December 17, 2007


Stop searching forever, happiness is just next to you!


such a nice way to begin the day! :)

November 26, 2007

Aaja Nachle!!! :)

CAN'T WAITTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's DANCE for god's sake!!! And MADHURIIIIIIIII!!!


November 14, 2007


Photographs have these uncanny abilities to bring out a rush of grief into your eyes and a sting of memory!

Ah! How you wish certain things had never happened in life!

But then.. you learn! :)

November 09, 2007


Paul Laurence Dunbar (1872-1906)

COME to the pane, draw the curtain apart,
There she is passing, the girl of my heart;
See where she walks like a queen in the street,
Weather-defying, calm, placid and sweet.
Tripping along with impetuous grace,
Joy of her life beaming out of her face,
Tresses all truant-like, curl upon curl,
Wind-blown and rosy, my little March girl.

Hint of the violet's delicate bloom,
Hint of the rose's pervading perfume!
How can the wind help from kissing her face,—
Wrapping her round in his stormy embrace?
But still serenely she laughs at his rout,
She is the victor who wins in the bout.
So may life's passions about her soul swirl,
Leaving it placid,—my little March girl.

What self-possession looks out of her eyes!
What are the wild winds, and what are the skies,
Frowning and glooming when, brimming with life,
Cometh the little maid ripe for the strife?
Ah! Wind, and bah! Wind, what might have you now?
What can you do with that innocent brow?
Blow, Wind, and grow, Wind, and eddy and swirl,
But bring to me, Wind,— my little March girl.

( The above poem appeared in Dunbar's 1899 Lyrics of the Hearthside. It was discovered in Poem of the Week)

November 03, 2007



November 01, 2007

3:11 pm

Chennai's blogsville is cooking up it's own delightful agenda!
An innovative coming-together of sorts is being organised for 3 November 2007 at 3:11 pm! Wherever you are, whatever you're doing, put the pause for a moment and click what's in front of you! Chennai-in its myriad moods and faces and resplendent colours will be captured through these pictures.
It is not a charity move! Neither it is a contest! It's just a thought,a moment to share with fellow residents of the city where you breathe,sleep,cry,laugh,jump!

One moment, we shall all be united in cause and Chennai shall fondly be remembered and transfixed in the camera screens!

For more information, read here.


you NEVER get what you want in life.
and you ALWAYS run away from what you get in life.

life needs to be more interesting than that to sustain me!

October 27, 2007


It really is annoying to wait endlessly.. for simple everyday things to happen- phone to ring, get a cup of coffee, for a friend, important communication, better things in life, inspiration- EVERYTHING!

I really don't get the point as to why we put so much effort into being better human beings by grinning and bearing with troubles and trials! yesyesyes! I'm the one who goes about preaching optimism and the 'grin-and-bear-it-and-this-too-shall-pass' theories!

But, yes!!! There's a limit to patience. I'm almost reaching it but sadly, I fall back to my own stupid policy!

God... give me some inspiration or change or motivation that is not just self-driven! I'm tired of being the ONLY source of my happiness! It's good, agreed! I am not hurt by others these days and neither do I bother about universal acceptance and popularity and crap like that! I just LOVE being on my own, derive immeasurable pleasure in being such a huge bountiful well of my own smiles. But now, I wish there were other people/things that make me smile. I mean.. I'm the source for so many ppl's happiness or so they keep declaring every now and then! Whither are my sources?!

I've isolated myself...or rather my soul... from external influences as far as possible. That's the biggest lesson I learnt in the past 4 months. Now I'm unable to unlearn it! I'm becoming a stone! Oh damn! This post is sooooo morbid!!!Where's the girl who smiled every once a while for li'l things that other said or did! ok! I'm confused. I need a break and tat comes ONLY after Nov 10! Damn... let time run a sprint!!!

URGH! Now.. do NOT ask me to WAIIIIIT!!! X(


October 26, 2007


(dedicated to... ah! I wish I could fill these blanks with some real name... :P I dunno why I'm posting this. But somehow I felt like.. I've been repeatedly listening to this song, untiringly for the past one hour!Oh well.. that is reason enough! and look here------> for yet another reason! ;D )

song - thoda thoda
singer - S.P.Balasubrahmaniyam, chitra
music - ARR
lyrics - vairamuththu
film - indira
Cast Anuradha Hasan, Arvind Swami, Nasser, Radha Ravi
Director Suhasini Mani Ratnam
Music- A. R. Rahman
Script-Mani Ratnam

thodaththoda malarnthathenna pUvE
thottavanai maRanthathenna
pArvaikaL puthithA SparisangkaL puthithA
mazhai vara bhOOmi maRuppathenna


antha iLa vayathil ATRangkarai maNalil
kAladith thadam pathiththOm yAAr aziththAr?
nanthavanak karaiyil nattu vaiththa sediyil
mottu vitta muthar pUvai yAr pariththAr?
kAthalan thINdAtha pOokkaLil thEnillai
idaiveLi thANdAthEY en vasam nAnillai

thodaththoda malarnthathenna pOovE
sudachuda nanainthathenna
pArvaikaL puthithu SparisangkaL puthithu
narampukaL pinnappinna nadukkamenna


panithanil kuLiththa pAlmukam kANa
irupathu vasanthangkaL vizhi vaLarththEn
pasiththavan amutham parukidath thAnE
pathinEzu vasanthangkaL ithazh vaLarththEn
ithazh mOodum malarAka ithayaththai maRaikkAthE
malar koLLum kATRAAka ithayaththai ulukkAthE



It was one of those perfect moments you read about in fairy tales. After a hard toiling four months, you wake up one morning-free of most cares that troubled you through the trial period and you see the whole world looks like a murky painting.

As I rose, the rain suddenly poured down, the wind howled in dangerous tones, the sky turned a shade greyer-although early morn and a million pattering noises greeted me a "Mornin'!"

The five minutes that succeeded my waking, as I stood in the balcony while the rainy day rose from the embers of a moonlit bathed nightly slumber, a fine spray of rain with a mild earthy fragrance kissed me their new-day greetings and a gust of wind roused me fresh!

Ah! What a lovely feeling it is to be alive and breathing in this beautiful world!
God bless the world and mankind!


October 04, 2007


Fear is the greatest enemy and mostly the one that truly predicts reality. You fear for what/who you care the most!

You think you'll lose people,things,love,position,power,money,peace,etc in the pursuit of life!
We dream, over-imagine, fabricate stories in the mind, wander aimlessly in the tunnels of within to come up with fear!

It is scary to get hurt again; but no one travelled around the world waiting for the sun to raise in their backyards! I need to move, make the choice, take the risk, plunge deep into the testy scary waters.

I hope my fears are unwarranted and respite isn't long away!
I wish I could stop thinking and analysing life so much! But that just wouldn't be me. I confuse myself and fear the possibilities of yet another whiplash!

Ah...but I hope life and God aren't so cruel!
After all... hope is the one anchor I bank on!

October 02, 2007


I'm being taught lessons in life! Important or not-I cannot fathom. It is just a very trying and difficult phase wherein I'm bing put to tests, being punished and through all these bitter experiences, being taught some lessons!

When did it all begin?! These unsubscribed tutorials? In actuality, it started somewhere in late-2005...where I first learnt that not all your dreams come true. It hurt my ego-infact ripped it apart and tore it to unrecognisable little bits. It took me almost an year and a half to sew them back together and do a 'reparo' on it!

The next lesson I learnt was more painful than anything! I lost my friend to the Last Reaper. May 2006, it was! That fateful day I can divide my life by- everything previous to it was childhood and everything after was a more difficult and confused phase of beginning adulthood! I learnt-you are always alone in this world. Everyone else comes and drifts away. NO ONE stays with you. I felt lost and lonely. And somehow..that feeling hasn't gone yet! It was a bitter painful heart-wrenching lesson! A lesson where I also learnt that there are very bad eggs in the world and I never can isolate myself from sorrow. From that day-even my most happiest moments have a tinge of sad associated. Everytime I smile, a question gets whispered in some cranny of my mind-"will this last?".

Then there was another lesson-one of a kind! Wherein I learnt that you never know who will pull you down and you need to always make up your mind for disappointments and downfalls. Trust people but also be prepared that not always will they be worthy of your trust! After all, we're all mistake-making mortals!

And now... yet another lesson is being taught. One of patience. To a person known for her impulsiveness! A very difficult and agonising lesson!
I'm patiently waiting- for it to complete its tutelage!

Why these lessons? For what?
I know not!
But well, I have no choice but to learn... yes... patiently!

