January 18, 2010


I know you were suffering. I know you went through things I don't even want to recount. But I miss you so. I think of you so often. You are no more a call away, a trip away, a letter away. Where do I reach you? How do I reach you? Thoughts sometimes are so insufficient.

I want to hear your voice, Cumbum thatha. I want you to call out to me in that endearing voice. I want to hear that voice I so admired saying a deep 'Hello' at the other end of the phone call.

Why can't it ever happen again? It is worse to think that sooner or later, everyone around me will reach your side and so shall I too.

Sometimes everything seems purposeless.

I miss you dearly, especially today. I hope you are smiling in the heavens.

I shall always hold you close to my heart Cumbum thatha, for you were and are and always will be a wonderful person.

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