November 29, 2006


I really am 'The Damsel in Distress'!!! I'm feeling sooooo low! Just spoke to ravi Uncle(architect)- My mom's friend's husband. He was telling me my portfolio's very important. It should be of half an A4 size and of max 20 pages!!!

WHAT do I have to fill 20 goddamn pages???!?!?!

I have NEVER wanted anything so badly as to get into Doshi's firm!!! :(

Guys… please pray that I fulfill this wee dream of mine!!!

Oh God…….. Please grant me this!!! I wanna go there……


November 19, 2006


The embers of yesterday's wild fire

Still burn the fingers hot

The cool wave splash of today

Seems a balm, not!

Time and again, unwaveringly

Echoes of yesterday come to haunt

Masking today's glory

Forever a memory coming to taunt!

November 09, 2006

I LOVE ME!!! :)

Well, it's not new, I guess, this burst of self-appraisal! :D I've always been someone wholly and totally Narcissist in nature and spirit with not an ounce of modesty! Many people have amused at this stark lack of modesty and many others have detested the absence of that wonderful virtue! All I say is- I cannot pretend to be what I am not, neither can I hide what I happen to be!!! :)

So now what am I trying to say in this second post for the day- a record after an absence from dear darling blogsville?

I'm just here to declare to the world that yours truly is back to her 'wunnerful' spirits and her soul sings and does a jig within! :D Reason 1: A tryst with dear Anne-o-mine! Ah… I feel drunk in bliss! I'm well… 'Blythe'!!! ;) he he…

Reason 2: I completed making my resume and feel all important and thrilled and happy and elated and oh…. I could go on forever!!! I'm giddy with this triumph of mine! To have a nice-sweet-dear- all about myself resume is the best-est thing I the world!!! It looks sooooooo nice to see all the hallmarks of my life etched in a few sheets of paper! Of course… many a beautiful, poignant, unforgettable moment have not been recorded in that…'cause achievement ain't only those of marks and honours but also that hoard of memories that you hold close to the heart and revisit every grey day to boost up those sagging spirits with a smile at the sweet reminiscence!

Reason 3: Words… Oh words FLOW now after my leetle rendezvous with L.M.Montgomery! My 'Alpine Path' is all set to be conquered… My writer's ambition's sprouted anew and all the past cobwebby vines have been brushed away! My jealous goddess beckons me to submit more of my itsy-bitsy fanciful 'trish-trash'(as I call my writing fondly!) at her 'high-altar'(to use an 'Emily-ism'). A new door has opened a world of possibilities to me and for all you know… I might climb a few more teeny-weeny notches up my 'Alpine Path'! I shall work and toil till my name's writ on that 'shining scroll'! Ah…. How dreams feed the spirit!!!

Reason 4: As you all know I just have two sides- Happy and Sad! NOOOO shades of gray! :D The happy part of me is 'The Dreamy Dryad' and the sad one has at onct been christened 'The Doleful Dame'!!! Yes… when in her spirited self, Sandhya R is full of bursting fancies and rose-coloured dreams and when otherwise, she's dispirited, dejected and feels like an old old old woman 'with rheumatism in her soul', as Aunt Jimsie would say!!! So now…. Sandhya R is back to being 'The Dreamy Dryad' with a million frothing possibilities and a zest for life and living! No matter what happens, she's decided to keep this split of her personality going till NASA gets over at Manipal in Jan! yeah yeah… I'm off to Manipal in mid-Jan for the 3-days annual architects' convention!!! We're gonna dance too!!! And I might dance and sing this time!!! Let's see….

"Oh life's so full that a drop overfills it"


I'm the happiest person alive!!! :)

ANTZ........ GRR....... X(

I HATE ANTS!!!!!!!!!!

They're all over my house all of a sudden... and surprisingly these idiotic creatures swarm even on inedible stuff!!!


Be it a pen or a scale or caps or computers- where they are, there are ants! I've spent the past few days in the sole pursuit of exterminating their tribe from the face of my house...


I squish one's life out and two others pop out of nowhere and torture me and fray my nerves!!! With my design exam going really bad(remember the nursing home design that got appreciation in my review?!?!?! The very same got brickbats this once and I was left feeling like a loser!!! :( ), the next thing to get me depressed are these creatures called ants. Theri miniscular selves scurrying about my house irks me to no end and I do NOT find peace till I, with all my hoomo sapien-ic might, don't crush and annihilate them!

Lakshman Rekha real ought to be a divine benediction given out of HIS benevolence! Never ever has any chalk-piece like utility product ever been so grossly under-estimated and unsung!!! I owe my happiness to that single item of mass destruction of ants and armed with it, I now am setting off to my Mission: Ghar se baahar jayega YA marega! Either they walk outta my dwell or they get killed!!! Yes your little highnesses... HERE I COME!!!!!!!!!!

*The battle begins...*
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Maira Gall