September 23, 2007


"Lose Yourself"

"Look,If you had...
one shot...or...
one opportunity...
to seize everything you ever wanted...
One moment...
Would you capture it...
or just let it slip?"


I tried to capture...

Maybe it was right! Maybe not!
but then... it was just ONE opportunity knocking incessantly!

Ah well... this is a self-consolation!

September 16, 2007

These are a few of my favourite things..

Tagged by Akki to 'someone who loves her'! :)

evening the terrace.. while the night whisperer chirrups into my ear!
eating Dairy Milk in an almost-melted form...
dance... :) anytime, anywhere, any song... alone, together, in agroup, with a single awesome dance partner- just DANCE...
Singing-bathroom singing, in public holding a mike, in a group, antakshari, alone, humming- anyway!
collecting little nothings! paper notes, greeting cards, stones, shells, pictures, old lens cases, etc! :D I'm a biiiig hoarder! :P Of memories! :)
rainy nights when it's nice and chilly and I snuggle under the warm quilt and snooze.. tossing all cares to the wind and drowning myself in some airy dreams! hmmmmmmmmmmm :)
typing random thoughts into my mobile's notebook and re-reading them at some idle hour!
My million 'books to write in' that I have and where I scribbl my 'trish-trash'!
Those lovely long dreamy walks to my old office in Anna Nagar. The share auto rides, the train rides, the crowd, the silence, the music plugged in my ears, Durga sweets, Pazhamudircholai Pani pooris, ANNA NAGAR! I miss Anna Nagar! :(
Sitting/Standing in a second hand/any bookshop,sniffing the tales of a million books and their heady fragrances!Aaaah! And to buy them! :)
Watching a movie with Swethu-especially silly senseless Hindi movies-late into a Friday/Saturday night and giggling like two maniacs(which we most definitely,are! :P)
Late night talks with akki discussing Salma Pe Dil aagaya, philosophy, truth of life, hunks, depression-therapy, bitches and other such random but close-to-the-heart things!
My times with my friends :)
Loooooooooooooooooooong phone chats on movies, books and life-as-such; not to forget steamy gossip with my dear Arvi boy on the phone! (COME BACK FROM HYD THIS MOMENT!!! )
Vani's mails :) and replying to them!
the scent of flowers when I cross Pondy bazaar's flower bazaar... :)
The sight of paniyarams and chutney when I go to meet my paatti...every li'l round one exhibiting her love!
good food! :D I LOVE good food! Esp North Indian food! Paneer turns me on!!! ;) (Food does not include curd, buttermilk or any other usage of teh above as per the dictionary of Sandhya Ramachandran)
Train journeys
rains :)
getting up late on a rainy morning...half-awake...eyes refusing tro open and weaving some beautiful story...but ears tuned in to the rainsongs... hmmmmmmmmm... heaven!
staying up late and talking with friends on night-outs! :)
Music :)
JUNK ART! :D I'm absolutely crazy of doing junk art! :)
the dream of flying
a trip alone
dreams :)
weaving stories in the mind! ;)
long trips
speaking on stage
Playing my keyboard on those one-off days and realising I can pretty decently key in some song tunes... :)
rearranging my bookshelf :)
being alone :)
being with a huuuge gang of friends
MODD! :)
Nakka-picham jewellery porukkified from roadside! :D
will continue in part 2! :D

September 15, 2007

Stepping Down...

Rahul Dravid stepping down as Captain of Indian Cricket came as an absolute shock to me!
Whatever his reason maybe, it leaves me sad and disappointed that someone, whose appointment as captain made me jubilant-ecstatic-giddy with happiness, is no more going to continue to provide me the thrills of watching him captain my country!

Here's to my Rahul Bhaiyya- someone I consider one of the best ever captains and who has, is and always will be my most favurite cricketer in the world- GOOD LUCK! will miss you as captain! :(

September 06, 2007

A wee one is born... :)

And suddenly the world seems so much nicer a place!


Welome, li'l girl! :)

P.S.: I got a cousin!!! :D

August 22, 2007

OMIGOD!!! I met THE Naresh Iyer!!! :D

Yes i did!
i did!
i did!!!

At Komalas! In a way that makes me believe that destiny had a real crucial role to play! ;)

Here goes my tale! :)

Last night as I sat, cuddled in my sofa watching 'Anbe Sivam' for the n-th time, sipping a glass of lime glucose(for lack of a better drink), eating my Bourborn and sucking on my peppermint, little did I realise that the next day I wouldn't be going to office!

My friend calls me up and tells me he wants me to go to college with his mother for some work! I agree and after a nice night's sleep, I wake up, get ready, skip breakfast for the first ever time in my life(owing to the absolute lack of hunger!) and go my way to college!

After a nice one hour of college-suthings, anty turns up in college and we get busy with the work. At around 12:50, we left college. A heavy traffic at OMR only kindled the hunger and aunty decided that we lunch at Ascendas. At the turning to Ascendas, my mom calls up to enquire where I am, what i am doing, have I eaten and the like! So the driver forgets to turn. I then suggest 'Hot chips'. Lack of parking space led us to move on!

Come Palimar and aunty suggest we go there. But again the parking woes surface! :D (yes.. I'm grinning now! Then.. oh.. then.. we were all SOOOOOOO hungry, I could have eaten dirt! :P thank god, I didn't! ;) )
Komalas it was finally! :D

After a pretty decent plate of North Indian food(could have been spicier and mire authentic!), as we were waiting for the driver to finish off his lunch, WHO do I see around?!?!!?!?!?!?!!?

No brownie points!
THE Naresh Iyer!

Oh.. HOW do i get so lucky?! :D

I was stupefiedstunnedthrilledsilenced for exactly a minute!
And then i talked and talked and talked in excited tones!
I was on top of the world!!!

Heeee heeee heee!!!

Akki and Manasa were sooooooooooo thrilled to hear me trilling on and on and on about the meeting!

I am super happy to have met him sooooon after him winning the National Award for 'Roobaroo'!

Oh.. and he was so modest and calm and unruffled and I was so excited and hyper and blabbering!
He he!
But teh moment was so perfect!
It was SUCH a pre-destined moment!
It was MEANT to happen!
I HAD to meet him!
Oh oh oh!!!

This is BLISS!!!

I guess all my non-stop Naresh chats with Manasa actually triggered off some cosmic reaction to help create this moment of perfection!

I am Blithe!!!

God bless the world!
God bless thee!
God bless he!
God bless me!

August 08, 2007

Vetti Tag

1.(a) Pick out a scar you have

A mole in the forehead.. no scars! Wish I had the lightening bolt tho!!! *looks up dremagically!

(b)and explain how you got it?

From birth!

2.What does your phone look like?

Tinker bell! :D

I mean.. she's a magical midget!

A pretty 6600 with my friend's gift- a Hello Kitty mobile jewellery dangling from her! :)

3. What is on the walls of your bedroom?

My self-designed wallpaper with picture frames,My collage,Quotes,Rahul Dravid's poster,Rahman, Maddy, SRK, Aftab, etc etc! :D

4. What is your current desktop picture?

TBum, bum with a bum and I! :D
(Pratyusha, Anoodha and I!)

5. Do you believe in gay marriage?

Yes. They have every right to!

6. What do you want more than anything right now?

Hmmm... :)

7. What time were you born?

12 noon :P

8. Are your parents still together?


9. Last person who made you cry?


10. What is you favorite perfume/cologne?

Anythin with a trace of lemony smell!!! :)

11. What kind of hair/eye color do you like in the opposite sex?


12. What are you listening to?

The last i listened to was 'Roobarooooooo'!!!! :D

(Pssst.. congrats naru for the National Award!!! :D Loue you!!!)

13. Do you get scared of the dark?

Nope! Used to! But not anymore! made sure I overcame it! :)

14. Do you like pain killers?

Absolutely not! I detest any internal medicine!

15. Are you too shy to ask someone out?

No. But I ALWAYS have the fear of rejection! :|

16. If you could eat anything right now, what would it be?

Paneer! Anythin with Paneer!!! :D And a lemonade :)

17. Who was the last person you made mad?

Sister :P :D

18. Is anyone in love with you?


Took it from Brownie's blog cos I was dead bored!
Anyone can take it up!!! :D

August 07, 2007

Need anyone give me a more greener signal?! :D

You Should Be a Film Writer

You don't just create compelling stories, you see them as clearly as a movie in your mind.
You have a knack for details and dialogue. You can really make a character come to life.
Chances are, you enjoy creating all types of stories. The joy is in the storytelling.
And nothing would please you more than millions of people seeing your story on the big screen!

Introducing Lady SCRAPMETAL! :D

Your Superpower Should Be Mind Reading

You are brilliant, insightful, and intuitive.

