December 17, 2008



Most of the best moments in your life whiz past, before you could genuinely appreciate them. Stuff don't sink in soon.

December 10, 2008

... kaise mujhe...

(written listening to Kaise Mujhe from Ghajini. Vaguely tried to capture every single of those myriad emotions that this song seems to tug at within me. I have never before felt like this about any song. really! I have loved many songs. but this is an undefinable something I feel for it. a reverence. a self-imposed slavery...)




how can some words pull at the heartstrings

some voices make those eyes moist?

how can a lilting strain make rush,a memories' gush


how can some things seem as wispy as truth

how can some nothings seem like everything


what power words have. a little genuinity... a voice that has the universal truth in its soul... music that holds a melody that was never heard ever before but you feel like it belongs to just you and always had..

a deep longing

a pain...anguish...heart bleeds and aches and cries out

some fluttering love...feelings you never knew existed!

nameless faces

faceless names

nameless faceless meaningless

and yet...a deep inner meaning for everything.

true love of the most purest undiluted form... unblemished like the first drop of rain. like the baby bud of grass that daringly lifts its head from the bosoms of the earth!

a quivering something inside.

a throbbing feeling.

a quickening of pulse.

a hope...

a bold bold hope that pulsates within you with renewed vigour and at the same time seems defeated and bereft of itself- knowing how it could resurrect and destroy everything. HOPE! cruel beautiful hope!

Olden promises of elden days. Life as it used to be. Simplicity. baby steps. buds that bloom in the morning's steely inky blue! sun and moon smiling benignly at one another.

the first breeze blowing in the wee hours. the stuff that changed your life. Meaning. yes. meaning and truth, over and again.

Genuinity like it never has existed. Beauty as you have never known. An emotion that transforms you into YOU!

Integrity.purity. love.

Some divine vision beheld, transmogrifying into musical notes that lilt and haunt and stay with you. Obsession. some kind of lifeguard to the rescue while free falling!

freedom. the freedom without bondage. conquer.

One song.

just one song.

© Dryad's Peak
Maira Gall