ) And during one of those times when I had to silence the class, as some external examiners had come, lots of my class people endorsed Nanditha’s opinion, much to my greatest displeasure and irritation.

Well that was the last straw. I yelled madly! But it wasn’t to be.

My friend Vikram had called me up for some help regarding a drama company he wanted to start. I was to read scripts and help him with some sponsorship letters (that I did neither in the end, is a different story!). I told him, “Don’t worry da. I’ll help you with any such work. Don’t hesitate.” “Ok granny!” came the reply from the other end! I was furious and at the same time, laughing like a jackass! From then till date, he’s calling me granny.

Ever heard of a story of an 18-yr old girl being called ‘sister’ by half the planet? Well, let me introduce to you, Sandhya Ramachandran- your fellow blogger at blogsville! I have enough number of cousin brothers and 5 adopted brothers ( Rahul, Murali, Immesh, Arvind and Shayileash) and well, THAT’S ALL!!! Sorry, the vacancy’s all filled. Moreover, everyone in this world can’t be your brother! One- the position of a brother is precious and reserved. Two- the position of a friend is pure too.

Hmmm..Not that I’m bitter. It’s very funny to hear all that. But at times, it does irk. And irks my heartstrings! :”(

Forget all this. After dancing for 4 hours continuously at a freshers’ party that our seniors threw, my leg’s been disobeying me. It pains when I walk. Bending my knee is torture! Now why won’t I call myself 18 going on 80?

So much for a girl who’s an outright romantic!

Am I girly or a granny?
Oh god wont you tell me which?

I feel confused and irritated too
And when I’m called mother, I go ‘Boo Hoo’.

What in the world do these people think?
How can I change from granny to girl in a wink?

It’s funny at times, but mostly hurting,
My tear glands are full, readily spurting

Sister, mother, granny dear,
“So early?” the girl in me fears.

Can’t I be just me- plain simple me?
Why can’t everyone just me, see?

God, bringing your power, intervene.
Make me a girl, a pretty queen!!!


August 14, 2005


The night was slowly creeping its way into the world. Smriti looked around at the unfamiliar surround. It was a decent hotel room with white-washed walls and comfortable furniture. She looked out of the window. The town lay shrouded in darkness with the pale moon shining mistily across the distant skies beyond the mountains, with a star or two peeking between their cloudy covers, keeping vigil. The spooky stories she had heard about this sleepy town, in her childhood, played in her mind. For a second she shivered at the thought. She felt frightened, alone.

She looked up again and smiled. She took out her notepad and wrote,

“It might be very frightening to stay alone sometimes. But after a few seconds, things do seem comfortable and friendly. It’s nice and cosy here in this place. I guess it’s because there are things like night, stars, sky even here. For that matter, that is why sometimes, even if we are far far away from home, we feel a home-like atmosphere because nature always follows us… unfailingly and unfalteringly. True, nature never did betray the heart that loved her!”

*This is a story re-hashed from a personal experience. I thought I would post it as such. But just wanted to get a go at short story writing. :) *

August 07, 2005


First things first- HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY to all you blog-friends out there! You have no clue how important you all are to me! It really feels nice to have you all aroundpassing on your encouragement and love. Really, when I started out to blog- in October(after Sudhish told me this was one good way to let the world see your writing), I never knew-
1) I would take blogging so seriously and generate quite a good number of readers.
2) Make so many friends, a best buddy and a brother too… :)

So this is basically just a thanksgiving post to all of you!
Be good. Keepsmiling. Take care and keep coming here. It makes helluva difference! :)


(Dedicated to my dearest Pratyusha… Hey, I miss you di! Distances part us! But our thoughts are still with each other! Glad we’re always there for each other! Wish we stayed closer!)

A storm ranges in my heart
And I look out for you
Where have you gone my dear friend?
When I need you most?

I search and search and search in vain
I know you’re there for me now and again.
But come to me, my dear friend
Come to me when you hear my call
Maybe I never more would call again!

Our friendship is not of words or praises
It is a deep understanding of looks and smiles
Its nice, its weird, its good-bad- everyway!
Oh dear friend, I miss you
I wish you were here today.

My turmoil, my trepidation
My moments of pain, my vision.
You know them all
Even before I tell you.
I blink, I sneeze, I cough, I stutter
Whatever I do- you know what’s the matter!

Dear gal, my forever friend,
My shadow, my dream,
My endless joy.
I want you by my side,
To share my tears and smiles.
Always always, be there here
At a thought’s distance, very near!
May you be there always for me,
As I am always going to be!