You understand people better than they would like to be understood.

Highly sensitive, you are good at putting together seemingly irrelevant details.

You figure out what's going on before anyone knows that anything is going on!

Why you would be a good superhero: You don't care what people think, and you'd do whatever needed to be done

Your biggest problem as a superhero: Feeling even more isolated than you do now

August 05, 2007

A visual treat!

My childhood best friend friend, Padmini, has put up lovely photographs of nature and places that she's taken, on her Flickr account. The photographs are for sale.

Do look at the photos and place your orders, if interested!

Her e-mail id is:

July 24, 2007


All the times
...that I've been low and wanting a strong hand to push me up...

... that I thought men were bastards and wanted reinforcement...

... that I have wanted to hopelessly giggle on absolutely nothing and wanted some more to add on to the gigglathon...

... I just had to say 'I'm feeling low' to get a tirade of 'what happened?' and company coming home with chocolates...

... I've been sick and needed someone by the bed..

... I've wanted someone to reinforce my faith in life

...When boys and men seemed an absolute bizarre species and I needed proof to understand God ain't bonkers

...When I just wanted to know I'm nice, i'm good company and I don't need to have a perfect figure or be hot or look and sound dumb to get approval

...When my intelligence needed to be lauded
when I needed to know that there are people who still cared and shared

You all were there for me my lovely dear friends! You girls absolutely ROCK!!! I wouldn't be me if not for all you've been to me!!! :D

To all my dear darlings in class(Anu, Poonsie, Ahu, Nan, Shab, Ums, Gypsy, Susie, Rinks, Kavithey and not to forget the Mata ji), Prat(I know!), vans,paddu,Chandra, seniors, juniors, Ham, Rumsie, bus mates, office ppl, Preethi, blog mates, Orkut mates, school pals, my two dearest Sangs and Swe, cousins, aunts, my loving mom, etc etc etc!!!

U help me stay alive! :D


July 22, 2007

Why should we read Harry Potter?


With the world frenetically devouring the final installment of the Harry Potter series, many critics have questioned the literary value of the books and in fact, expressed their fear that the 'quality of reading', especially for adult readers is steadily on the decline!

Literary critics have, as we all know, always been partial to serious plots and writing of a quality that we mere readers most often find very 'heavy'. Bombastic language, meandering lengthy dialogues, war of words and a number of literary devices are employed by in those 'appreciated books' that more often leave you confused with what actually is the story about rather than provide wholesome reading!

Not stealing the credit from the classics or any of the above mentioned books, what one's trying to convey is that literary critics needn't judge a book only by the kind of words used or the high purpose of the book or moral it conveys but by the ultimate feeling with which it leaves a person.

Books, like music appeals only when it is simple, straight from the heart and has a truth and honesty about it! I have found many books that have been lauded by critics, extremely boring, prosaic, didactic and even not worth a single reading! While 'The Scarlett Letter' by Hawthorne could not grip me for more than 5 pages, a run-of-the-mill chick-lit book called 'The Real Thing' would not let me put it down!

Harry Potter has been one series that has, even from a literary perspective, exceptional quality! The writing is simple, the characters-extremely everyday people(muggles or otherwise!) and situations that can be related to the real world! The depth of characterization, the subtle internal struggles between the good and evil in everyones' heart, the various shades of emotions, expressions and thought have had no better outlet than through the words ofJ.K.Rowling. One great thing about her words is that it is unpretentious and clear.

To create a magical world co-existing with the real one, weaving both together in such a way that they fuse when necessary and remain parted at other times is no mean task! What Tolkien did was to create a whole new 'Middle Earth'. It fascinated me- his imagination. But after numerous tries of reading and re-reading, I always tend to stop after a point. J.K.Rowling got the trick right- she made sure we remember the world she created by making it as real and as magical as possible at the same time!

The characters- from loyal, love-craving Harry, sarcastic attention-seeking Ron, brainy steadfast Hermione, happy go-lucky Fred and George, the wise Dumbledore, loving Hagrid, kind Weasleys, brave Ginny, brave yet shy Neville, eccentric Luna, the courageous and caring Lupin, Tonks, Sirius and others on one hand contrasted with the embodiment of evil-Voldemort and all his Death Eaters and their families together, subtly help us learn how to be and how not to be! That we are what we choose to be, could never have been explained in a better and more unconscious way than how Rowling has chosen to do!

In every book, there's something new to learn-not only about the plot but also about the spirit of living itself! What Enid Blyton, L.M.Montgomery, Charles Dickens, Jean Webster, Mark Twain and other children's writers created is what Rowling has also sought and brilliantly achieved! The only reason why people still go back to their 'Faraway Tree' and 'Oliver Twist' is because it has a never-ending appeal. It infuses a hope and faith in life; that all is not lost in this big bad world. There's love, loyalty, brotherhood, sacrifice and truth to conquer even the deepest rooted evil! Harry Potter teaches us that!

For all those who say that 'The Boy who lived' will be forgotten from the world soon after and will maybe just remain a marketing logo, think again!

The truth is, we all are kids within. And once in a while, we need to remind ourselves that! Else, the adult world will ensnare us in its many vicious traps and make us forget that it's not about money and power but it's only truth and love!

P.S.: This is my 200th Blog post! :)
Here's wishing me and my blog and my writing a long long life together!!!

July 21, 2007


It all started with me getting up in the wee hours of the morning(around 4:20) and getting ready- full bath and all!
Fully excited and as hyper as I ever could have got, i went off to Crosswords and grabbed my copy of Potter!
Wanted to stay back till Anu and Hamsini had got their copies... started reading. A Jaya Tv journo asked me to talk for a minute abt the book. i was desperate to read it. I refused initially.. then thinking about how, 2 years down the lane, I might be requesting someone to give me a one-minute opinion and would be really hurt if refused, I obliged and quickly spoke all I could!!!(I was teased to death man!!! :P I declared "i've lived with Harry all along' in my excitement and MY GOD! Everyone from my 12 year old cousin to my 27 year old uncle to my 55 year old neighbour found it hilarious and ragged me to no end with it! And they sniggered! I was only meaning it in the innocent way! :( )

Mom does all she could to publisice my TV appearance! :D I don't proptest nor encourage! I know neither is going to have any effect on her! She's as headstrong as I am! :P

Rush back home to show the copy of HP to sis before she leaves for school. Read from 7:30 am to 6 pm without a break(except one minute loo breaks and a 10 minute lunch break). Finish the book... Laugh, cry, hug the book! :D

It feels SO good! :)

I LOVE the book! I won't say anything more... I HATE to be a spoilesport! :) May the sheer delight of finding things out stay with every reader! :)

AWESOME FINALE! It COULDN'T have been any better! :)

Learn that results are out. Topped the class this sem too though my marks make me cringe in my seat! My al-time low and subjects where I was expecting a 95 fecthed me mere 70s while ppl outshone me in those! :( Was pretty upset...but yeah.. u can't ask for perfection can you?

Go catch my mini-celebrity-level-publicised-one-minute-TV-appearance! :P Got calls after calls as if I'd won the Nobel and that was my thanksgiving speech! :) THANK GOD I looked pretty decent on screen! :P Phew! The last thing I wanted was oily face, eyeliner running out and kohl smudges! :P

Catch Naresh on Koffee with Anu! :D He was AWESSSSSSSSSOME! The way he sang 'Munbe va'! Whoooooo! He won me man! :D And his Hindi rendition of 'Ooh la la la'! Stumped. Hit-wicket.BLOODY Brilliant!!! :D I thought Devan was real entertaining. Anu was pretty bad in this episode! :( I was disappointed. The other 2 girls- Subhiksha and madhumitha- they ARE good singers, i don't deny. But I wished they hadn't come. I mean... they were real dumb! :P And an exclusive show of Naresh or atleast with Devan alone would have sufficed! :(
Nevertheless... I'm absolutely gone on Naresh's voice! :D It woos well! ;)

The best part of the day however was the second I finished the HP book... I sat... hugged it CLOSE to me and looked at the last we ever will see of this series!
It was a bitter-sweet feeling. I LOVED the fact that I NOW know everything there's to know. And I HATED the fact that this was it! The end! The last book!

All sadi and done... today came near the description of a 'perfect day'!!!

Though it did not completely turn out to be so, it has been what can be only described as an 'almost perfect day'!!! :D

July 17, 2007

Ramblings of an over thoughtful analytical mind!

so many wants...
so many dreams...
wish i could turn back time!
and show myself how things could be done better!

wish I could erase some memories
not the bitter horrible ones
but the absolutely perfect sweet ones
which haunt me
reminding me of better times
...a better existence
a life where things happened
stagnation was non-existent
in fact- obsolete!

