September 26, 2008

Eyes meet
And there was Light!

I fought with my emotions, to forget those memories.
And they haunted me still, leaving no room for calm.
Cruel coincidences, staged perfections
All dancing their alluring dance
And trapping me into their trance.

...and when it rains...

And the storm clouds gather, huddling in the sky
Dreams erupt, with a roar and a cry
Eyes light up with the ethereal shimmer around
The soul wakes up to the rain sound.

...and when it rains...

…and out pour in frenzy
a million droplets of rain
each with its own story
singing out its strain

as the droplets fall forth
each story enmeshes with the other
the varied voices fusing
in a single pitter-patter!
© Dryad's Peak
Maira Gall