(And all you wonderful people out there, who care enough for me/my writing and keep coming here to pass a word of encouragement- THANKS! Happy friendship day to you all! Great to know you!)



Okie people out there, you better sit up and listen, cos I’m now gonna tell you some important news.

The Chennai Poets’ Circle is a forum started in 1998 as ‘Poets Foundation’ and was renamed so in 2003. It’s this really cool forum of which I’m a member. We meet up every month and read and discuss our poetry. It’s fun, if you are interested in poetry. If not, you still will like it, because you get to listen to veterans in the field of poetry.

I joined last year and I’m proud to be a part of it. This year, we are releasing an anthology of our poems- ‘Efflorescence’, like last year, and also conducting our SECOND NATIONAL SEMINAR ON ‘THE FUTURE OF INDIAN POETRY IN ENGLISH’ on Sunday, 18 September 2005 at The Madras Kerala Samaj, no. 903, Poonamallee High Road, Chennai-600 084.

Eminent personalities from the literature field and otherwise are going to be present and papers will be presented by noted scholars. Newcomers will be given an opportunity to read out their poems on the stage.

Admission is free and it would just be great to have you guys there. One- I can get to meet the people who I’ve been reading. Two- you can have an enriching time there.

DO MAKE IT people!

We are looking out for sponsors too. So if any of you could suggest/ sponsor, do let me know. My e-mail:

Now, cancel all appointments for the day and be there! :)

August 03, 2005


My dremas soar up,
I look up at the silver shine
All around me is beauty
My eyes fillme with wonder light

And as I shift gaze down
I fall, fall and fall below
Passing the star the moon,et al!
The wonder disappears in a flash of light

I fall on the ground
Hard on my face
I’m bruisd
I’m hurt
I’m mentally pained

I look above
See no shine
No beauty either
Nothing but a blazing firmament

Burning through my eyes
Burning every fibre
Burning a hole
Through my very soul

I walk and walk
But find no calm
The mind is still haunted
By those dizzying heights
Those heights I touched,oh
For a wee moment
But what a moment that was!

And now all I have to my hand’s graspis dull, bald and boring
Nothing to waken the senses
Nothing to interest the mind
Nothing to make the heart leap
Oh nothing save nothing, is mine!

I want, I want, I want many many things
I get few, I fly, I fall down hard
The skies are where my heart is,
The earth is where my feet!

And still the eyes look above,
Knowing that the end is defeat
My longings-so many
My dreams-countless
A few do bloom
A few fall down
I go to great heigts
And see great lows
My life-a see-saw, in disguise.

Oh dear, how long, how long, I ask?
This highs and joy and lows and naught?

The soul cringes,
The heart pains
The mind is numb
The body does ache

Oh dear oh dear
Grief struck her blow
I’m depressed, beyond words
I’m oh-so-low!
Oh, Life is forever,a Mirage!

July 31, 2005


Do we have time for ourselves, these fast-flying buzzing days? It’s either exams or work or some other troublesome thing that occupies our time, energy and attention. On my trip to Ooty, all of a sudden, came this refreshing loneliness. Long awaited time to spend with myself.

All the time I looked out of the window, at those stretches and stretches of green land, my mind kept thinking, my heart sang for joy and soul flitted across higher planes. There was bliss in the offing, and I grabbed it with both hands. I had the pleasure of train journeys- where I spin many a yarn... where I ponder, think a million things, wonder about how lovely my life has been… relive all those dear dear moments I so cherish… ha, I cleanse myself, feel an unknown calm and marry my disconnected thoughts…

I feel MYSELF. I generally am this VERY VERY talkative girl. Ask all those who’ve met me, seen me or now me- they’d more than agree. : ) If I happen to meet you, I’m someone who would talk to you first, keep talking and keep talking more! But well, when I’m the most happiest, I’m at my sober best! People who find me irritating, might actually just like me! I guess that’s when I draw in all the energy from the pool outside.

When I’m walking in my terrace, with no one in sight, no cell phones, no books, no music. Just starlight, moonshine and I- I talk… within me, to the sky, stars et al! Dream, imagine, think some dear thoughts, look at the stars, feel elated, blush, smile, laugh, sing, dance- everything a girl could possibly do. And just be happy- being myself, being there, doing that, living MY life!

Silence, as I’ve already mentioned, IS a mirage. Aren’t we talking a million things at once? Well we are. But I guess, we renew ourselves in that, make ourselves reconstruct the past, readdress the present and roam about the future. Looking far into that distant winking star, smiling at it with my head tilted, asking it in soft whispers- what do I see in tomorrow.