Those sweet memories
of fulfilled dreams
of cherishable times
of pink blue green lights
rainbow ends
and starburst skies

whither has gone my moonbeam?
to make everyday and night a wonder to live through
the pink glasses- come back again!
to make me love this life as before!


One day the weight of expectations will sink in you... and you find that you don't have it in you to carry the load!

Burnt memories flash as embers,
forgotten dreams smirk,
killed hopes haunt you as ghosts
nd you want to cry and drown them all...
and well...


...and a deep gnawing ache bites through your soul!

July 15, 2007


It's weird... this life.. this everything
a vague attempt to wait..
for what?

We know not!

I seek
I seek
I seek again
without a goal,
without a reason!

Why this perennial search?
Why this painful wait?
And for what, I ask again!

I wish i knew.
I wish I could
get to propel forward.
Gone is the hope
the faith, the trust

The world cruelly snips your wings
and asks you to fly!

July 12, 2007


For what loss does the rain bleat
in painful sinuous tones?
with sudden shudders it sighs
and glinting eyes growls?


For what loss does the rain bleat
in painful sinuous tones?
with sudden shudders it sighs
and glinting eyes growls?

July 09, 2007

...and when it rains...
i think of them lost verses...
of those lost words...
of all those lost dreams that come back as the grey falling rain...

...and when it rains...

...and when it rains...
i think of them lost verses...
of those lost words...
of all those lost dreams that come back as the grey falling rain...

July 08, 2007

A dream...

A dream it was
A perfection
A moment for expectations to rejoice

A flutter of hope was born
To take wings to soar in the sky
Clouds float by
The wind buoys it higher

Wake up
Only a dream it was!

July 02, 2007


Tagged by Nithya :)

1. Books that Changed Your Life
There's just one book that qualifies for this- Anne of Green Gables by L.m.Montgomery! :) No other book has ever meant so much to menor has had a life-changing impact! What I am today and what I'll be tomorrow, is all due to this one book! :)

2.A Book that I have read more than once
There are many many books I keep going back to!!! :D ALL of L.M.Montgomery's works, the Harry Potter books and Enid Blyton's books(esp The Faraway Tree, Malory Towers,St.Clare's and The riddle of the Boy next door) are books I would have read a million times over! :) Every yearly compulsory reading includes the above and two of my all-time favourites- Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen(words betray me!) and the Moonstone by William Wilkie Collins(a masterpiece in crime!)

3. A Book You'd Take onto a Desert Island
Definitely one of the books by L.M.Montgomery- either Anne of the Island, or Anne's House of Dreams or Rilla of Ingleside or The Blue Castle or Emily's Quest or Emily Climbs!!! Oh!!! One of her books... any of her books!!! :D

4. Books That Made You Laugh
CALVIN!!! :D :D :D
Mama's Pet(Dennis the Menace)
The Riddle of the Boy Next Door by Enid Blyton
Princess Diaries!!! :D :D

5. Books That Made You Cry
Rilla of Ingleside
The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini
Harry Potter and the Order of the phoenix- when Sirius...
Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince-when Dumblydorr...

6. A Book You Wish Had Been Written
Weird question! How would it be a book if it never had been written?!! :O
Well.. i wish my 'books' had already been published! I have to wait a few more years for it guess.. :)

But yeah.. I would love it if 'Anbe Sivam', the movie, had been written as a book! :)

7. Books You Wish Had Never Been Written
Every book has it's own merit! It's own beauty or lack of it! There's something to learn from it-how to write a book or how not to!
And well.. I know how a heart yearns to be published! I'd NEVER wish that even for my enemy-that his/her book remain unpublished!

8. Books You're Currently Reading
The Alpine Path~L.M.Montgomery
Jurassic Park- Michael Crichton
Shantaram- Gregory David Robertson
and well... a million more books are in different stages of reading and read-ed-ness! :P

9. Books You've Been Meaning To Read
Catcher in the Rye
To Sir,with love
Gone With the Wind
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows!!! :D :D :D
Akin to Anne, The Doctor's Sweetheart, At the Altar, the Golden Road, The Stor Girl and every other L.M.Montgomery creation that I have not read as yet!
Emma, Persuassion- Jane Austen
The Historian
R.K.Narayan's books- the ones I've not read yet.
A thousand Splendid Suns
Rest of the Princess Diaries(read only 4!!! *sob*)
Rest of Meg Cabot's works
Shopaholic series!! :)
other chick-lit! I love 'em!!! :D

I tag:

I hereby tag the first time tag-takers :|

June 30, 2007

The girl within

(an attempted short story)

Smriti stood there in front of the mirror... She was wearing a faded orangish pink kurti over her jeans! Somehow this is not what she wanted to wear that day! She was tired of her usual style- a kurti over a jean or a salwar kameez set! She did not even feel like wearing any of her skirts and tops! I mean- she was going on her first official engagement and she hadto look smart and at the same time absolutely gorgeous!

And the kurti did not make her look gorgeous! She looked plain Jane and 'usual'!!!

USUAL! oh! She was tired of it! She dragged out of her cupboard that lovely top she had so dreamily bought at a sale... the very top she mostly was never allowed to wear as it made her look good!

She was going to some 5 star hotel for a conference. Big shots were to be there... all lovely ladies in the latest trend setting designs! And she- dressed like she'd emergd from some other planet!

She stopped thinking. Took that lovely top, put it on!

She hesitated before moving in front of the mirror! Maybe it really was tight! Or maybe... it just did not suit her!

She hesitated for a second more!
she stepped in front of the mirror and ...

She was walking on the road to catch an auto! Everyone was giving her a second look! "WHO was this babe?! WHO is it? I've never seen her EVER in thsi area!!!" kind of looks! They were giving her approving glances! NOT lecherous looks but looks of- "oh! You're a babe too, you know!" type.

And they were giving HER the looks too! And not just her pretty friend who ALWAYS got those looks! They weren't thinking of her as someone who merged with the background.. as someone who was so girl-next-doorish that you could think of her only as a 'kiddo' or 'sister' or 'just another of those gals'! She looked NICE! And she KNEW it! She KNEWshe looked the best on the street that moment! She KNEW!

And she wished she could hold this one moment of beautiful girlish pride to herself forever! She never could dress up this way all the time! She will go back to comfort over looks! And she'd STILL want people to like her the way she is and NOT due to how she looks and dresses up and all! She'll look nice, maybe occassionally even pretty! And she'll look smart or niceeveryday too! But that first 'golden' hour of 'best' will never find a more precious substitute!

The girl within a girl seldom finds a face... It hides... for fear of being vulnerable and hurt and ridiculed!

June 27, 2007


And the world moves on...
Without a care
after all the stares
No reason why it should stop to mourn.
There are others who'll live
and yet others who'll die.
The dead remain, but in passing memories
And at all other times we think not
nor do we care
Oh! What stones we must be
to not bleed at another's tears!


And the world moves on...
Without a care
after all the stares
No reason why it should stop to mourn.
There are others who'll live
and yet others who'll die.
The dead remain, but in passing memories
And at all other times we think not
nor do we care
Oh! What stones we must be
to not bleed at another's tears!


In life, everything works by barter. There never is any happiness till you receive and give without expectation of any returns. But sadly..that never happens and that accounts to life's unfulfillment.


There's nothing so terrible and depressing as false hopes! Especially when you are buoyed up by the happiness that those very hopes create only to the end... that they were, after all, false!


Life throws things unexpectedly at you...And things you want to forget..give up...release forever out of your whole, come back...and seize you with such a power and..mystery... that you're left so shaken and vulnerable- exactly the way it had left you, the first time it crossed your path!


You don't give up on fantasies as you grow up! Fantasies give up on you...for turning into yet another of the world men!


Sarcasm is something I can't take at times! It's evil in intentions and cruel in act.


God sometimes gives through miracles, what reality can't provide!

June 24, 2007


Well well well... I'm just back after watching the really beautiful movie 'Shall we Dance?' It was truly a step out of the ordinary! The movie's got a great depth of characterization, excellent casting, brilliant dialogues and some mind-blowing awesome dance!!!

I guess I LOVED the movie more because I could REALLY associate with the passion the people on screen had for dance! I simply LOVE dancing! It just makes me feel so out-of-the-world and just oh-so-happy!!! :)

I've been dancing ever since I can remember! I was not too confident of my dance for a loong looong time as my school's dance teacher used to be partial to all the bharatanatyam dancers(those who learned it ) and I, who has had absolutely no training, was sidelined!

