October 18, 2004

The Dreamy Dryad

The distant star gleams,
On a blushing pink sky.
The world seems drowned,
In the lark’s melodious cry.
The trees are ablossom,
With dimpled dainty flowers.
The Dreamy Dryad dreams,
With her eyes gazing afar.

Little Dreams slowly evolve,
From the swirls of the soul.
One by one they emerge,
Crowning the day in gold.

The moon is all aglimmer,
As the sun slowly sets away.
The sky is a hollow of dreams,
Churned by airy hands for the next day.

The fairies flock the rippling pool,
To drink to their heart’s content.
The elixir of life-so sweet so eternal,
Flowing as dreams all along dreamt!

The horizon is drenched,
In velvet purple and gold.
The wind god plays the breeze
Singing tales of new and old!

The Dreamy Dryad beholds with
Her spirit drunk in bliss
As with a sudden sweeping blow,
The sky with stars is kissed.
Magic brewed in the sky, in the land,
An orison is played by nature’s hand.
The Dreamy Dryad whispered along in pray,
“God be blessed, blessed be man!”


Suderman said...

Welcome to blogland! :)
A dream start huh?

Sandhya Ramachandran said...

Hey thanks Sud!And by the way I AM NOT BEING KIDDISH in liking Yo's and wassups!If I am I wudn't have liked ur writing!!!Anywayz Check your mail.

Suderman said...

I dint know what a dryad was until today!
Which is why I hadnt written anything about your pome! :)
Yo and Wassup alone make not a good writer...
Cheers! :)

Suderman said...

well, ur pome, really nice sandhya!
very beautiful pome! (thats how i call cute poems)
you're gonna be one helluva writer!
At your age, you certainly know more English than I do! he he!

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