Loneliness is bliss- cos it’s rare and pure and tranquil. All other times, I’m with a million people and it’s comforting to just spend time with yourself. It’s nice to pamper yourself, thinking about well-YOU! We, to ourselves are the most precious people and we deserve some time for ourselves to refresh and to stitch the torn shreds of our hearts and souls!

Well, for loneliness and all the ‘trysts with the stars/hours of tranquility’, I live. If not for them, I’d be a zombie! And because of them, I shall keep…


July 28, 2005


Ever heard of symbiotic relationships? Peaceful co-existence? Mutual understanding? Yeah yeah… the very same things you learnt in those EVS classes in your primary! And if you don’t remember, well not to worry! I’ll tell you what it means! Welcome to my college loo, that is a zoo…

My college loo- the one in our block is the most ill-maintained loo in the planet. I’ve complained innumerable times, sent written letters to the HOD, which has been forwarded to the Joint Director Etc. Still no use!

Maybe my college is taking its ‘eco-drive, green campus’ policy a little too seriously, for there was a green snake in our art room, camouflaged between some works of ours! Well but aren’t we talking about the loo, you might ask. Wait wait… first let’s roam around it and then go in there…

The college campus has everything- from cows to monkeys to bats. YES- all live specimens that could interest a zoo-lover. The monkeys especially haunt our fast food and grab every single ‘slip between the plate and the lip’. And I remember my friends and a reluctant I fed four ‘college pups’. There once used to be ducks, a senior informs.

Now if all these, I must say are quite bearable. It does feel nicer to see real monkeys after the stupid monkeying guys in the college; I declare that it’s only the loo that bugs me!
Yes “bugs” me-in every sense of the word!

Grass hoppers, snake skins, live frogs( which have this great affinity to me and end up jumping at me every single time!), lizards, rats in the gutter, bats, ants, insects and bugs of every genus is available in the loo. Sometimes they are dead and will do better to adorn a bottle of formaldehyde rather than appear crushed behind the door hinge! Sometime they play hide and seek with us girls and hide on top of the door only to fall on us and croak, “Caught ya!”

And to top it all, the locks are ancient. Should have belonged to the slave dynasty [isn’t that most appropriate? ;) ] My friend got locked in once. We had to carry out a rescue mission. She almost fainted. Come on, getting locked with a pair of beady eyed frogs is not your idea of a romantic peril; to be saved by a dashing prince, is it? (Not that there ARE any princes I my college! Sorry ye men folk!) One another student who came for the culturals got locked up inside and came out totally shaken. It’s an ordeal! I KNOW… because, er… I almost got locked in with a winking frog and a lizard!

Everyday this continues and everyday we spend about half-an-hour of our ten minute break in examining which of the four loos’ has no or less frogs! It’s actually like this- we go in two’s or four’s. NEVER alone (Are you mad? How CAN we go alone?) And we each examine two/ one loo and determine which is the most safest and best. And then we well… use it! : ) what else dummy?

We don’t disturb the frogs as long as they don’t. If they do, we go on a shrieking fit, till they drop down dead! Or run away so fast that they fall right into the toilet rather than on us!

It’s a war everyday. We live in mortal peril. The fear of death haunts us. After all Cleopatra died of a wasp bite and we pretty women ought to be on ‘constant vigilance’. Tomorrow there might be a clash between us and the ‘toad’ians. Tomorrow I might live to tell the tale…maybe not (if I’m still locked in, where can I access the net, stupid?) Till then we shall live in…A symbiotic relationship… Peaceful co-existence… Mutual understanding…



July 24, 2005


I know all of you must be wondering if The Dreamy Dryad’s dream factory’s in a state of disuse. The answer is no- I’ve been fine, healthy and dreaming, thank you! But as always, as it happens, my modem’s been waging a war against me!

Having been the lone warrior to save my precious files from the menacing computer, I’ve somehow, with great difficulty, managed to keep it going, even in my father’s absence. Enter father and somehow it stops working, erasing proof of my genius!

Well, as they say genius isn’t discovered soon, we shall let that pass.

I just came back after a nice trip to Ooty to re-establish that unknown understanding that nature and I have. Two days in Ooty and I decided I’ve never seen more of a beautiful place in my life with Kodaikkanal being the most charming!

We went on two guided tours and in that toy train. People, if you are the kind who finds beauty in every nook and cranny-guided tours are not for you. My heart ached to stop at a few pretty places where fog, as thick as a jeep, hung as a benediction over the valleys. All we could see was an unending stretch of white… ah if ever there was a heaven-this was it.

After taking 109 snaps, I still am left insatiated! If only every blink of the eye could capture a photograph for fond memories in later years… oh, but I’m wishing for too much! I’ll put them up soon...