It all changed in 8th standard when we danced a nice Dandiya number for our Intra-class dance and the judge gave me a special mention even though we did not win! The moment was beautiful! I was so filled with joy! Someone was able to see that I'm SO passionate about that means my passion for it was reflected in my that means I'm a good dancer?!

But the beauty and pride and sheer blushy joy of the moment was taken off by a classmate B who told me, they must have mistaken me for her or someone else! Sadly and stupidly, I believed her and again started a slump in my confidence.

But, I never gave up!

I couldn't! I loved dance too much! :)

I'm GLAD I didn't lose hope and heart over the jealous words of a fellow dancer!

I switched schools for my eleventh and twelfth leaving behind a wonderful 12 years at a school that practically cherished me! I had many apprehensions about shifting schools- it was going to be start-anew for everything- from making friends to adapting to new environment, new teachers, EVERYTHING! And there was also a deep hurt that I NEVER could get the coveted School President/SPL/Head girl post in a new school! No matter HOW much you establish yourself, there's something called 'the years you've put in' that counts for that most lovely position! I was upset!

But there were other wonderful things in store for me! I, who never had the confidence to sing or dance(even though I ALWAYS did to overcome my sagging ego) was part of the school choir and in my class dance team!!! :D I in fact , lead the school choir! All along, right from childhood, I've been branded the hoarse voiced loud mouth! It was advantageous during speeches and talks but in singing, it gave me a big inferiority complex! Now.. that was dispelled forever! Came college and my voice was lauded by so many! At last... at last... a dread and fear and low confidence in singing was overcome! :)

We danced for 'Dola Re' in our Eleventh and won the second place(I STILL believe we deserved the first! We were awesome!). I was soon known as the girl who can dance well! :)

College followed. During our Freshers Party in a beach house, I was made to dance by the seniors. What followed was a sheer elated performance by me and my god... everyone was raving about my dance! It felt soooo good! I NEVER knew I was this good! All along I'd believed I was ok, passable, decent.. but I never KNEW I was good!

I was taken for the Zonal NASA dance team after liking my performance for the inter-college group dance competition. The BEST dancer in my department chose me as his partner and my god... we were AWESOME on stage together!

I KNEW how Paulina would have felt when dancing with the perfect partner. I had a perfect dance partner too! We had awesome chemistry on stage. In Zone NASA, everyone who saw our dance told us they couldn't take their eyes off the two of us! It felt GOOD! We won! :)

The next Zone NASA, I was made the cultural secretary! :) Awww... It was one proud moment. I danced 3 dances!!! :D With change of dress and all! :)

I'm soooo waiting to dance! I BADLY wanna dance now... but owing to a terribly stiff back due to swimming, I'm unable to! :( Speaking about swimming..I have been dancing inside the pool.. he he! I've been singing songs(old English ones, melodious Hindi and Tamil numbers) in the pool! Mostly I've been singing 'Moon River'... the song's been haunting me for almost 5-6 months, ever since I first heard it! Crossing th pool somehow makes me feel as if I'm crossing the Moon River itself(in the literal sense!)!

HearAudrey Hepburn sing "Moon River" (a .MP3 file).

(Music by Henry Mancini, lyrics by Johnny Mercer)

Moon River, wider than a mile,
I'm crossing you in style some day.
Oh, dream maker, you heart breaker,
wherever you're going I'm going your way.
Two drifters off to see the world.
There's such a lot of world to see.
We're after the same rainbow's end--
waiting 'round the bend,
my huckleberry friend,
Moon River and me.

Aaaaah!!! What wods, what a voice, what a song!!! :)
Ohhh! I'm so glaad I wanna dance! I hope I could go to the Farewell this week and get one last dance with my dance partner! :)
Till then...

"Shall we dance?"

(P.S.: This post is just an off-hand rant of what all I felt after watching that awesome movie! And I absolutely loved richard Gere, J Lo and Susan Sarandon in the movie!!! Actually, Loved Evvyone in the movie!!! Awww!!! :D )

June 21, 2007

The Painful process of growing up...

It all starts with the wonder that is of birth! And then.. from the second you step into this world from your mother's womb, it's all about growing up!

You learn from the fall... only to fall again some other time, someother way!

It just keeps hurting you all along! The world's a cruel place... You get hurt yourself and then hurt all over again on seeing others getting hurt!

Oh! I wish I could just rewind time to 2 years back! Oh well.. but many of the beautiful gifts of these 2 intermediate years wouldn't have been mine!

I guess I should bring out some deep hidden inner strength and motivate myself to move forward!
It's tough.. it's trying! But well.. I got to try!

June 12, 2007

The Olden Golden Madras

The other day, after a refreshing dinner of typical South Indian vathal kozhambu and cabbage poriyal and paruppu chaadam, when the whole family sat down for a relaxing post-dinner chat, the topic turned to the Madras of yore and what made it so special and cosy than what it is today!

Talking old times tale is one favourite past time of ours! There never is anything more interesting than looking back at the pages of the past, smelling the old scents of long-lost time and with a dazed look, landing back to the mundane existence of today...with a bitter-sweet feeling!

After bringing alive the 14 transfers that my Thatha had to undertake in his job under the Electricity Board, our conversation moved over to his life in Egmore and appa,thatha and paatti began to relate anecdotes from it.

They remembered nambeeshan kadai butter and his happiness when the butter rates were raised from 10 paisa! They also fondly spoke of the Panchami Complex on Egmore High Road where they bought their provisions and Balan's brother-in-law Narayanan from whom they got their vegetables! Elcose Cloth shop was still vivid in their memory.

Amma remembered how, as a young newly-wed, she went to see Malayalam movies in Sapphire Theatre(near Gemini Flyover). 'Iyer the great','CBI Diary kurippu','Number 20, Madras Mail' and many other Malayalam classics were witnessed there by my entire family!

How times change! The past always seems so golden! Madras seems more close to the heart than the clinical Chennai! People and places of the past have become so insignificant, and yet, at some nostalgic hour are remembered so affectionately!

Alwar kadai in Mylapore is still there,but in a de-glorified form! I remembered my own childhood favourites- Hanaha stores Bilal, who always had a pleasant smile and from whose shop I bought a notebook with a painting of a lovely lady with a horse. I still have the book. That was the last Item I bought before the shop closed down. It was a big shop with everything from tennis racquets to biscuits in it! I used to be fascinated and look around in awe every once I went there!

There also was Siva stores near school-now replaced by a watch shop. Siva had the most yummiest Kadalai urundais(groundnut cakes) in the locality! They were garnished with grated coconut! Siva was a very good friend to our family and he came home with his kid Aarthi and wife before he closed shop!

Who knows where these people are and what they are doing! Do they remember their shop-flockers as fondly as we remember their shops? Do others still pause, rewind and play again, the good old days and reminisce about the people of the past like we do?

Life's become so fast that we just don't have the time to communicate and keep in touch with every person we come across in the journey! But well... on some relaxed day, over a cup of coffee or after a hearty meal, it still feels nice to think of everyone whom we came across!

June 11, 2007


Give me a reason to smile
They don't come on their own anymore
You don't give up on fantasies as you grow old,
Fantasies give up on you...
for turning into one more of th world men!

And then you find no reason to smile
There's nothing worthwhile anymore
dreams-you know may never come true
and love and laughter are so momentary!

What stays? You ask and ask again!
Oh.. but only this emptiness and search!
I need a reason to smile again
To trust more wholly
to live more heartily
to smile the smiles again!

May 01, 2007


Who do I trust
and who do I not?

This life is a mystery,
a puzzle, a con!

A big drama to save-face
A big dream of love and grace
Reality strikes and deals hard
a slap across your face

Olden goodness, old-world charm
Now exists grudge, revenge and harm!

Innocence gives room for the cheats
to leave you stranded on the streets
No one to trust, no place to run
The game of deception has just begun!

Further down- more filthy souls
Makes you shirk away from the potholes!

A confession of Confusion
An unconquerable desolation!

Life moves on with more tears to follow
Today I wait- scared- for the morrow!

Ah! :)

The link's here... with my name mentioned as the winner... :)


This matters so much to me...

I'm glad for things like work, ambition, ideas and dreams! I would have been stifled and dead of not for them! :)

Good luck gurl... May your blog witness more such achievements listed! :)

April 29, 2007

A few notches up the Alpine Path :)

To the Fringed Gentian

"Then whisper, blossom, in thy sleep,
How I may upward climb,
The Alpine Path, so hard, so steep,
That leads to heights sublime.
How I may reach the far-off goal,
Of true and honoured fame.
And write upon its shining scroll,
A woman's humble name"
~featured in L.M.Montgomery's "The Alpine Path"

There are dreams you dream persistently... no matter how many setbacks you receive!

