May 01, 2007


Who do I trust
and who do I not?

This life is a mystery,
a puzzle, a con!

A big drama to save-face
A big dream of love and grace
Reality strikes and deals hard
a slap across your face

Olden goodness, old-world charm
Now exists grudge, revenge and harm!

Innocence gives room for the cheats
to leave you stranded on the streets
No one to trust, no place to run
The game of deception has just begun!

Further down- more filthy souls
Makes you shirk away from the potholes!

A confession of Confusion
An unconquerable desolation!

Life moves on with more tears to follow
Today I wait- scared- for the morrow!

Ah! :)

The link's here... with my name mentioned as the winner... :)


This matters so much to me...

I'm glad for things like work, ambition, ideas and dreams! I would have been stifled and dead of not for them! :)

Good luck gurl... May your blog witness more such achievements listed! :)
© Dryad's Peak
Maira Gall