Remember to go to Ooty with people who think, feel, dream and talk like you. That’s when your heart, soul and mind shall find fulfillment. Thank God for my sister Swetha. If not for the kindred spirit in her, I would have felt a trifle stifled!

Beauty- almost unpolluted was up for viewing there. Open your eyes and about you is framed the greenest of green trees stretching over little mountains and valleys with tiny ‘fairy-tale’ houses dotting its paths. Never has any mountainscape appealed to my senses so much after Kodaikkanal.

Ooty’s beauty lies in its un-industrialized virginity. I never can forget that single moment on our climb back from Pykara Falls. A rain- little more than drizzle- falling… a green backdrop being provided by the lush mountains… tall pine trees dotting the banks… the river below facing the trumpeting army of the rain drops.. the winding path upwards-slippery yet beautiful… a chill wind daring to freeze the very marrow. Ah! I felt a spiritual and intellectual high! I’ve one really good photograph of this. I’ll try scanning it and then, thy shall be assured of my amazing photographic skills!

Ooty is one place where you should take your best friend, rent a cottage, cook up steaming hot indigestible things, stuff your mouths with chocolates and go on long cycle rides across the meandering lanes. A place to cuddle together with steaming cups of cocoa/coffee/masala tea and talk girly gossip or exchange confidences. A place to sit beside a warm fireplace and speak in the tones of silence. A place to dance in the rain, let little paper boats across the puddles, save a pup, hug your jerkin and walk in rapid strides with wisps of smoke coming out of your mouth. A place where you sit by the window, looking out at that distant smoking chimney and weave up tales. A place where you languidly lie in the grass and get up to find a pair of handsome eyes admiring you and despite the chill, your cheeks go deep red. A place where you sit, do nothing and still find divine contentment! A fairy tale of a place that has smitten me!

Back then we went to Coimbatore and had two great days with the first night being spent in the extremely jolly company of my li’l cousins.
Next evening, went on a bike ride with my uncle, him driving at 80 kms/hr on his Splenour.Me-laughing hysterically at the back, looking up, looking down, feeling the wind whipping my face, spotting a peacock, going close to Marudhamalai, returning in great speed- all I could say after a few moments of speechless wonder was-WOW!!!
I so loved the brutal speed. I so loved the energy and vigor with which he drove…. Ah… I LOVE BIKES!!!!!!! AND BIKE-RIDES!

Now, back to dear ol’ home with its familiar spots and same cozy nooks where I cuddle up with a book or get lost in some music… Well, great to be back were my loving home opens its arms wide, the train sounds notwithstanding!
As one of my favouite Ilayaraja number goes,

“Sorgame endralum… Adhu nam oorai polaguma?
Adhu en naadu endralum, Adhu nam naatukku eed aguma?”

July 10, 2005

Music, thy name is mellifluous!

This is one topic, I’ve shied away from describing till date. Maybe, I can’t do full justice; maybe I’ll end up feeling it was a lousy piece; maybe the readers would wish I never wrote about it- these thoughts have hindered me so far.

Now, listening to music full blast in the earphone, I somehow seem to have dismissed those nagging doubts. And hopefully, this must be, what I want it to be!

Music has been something I always turn to when people and other thing in this world fail me, turn against me or make me feel left out. It has not only been my companion during those terrible moments of loneliness but also during all those times when I strongly suspect I have wings and if only I find that magic key, I could just fly fly fly…

Music has been to me what nothing or no one in this world, save books! When working on the computer-Music. When drafting those endless sheets- music. Before sleeping- Music plugged into my ear, playing full blast, taking me on a high!

“Zindagi le ke aayi hain,
beete din ke kitaab
ghere hain ab hame
yaadein behisaab
bina pooche
mile mujhe
kitne saare javab
chaaha tha kya
paaya tha kya
humne, dekhiye
dil main magar jalte rahe
chahath ke diye
Tere liye tere liye”

Well, an unexplained wave of calmness, bliss and love washes me over every single time a song that I like plays…