There have been times when i've been so low on confidence with my writing, suffered a million tortures with a few cutting remarks from a few people of merit!

One English teacher in my college on reading my poem told me, "your words are too old-fashioned! They don't appeal to the modern people...they WON'T! Make it more realsitic, more true...don't bring in fantasy and imagination".

She's right.. i'm too old-fashioned! But I still believe in the lovely old-world charms, simpler lives etc! I DO lead a simple sweet life where trifles matter so much! I DO have time to stop and stare atleast for a second! :)
And guess THAT reflects in my writing!

But somehow, the way she put it hurt me heaps and I had to fight back tears! I did attempt at a little less fantasy from then on and I DID see a world of difference! More people began to be able to associate with my words! I thank her her... Mrs.Usha... Your casual comment has helped! :) Thank you!

And today, still nourishing my dreams of someday publishing a book and reaching across to people with it, touching their souls and making them feel better about life itself after reading me, I can proudly declare that I've climbed a few notches up my Alpine Path today!


This post has been selected by Sulekha and got published in The Deccan Chronicle-Chennai Chronicle pg.19 today! :) They even carried a short intro for me! :) Man... it feels happy!

And the happiness is not the mad yelling happy bouts that I get into...but the silent sweet deep happiness that makes you hug yourself hard within but just show a smile on the outside!!!


Ah! It's a big big boulder-sized Brick that's been laid into my foundation!
I'm glad...

I hope I continue to get these li'l boosts on my long arduous struggle to the top! I've taken many wrong turn, wasted much time... but now... I need to propel ahead without looking back and getting discouraged!

Time will tell me if these dreams will find their day!

Till then, as always, I keep,

Dreaming on....


Thank you all for your sustained support and encouragement for whatever 'trish-trash' I write! You motivate me! :) God bless! :)

April 24, 2007


A little more of sunshine
A little more of smiles
A little less of tears

A little more of truth
A little more of light
A little more simplicity

A nicer brighter dawn
Let a sweeter world, it be, if it can
Lots more laughter,
Lots more cheer
A little less of strife
in this lifegoo
Is all I ask you
Oh God, grant this prayer!

Listening to: Vellai Pookal ~Kannathil Muthamittal; A.R.Rahman

April 18, 2007


Some words seem to haunt me sometimes... echoing on my ears time and again...They ensnare me and irk me to no end to use them repeatedly in conversations, essyas and poetries!

I fall in love with words. One word at a time and with such a firce obsession do I love them that I almost sort of give it a well-chiselled handsome face and kiss it passionately! :D

It was 'wicked' first! It waS oh-so-a..well... WICKED word! SO full of all the unspeakable evils entrapped in its very cores of hearts! A word full of all the daring, all the courage, all the romance that I liked, forming its letters!

Then, still disillusioned by wicked, I fell in love with the world 'depth'! It was as if someone had bored a hole throughthe entire radius of the earth and found the golden molten core of it! DEPTH!!! Yeah... I wanted a 'depth' in everything- people, their actions, books, music-everything!

'Eons' replaced depth! Every poem of mine had an 'eons' in it! The sword of old battles had been used 'eons' ago. 'Eons' had passed since that lovely time of life. It was such an archaicvictorianish word! It refloected my personality- very old-fashioned in its 'dEpths' but slightly 'wicked' on its surface! ;)

And now... if your're wondering what particular word posseses just have proof of my obsession! I wrote an entire essay with it for a title!


Words I love- enraptured, forecastle, tread, meandering, floss, blush, jamboree, ramble, prowl, scented, fragrance, twilight, betwixt, bewitched, dryad ;), nereid, nymph, druid, faeryland, wayside, burrow, recluse, mellifluous, crystal, icy, sunshine,smile, wanderlust, sentinel, wee sma's, wither, whither, zephyr, zest, trample, galavanting, chrysanthemum, brownie, ecstatic, eclectic...... oh...... I could go on!!! :D :D :D

April 10, 2007

Daddy Long-legs!!!

There's nothig in the world so whole-heartedly delightful as a book! It completely washes your soul, repaints it with sunshine and lets all those dreams blossom again! :)

Daddy Long-legs did that to me! :D

"Daddy Long-legs" is a book by Jean Webster and oh... what a book it is!!! :D I'm DELIGHTED by it! It warmed the very cockles of my heart like very few books do! :)

My flitting depression got a blow from this book and the blow was so strong that it's been in the hiding for a while now! ;) And well.. let it just remain there! :P

Very few books bring in the sunshine back into my life! The best of 'em all are the "Anne books" by L.M.Montgomery! :) If you happen to be a friend of mine, you'd have heard me gush about the book and talk about it like a special friend or family! L.M.M. has it that no one else does! :) A waywith words... a something that doesn't speak to my head but to my very soul! :) Every/Any book of hers can cure me out of depression,self-doubt and the like!

Other books which can also have such an uplifting influence in me include books like "The little princess", "Rebecca of Sunnybrook farm", "Polyanna", "Little Lord Fauntleroy", Enid Blyton's "Malory Towers""St.Clare's" and "Riddle of the Boy Next door" and now... "Daddy long Legs" :D

All these are absolutely 'huggable' books whose souls resemble warm cushiony squishy arm-chairs!!!

My writer's itch resurfaces on a tryst with them and my diary finds pages after pages being urgently filled with my 'trish-trash'! :D Infact, Daddy long Legs made me write 25 whole pages at a stretch!! :D and this included the 'prologue' and 'epiogue' of a story that's been mulling in my mind! :)

Oh... it fueels nice to have been so renewed by books! :D Can't wait for Harry Potter to come! :) I pre-oredered it! :D :D :D

Books give me what people can't- loyal uplifting presence! And I'm glad I can always turn my face away from irregular, unreasonable stuck-up people/world and drown myself in the world of books and have an absolutely wizard time! :)

Yayyyyy!!! I'm glad for the written world!!! :D

Daddy Long-legs!!!

There's nothig in the world so whole-heartedly delightful as a book! It completely washes your soul, repaints it with sunshine and lets all those dreams blossom again! :)

Daddy Long-legs did that to me! :D

"Daddy Long-legs" is a book by Jean Webster and oh... what a book it is!!! :D I'm DELIGHTED by it! It warmed the very cockles of my heart like very few books do! :)

My flitting depression got a blow from this book and the blow was so strong that it's been in the hiding for a while now! ;) And well.. let it just remain there! :P

Very few books bring in the sunshine back into my life! The best of 'em all are the "Anne books" by L.M.Montgomery! :) If you happen to be a friend of mine, you'd have heard me gush about the book and talk about it like a special friend or family! L.M.M. has it that no one else does! :) A waywith words... a something that doesn't speak to my head but to my very soul! :) Every/Any book of hers can cure me out of depression,self-doubt and the like!

Other books which can also have such an uplifting influence in me include books like "The little princess", "Rebecca of Sunnybrook farm", "Polyanna", "Little Lord Fauntleroy", Enid Blyton's "Malory Towers""St.Clare's" and "Riddle of the Boy Next door" and now... "Daddy long Legs" :D

All these are absolutely 'huggable' books whose souls resemble warm cushiony squishy arm-chairs!!!

My writer's itch resurfaces on a tryst with them and my diary finds pages after pages being urgently filled with my 'trish-trash'! :D Infact, Daddy long Legs made me write 25 whole pages at a stretch!! :D and this included the 'prologue' and 'epiogue' of a story that's been mulling in my mind! :)

Oh... it fueels nice to have been so renewed by books! :D Can't wait for Harry Potter to come! :) I pre-oredered it! :D :D :D

Books give me what people can't- loyal uplifting presence! And I'm glad I can always turn my face away from irregular, unreasonable stuck-up people/world and drown myself in the world of books and have an absolutely wizard time! :)

Yayyyyy!!! I'm glad for the written world!!! :D

April 05, 2007


Whither has gone my sunshine?
Whither have gone my dreams?
All the rosy-reds have turned white!
The brilliant ocean's now a stream!

Something's forever killed within,
I know not what it is!
A zing, a tang, an essence,a something
in life do I miss!

My rainbows have gone
and so have the leprechauns!
My crocheted fancies too
now lay withered and torn!

Bring me back my glorious days
Give me back my smiles
I know not how far I need to walk
How many more miles?


Before all of you decide that I'd killed myself on my 20th birthday, here I come back to inform you that.. NO... I didn't! :D

I decided to go the Milind Soman way and declared to the world(read family and friends) that "age is just a number and in my heart I always shall remain 12!" :D

Which is true.. I staying 12 forever! I totally dislike mental aging! HOW can you let yourself feel old?!
Whatever be the state of this world, I don'tgivea damn anymore! :P It's just what I think, I feel and I act! :D And here goes to my upcoming teenage that never shall come(I mean... if I'm ALWAYS going to be 12, I can ALWAYS look forward to my teens...but I'll never quite experience teenage... ok! I'm crapping!).. CHEERS!

I just came back from a nice 5 day trip to Coimbatore. Had good fun. Wrote a bit, read a bit, oor suthifyed a bit, baked an awesome cake wid my mami and sis, saw "Lee"(a good movie worth watching atleast once. A very realistic theme which has been neatly done!) and played with my kiddo cousins! :D

But nothing feels as nice as coming back home. I was scared shit in the Upper berth. I HATE DETEST LOATHE Upper berths! I made a hullabaloo climbing onto the berth! X( And..I DID NOT sleep well! :(

The second I entered home....ah...I can't word that inexplicable warmth that washed over me! :) It was beautiful to connect once more with my sphere of happiness and be back in the place where I dream,live,breathe,cry! :) I LOVE Chennai and I LOVE my house! :) It feels justGREAT to be back! :) And EVERY second there in Coimbatore, I longed for my house!!! :)
I mean, I do travel a lot,these days! One or the other college trip or competition or family trip takes me away from home often! (I prefer travelling alone butI've NEVER done that! :( ) And I DO miss home all the time! But this time... it was stronger than ever! I guess it's because I've changed a lot over the past few months and find it more comfortable in my zone rather than getting displaced,evern for a while!

Life's becoming very insipid! I'm happiest these days when I'm listening to music or reading a book or walking alone! Guess extroverted me's turning an introvert! :P Secrets seem sweeter, silence more calming! he he... Some VAGUE phase I'm going through! I KNOW it'll all get washed off and turn into beautiful clarity after this semester! :) I'm WAITING for my training! and... for a few holidays where I can just not think of anything and do as I please! I wanna learn to drive, write more, kill the computer(I hate it...though I spend so much time on it and also take more care of it than myself! It ruins me!), bury my mobile(Urgh! I hate being connected...but unable to get disconnected! :( ) and read read read!!! :D

God's great cos he created music and the written word! They are my balm during stress and distress! I maybe very irregular and out-of-touch with my writing on my blog... all i can say is...kindly bear with me for a month and a half more! Things will become rosy and wonderful again!

Or so hopes 12! :)

March 20, 2007

19 blogs no more...

I love u 19!

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March 18, 2007


I just don't know what to say! I mean I'm so pressurised from every corner of this universe! A 7 day working week is sure to get into your nerves, right?! So you get the drift? Well I feel like tearing my hair out and killing myself. This is annoying.. SO much work keeps coming that I feel I'll explode any moment! :(

I'm happy in life and things are normal. But the Workload is ENORMOUS!!! haiyooooooo!!! :(

It's unfair... WHY should I have to suffer soooooo much with work?! An 8-storey office cum shopping complex with restaurants and a country club to design in a week is asking for TOOOOOOOO much!!! X(

And to top it all silly, insane, foolish, dumb me is irritated with EVERYONE for the least of reasons! Everything seem to trigger off a stream of shrieks! I yell and scream(atleast mentally!) at the slightest of provocation!

I also don't like this week! My birthday, submissions, 2 weddings, a lecture, CAD classes,college, solar eclipse etc!!! And every event HAS to take place at the diametrically opposite ends! I'm gonna end up fainting in some remote corner of the city!!!

URGH!!! I seem to be irritated!

Late realisation!!! X(

GOD!!!! Gimme my month-end break soooooon!!! I want it to come faster........ :(
And then....
I'll come back rejuvenated!!! :D

P.S.1: The MISERABLYDISMALHORRIBLETERRIBLESTUPID performance of the Indian team has also DEEEEEEEEEEEPLY contributed to my state! :(

P.S.2: And the fact that Pakistan is out of the game... and EVEN if India gets thru to the Super 8, there WILLNOT be an India-Pak encounter upsets and makes me wanna cry!!!! :(((

March 17, 2007

Smiles :) :) :)

Could I smile a li'l more?
Now that the joy has returned
After miles and miles of dry dirt
The tides have now turned!

I see, in every nook, a shining star
Awaiting me with open arms
I see sun joy laughter bliss
Oh! The world has renewed its charms!

A million new dremas have woken from their buds
And all those old ones have been dusted and cleaned
Life once more, is on a rhapsodic song
Everything is lovely and beautiful, indeed!


A bitter-sweet Symphony...

Could I smile a li'l more?
Now that the joy has returned
After miles and miles of dry dirt
The tides have now turned!

Continue reading the poem at Dryad Songs...

:) :) :)

This is to formally announce that The Dreamy Dryad has returned to the extreme state of normality after a whole 3-5(lost track) months of total hell!!! :D

And now I realise, as we always do only later, that I complicated my situation, made myself feel worse than I deserved to feel! Life's like that, I guess! We feel better about mishaps/bad moments in retrospection than when we actually plough through that ill-fated time! :)

I realised,also, that life's ironical in most places and it's a sort of taunt from God telling, "I gaveyou all you asked for ultimately. I may not have given it to you when you most needed it. But yes... I GAVE it! Now... take your pick! Either go for the 'new situation' that your mind has settled down for, or get back to the 'dream of dremas' that you'd always wanted."

But well, the 'dream of dreams' has lost its flavour for me... A single wrong move in my part had tumbled it all down... my castle was washed off by unwanted tides! I lay shattered, crying, depressed and disappointed. Then a new floating boat came... frolicking, merry and with a promise of a safe happy journey. I left my castle and took the boat. The boat wanted me as its pasenger unlike the castle, which said it had no room for more! I took the boat...

And now... a golden castle... much similar to the one I created is asking me to come take up the throne. My heart aches... that I can't go back. I want to... but I can't. I fear the castle will ruin me... will make me lose all self-respect, happiness and smile! I stick to the boat...knowing that there was a castle I could haveentered...but my boat was more precious! :)

Mad story, you say???
Well... It's EXACTLY what happened to me! :)
Now... no regrets. The boat is where I shall stay!

Good bye Ahmedabad... You shall stay as a fond unfulfilled dream... just like so many of mine remain! Never know how MANY more will get your fate... but yes... life teaches you how to handle broken dreams!

Good ol' Chennai... I stay in you... you've made me what i am today... Even though I want to go away from you in search of 'new greens that are to be seen', my next 3 years are to be spent in you.

I'm sad... that I'm growing up...buckling to the wishes of the surrounds! I want to travel... live somewhere else all my own- where no one has any preconcieved notions about me- and find out WHAT I really am?! I feel now like a puppet in many hands, sometimes!

Life keeps turningaround bends... Let's seehow many more bends are in store!

Here's wishing me a Happy 'Last few days in your Teens'! :D I'm not too keen on turning 20! Nothing can be as precious and as eye-opening as your teens! And now... I'll be leaving them forever. It's bitter to be growing up. Finalities approach quicker... I wanna live my life.... not sacrifice! hmm... Let's see... A new journey begins this March 21....

I've matured a lot... learnt a lot... and well... I'm happy this present moment with the bundle that God has given me! :) I wish life'll continue in this nice sweet way! :)

Good Luck Dryad! Be yourself No matter WHAT the world dictates! :)


March 04, 2007

Another!!! :D

Tagged this time by Rums! :D here goes...