Emotional satisfaction, mental calm- oh music gives me all! Rahman has been my panacea for long.His music has layers of music .Smooth flowing notes… one after another, blending seamlessly into one… the slow soft rhythms providing the balm to all the pains and pangs! Every single note. Every single curve and kink in the music, those beautiful keyboard flourishes, those strumming of the guitar, the brilliant saxophone compositions in Duet, the myriad tunes spring from the many instruments merging in Taal- oh I could go on and on… His ‘fanaa’ is the only song that could make me feel drunk… ah, I go mad…. His hummingin ‘Sanda Kozhi’. His simple composition in ‘Ay Ajnabi’ (Dil Se) and the brilliance of Kismat Se tum(my two most favourite songs in Hindi)- he’s a living genius!
Ilayaraja too, with his masterful melodies and soothing music. Pani vizhum mudalvanam(Ninaivellam Nithya), Illaya Nilaa(one of my most favourite songs!), Thendralvanthu ennai thodum, Oliyile therivadhu Devathaiya(one most favourite song… Karthik’s one of the best!), Unnavida(Virumandi-I listened to it once at one in the night and experienced ultimate bliss, a contentment for just being where I was, listening; at peace with myself and with the world…) and lots lots more. Kal ho naa ho has been my savior every time I’ve had a headache or need to rest my aching bones after hard work! Not one jarring note. Simple and super- I love Shankar-Ehsan-Loy!
Voices of Sonu Nigam(I worship him), Karthik(him too! Damn, he rocks), S.P.Balasubramaniam(King of all, my all-time hot favourite! The most youthful voice and most down-to-earth person. Any song he sings, I’ll love it!), Hariharan(clear and powerful, One voice that could make us feel all kinds of emotions, Shankar Mahadevan(clear and commanding. The other voice that could make us feel all kinds of emotions), Rahman himself(wow! Just wow… do not want to spoil it by tryig to attach tags!) ,KK(Tadap Tadap…ah! He’s damn good!) ,Yesudas(all time favourite. I respect him lot), Tipu( Wonderful command!)Alka(emotions create ripples in her voice that I so can feel!), Kavitha(kaahe chhed chhed mohe-Devdas, my god she’s brilliant!), Swarnalatha(Hay Rama! ), Chithra(Queen of singing!), Shreya Ghosal(melting and silver smooth!), Sunidhi(powerful), Chinmayi(Oru Deivam Thabda Poove-Brilliant! And the title song of Paadhaigal- a serial on Podhigai) and lot lot more.

I wasn’t born in the age of TMS, PBS, Janaki, Vani Jayaram and Susheela. The songs I’ve heard of them, I like. Janaki is personally notmy great favourite. I personally find her voice a little Nasal. Ditto for Kumar Sanu! But few of the songs that they’ve sung are dear to me!
Harini too is not my personal favourite. She sometimes irritates me with her sweetness! But a few of her songs, I totally love and admire her talent!

Music is so so relaxing and makes me live gain and again my single life. No end to your magic…no bounadaries to your powers… Ah music, thy name is mellifluous! The slow modulations, the quivering of the voice, the tembling feeling, the mad joy- oh oh… Play on and on…

July 06, 2005


It does take all kinds of people to make the world, I agree, but there are some so so mindless and dumb, that they seem to infuriate me more, much much more than goody-goody people (Please refer to my older post)

If you have seen the latest TIGER BALM ad, you’d know…there’s this woman who’s hanging her wash on the clothes line. One of her dupattas falls off and she jumps after it (sick!!!). Madam wonderful catches hold of a television cable and jumps from one corner to another. But before our dear-Ms-Dupatta-lover-Bahujaan can catch the oh-so-precious dupatta, her dear, darling Sasurji catches it for her, coming to the rescue all thanks to the TV cables, again (makers, pl let me know which cable you used… Will come to help sometime…).
Our bahujaan immediately wraps the dupatta around her head and says-“mama ji” in the most respectful tone… Ah… kyaa maryaadha…kyaa commitment, yaar!!! Aise logon ko tho aqward milna chahiye! All thanks to TIGER BALM!!!

Crap! Mega fools! What the hell were the makers thinking, when the conceived this idea? This is ridiculous!

In an age where creativity is what is appreciated, originality lauded and intelligence admired, such stupidity can JUST NOT BE TOLERATED, by me. Personally I’ve loved advertisement from when I was young and have greatly admired many an ad!

Creativity need not be shown by being different, but idiotically so! And standing out of the crowd need not mean you need to go ‘out of the way’ (pun intended) in working it out! In all the world’s greatly scripted masterpieces, in any field that you may choose, it’s not the dramatic, but the simple, yet beautiful things that are featured. With Elegance, style and simplistic-contemporary style, you can make an impact, trigger a thought process, make a difference and affect the thinking\outlook\ opinion. A lot can be conveyed in two deft strokes, that can’t be through repeated brushwork!

Dunno, if these people will ever realize it. At the same time the new Parachute (I think) ad where the Ad-maker has beautifully captured the joy of the kid when she finds that she saves three rupees due to the new offer. Brilliant, smart, simple… Touches your heart…
So many more ads have been fantastic… Will do a post on them soon…
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