1. One thing I'm very much afraid of
seclusion. I just can't stand being left out! I'm scared and constantly paranoid that people I treasure will drift away!!! :( :( :(

Other than that- I'm shit scared of dying in an accident/losing a limb/going blind!!! :( SHIT!! WHY this question!!! :((

2. Two incidents I can never forget in my life
> Meeting Rahul Dravid at Khivraj Automobiles on 14 October 2002 and talking to him for 10 whole minutes!!! :D perfection couldn't have had a better synonym than the way this incident took place! :)

>Anita's passing over to the other side! But yeah... my angel's still around for me! :)

3. Three books I'd love reading again and again
a) ALLLLLLLLLLLL of L.M.Montgomery's creations :) i lurvvvvv her writing! :) She's my God! :)
b) The Harry Potter series! :)
c) Good ol' Enid Blyton- Especially 'Malory Towers' and 'St.clare's'. AND... my all-time favourite 'The Riddle of the Boy Next door'
d)(It HAS TO have a d and an e *grin* I love flaunting rules! ;) ) Pride and Prejudice- I HAVE to read it every summer holiday! :D ohhh... the subtle romance and the mesmerising charms of Mr.Darcy!!! *drools*
e) Moonstone- William Wilkie Collins- It's a fantabulous creation of suspence every time I read it! :)

4) Four women who are most beautiful
'Beauty is in the eye of the beholder' :)
And my vote goes for- Kajol, Vidhya Balan and EVERY other lady who thinks she's beautiful! :)

5) Five of my favorite food items
>Chappathis/naans with any Paneer side dish... Total North Indian food freak! :D In fact EVERY once I'm on a tour, I avoid(like plague! :P) rice!!! :D he he!!!
> Jeera Rice and DAl
>Vetha Kozhambu, paruppu and urlaikazhangu! my mom's rasam! *slurp slurp*
>Chocolates, chips, nuts(esp Badam!!! :D)
>TEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Drink around 3-4 cups a day! ;) ) My mom's tea is THE BEST in the world and everyone who's drunk it agrees!!! ;)
>Paniyaaram and chutney(my grandma's)
>Biriyaani/Pulao :D
>MANGOES!!! :D and JACKFRUIT!!! and PINEAPPLE!!! :D and GRAPES!!! :D
Shit... i could go on....

6) Six words you use very often
a) da/di
b) Oh shit!
c) Bloody and sometimes 'bleddy' ala Rums! ;)
d) What the hell!?!
e) I swear I'll slap/murder you!!! :D (he he.. Barking dogs seldom bite! :D )
f) Achodi/Ayyyeeee(in a TYPICAL mallu drawl! Blame the Palakkad Iyer in me! ;D)

7) Seven things I like about myself
i) My smile
ii) the fact that I JUST CANNOT stop dreaming/weaving stories and fantasies...the fact that NO MATTER HOW MUCH the world pulls me down, I always get up and start looking up into the sky to find a shooting star! :)
iii) My extreme kind of emotions/feeelings/moods
iv) My expressiveness... and ability to put across my point
v) MY SMILE!!! :D :D :D I LURV IT!!!
vi) MY VOICE!!! I LURVVVVVVVVV IT!!! ;) he hee... really... I couldn't have tailor-made it to be any better! ;)
vii) My dance! :D and my confidence to take up anything new!!! :D

8) Eight film personalities who are your all-time favorites
a) A.R.Rahman
b) Mani Ratnam
d) Shah Rukh Khan
e) Kamal Hassan
f) Madhavan
g) Prakash Raj and Prasanna :D Can't think of them apart! ;)
i) Arvind Swamy!!! :D

ALL other hunks(/cutie pies/drool worthy ppl quickly follow! ;)( viz. Prasanna, Aaftab, Prithvi Raj, Jugal Hansraj, Arjun Rampal, John Abraham, Karthik Kumar, Sonu Nigam, Karthik(singer), Karthik(yesteryear actor of 'Mr.Chandramouli' fame), SANJAY SURI!!! etc... ;) )

9) Nine movies you don't mind watching again n again

i)Mouna ragam
ii)Kanda Naal Mudhal
iii)Kannathil Muthamittal
iv)Michael Madhana Kama Rajan
vi)Anbae Sivam
vii)Azhagiya Theeye
ix)Vetayadu Vilayadu

Hindi....(no particular order! )
i)Kuch Kuch Hota Hain
ii)Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge
iv)Mast and 'Rules-Pyaar Ka Superhit formula'
v)Dil Se...
vi)Kal Ho Naa Ho
vii)Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam
ix)Rang De Basanthi

i)Dunston Checks in
iii)Home Alone
iv)Roman Holiday
v)Shrek 1 & 2
vi)Willie Wonka and The chocolate factory(the old one)
vii)Pirates of the Carribean
viii)Mr. & Mrs. Iyer
ix)Monsoon Wedding

10) Ten songs you would listen to everyday
i) Pehla Nasha- Jo jeeta Wohi Sikander
ii) Aao na- Kyun?Ho Gaya na
iii) Khoon Chala- Rang De Basanti
iv) Yeh Jo Des hain Tera-Swades
v) Ilaya Nila-Payanangal Mudivathillai
vi) E Ajnabi-Dil Se
vii) Suttum Vizhi Chudare-Ghajini
viii) Na jaane mere dil ko kya- DDLJ
ix) Kal Ho na ho-sad; Albela Sajan-hum Dil De chuke sanam
Adi Thozhi-Thendral

Actually all of ARR(ESP ARR-Mani combo!!! :D)
most of Ilayaraja, Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy, Sandeep Chowta and Ismail Durbar. Now also harris Jeyaraj and a few of Yuvan Shankar Raja! :)

I Tag EVERYONE who's read the article it till now!!! :D

February 27, 2007

My mantra...

"Put yourself on such a high pedestal that the world can't reach up to you to hurt you"

~ The Dreamy Dryad

Yihahahaaaaa!!! I'm back to being sane!!!(or I think so! Atleast temporarily, I'm sane and that's SAYING something! :P)

I've adopted my own freak line(in the midst of my 24 X 7 banter, I came up with this gem!!!) as my mantra in life!!!

So me's gonna rock!!! :D :D :D

February 20, 2007


I'm on the brinks of insanity! The lull's now turned to full-fledged flow of flooding proportions and it's SCARY!!!

Hope my boat remains rock-steady all through!

Just need your prayers for continued strength, determination and unwavering perseverance in my course of action!

Sigh... I've changed SO much! Things have changed! People have changed! My preferences havechanged!!! My future seems so puzzling! I hate studying and working. I just want to travel..... All over the world!

Oh...wanderlust mind, come back! Ground reality beckons! Let me row row row my boat!


February 17, 2007


"Similarities between this and that, between apparently uunconnected things, make us clap our hands delightedly when we find them out. It is a sort of national longing for form- or perhaps simply an expression of one deep belief that forms lie hidden within reality; that meaning reveals itself only in flashes. Hence our vulnerability to omens... "

~ Salman Rushdie
"Midnight's Children" pg.300

February 08, 2007


You can JUST not take a lull!!! It's the worst-case-scenario-when nothing seems to happen...moments stagnate and congeal slowly as they clutter up in space.. URGHHHHHHH!!!

I'm not asking for action... but save me from inaction!!!

Life SO tests your character- patience, perseverance, bravery, courage, acceptance, nobility, strength and forbearance... It is a painful struggle that benumbs you and makes you want to just take up something easier and run off from trouble. But it JUST cannot be that way! The lower you want to sink, the lower you go in your own eyes! So you end up aiming maybe an equivalent thing. And again... you need to work... do everything over once more. It requires enormous self confidence to accept that you've failed. To accept that

you are not as great and infallible as you think
there are other perspectives than your own
life may not give you everything you ask,dream,desire
there may be other roads open
while roads you want shut close
there are oceans ahead
and you stand alone- no ship, no sails
you need to build your own boat
you got no time
you are alone
there is help at hand
yet you are alone
the sea rages ahead
and time slyly smiles
a li'l trick of the mighty one above
a trick to test your skill
how far would you go
how deep do you want
how much would you sacrifice
for one persistent dream?
for one moment of ecstacty?
how much would you trade for
the one epoch you dreamed about?

P.S.: I'm NOT vetti! I'm BLOODY busy all day ! This lull is of the mind and soul! Sigh!

February 06, 2007


Have you ever wondered why we dream?

Not all dreams come true! Especially the ones that your heart deeply desires!!! Someway or the other, life snuffs them... and deals the death knell to it! And then...

the very dream that you created
wisp after wisp,
vision after vision
to a million pieces...
The once sweet...
lies in smithereens
Past's sole glory
present's bitter pain
reminding you time and again
of a cold icy failure

Well... this exactly is how EVERY deep desire of my heart has been killed! And yet... picking up those fragments...still with a glimmer so alluring, mesmerising and beautiful...I continue to be The Dreamy Dryad...knowing that one or the other dream I dream next is going to walk the plank...find itself still-born!

Oh...Life's sooooooo unfair sometimes! No.. most of the times! And yet... the 'chronic optimist' in me keeps reviving me and makes me feel upbeat about life again with another new dream!

How long will this hopeless optimism work?
How long can I go without an ego-boost?
How long should I wait patiently?

What is so fundamentally wrong in me?
Maybe nothing is wrong and maybe there's something!

No matter what the truth is... I need to move on in life... with a pile of disappointments beside- a tad bigger than the victories! And I need to keep smiling and yes... dreaming!!!

All said and done- I just can't see myself alive without these dreams of mine!!! :)

God bless the world and yeah... bless me sometimes too! :)
© Dryad's Peak
Maira Gall