April 27, 2005


Let me make it clear… I’m not a die-hard Rajni fan! I do like his style and admire his extraordinary ability to generate the crowds that he alone can! He’s not my most favourite actor but I’ve always liked him. Something like you’ll always like Enid Blyton no matter how many ever J.K.Rowlings come! Rajni is definitely a Superstar, an extraordinary actor whose every word, every action has his fans thrilled! This post is just a collection of Random thoughts of mine about him and his movies…
Recently I saw Chandramukhi and found it a wonderful and thrilling entertainer! A very different movie with all Rajni’s style and best of all- a wonderful story and direction! I LOVED the movie…
Well, back to my point- I’ve generally loved Rajni movies for what they are- funny, sentimental, action-oriented, stylish and for giving us entertainment at its best!
Guru Sishyan and Thillumullu happen to be two of my most favourite movies! As I mentioned in my previous post, I’ve seen Guru-sishyan a million times!
Thillumullu- as I have a video tape- I watch it over and over again. Who can forget the inimitable- Anniyampettai Arivudainambi Kaliyaperumal Chandran in that movie? My god- Thillumullu is one movie whose dialogues I simply am in love with; so much so that if ever there was an award for the all-time best comical screenply, I would give it for this movie! I love the song- “Raagangal Padhinaaru” and ‘Thengai’ Sreenivasan’s splendid acting.
Padayappa also closely follows in ‘my favourite Rajni movies’ lis, for its plot, action, story, dialogues and excellent punch-lines. Padayappa vs Neelambari- omg… who CANNOT like it?
Moondru mudichu- an old Balachander flick, starring Sri Devi, Kamal and Rajni with Rajni playing the villain, also happens to be one of my favourites.His acting prowess comes into the limelight in this movie.
Many other movies of Rajni I have totally enjoyed- Veera, Mannan, Uzhaipaali, Annamalai, etc. That’s why I always say- you can watch a Rajni movie any time, any where and with anyone! You are sure to have a great 3 hours! You will laugh, cry, applaud and appreciate everything in that short span!
To think of it, I’ve watched almost all Rajni movies, I think, and never once have I felt bored( er… exception BABA… waited for it to end! ;) ).That’s his power, I guess! He has an undying attraction that draws in crowds of different age groups and strata of the society.
Well, superstar looks so young in Chandramukhi, that he justifies the fact that it doesn’t really matter even if his heroine is as young as his daughter- with him, rules simply don’t apply! He rewrites them and makes us believe- after all, that’s what movies are for- to make believe! And how he does that!!!

April 21, 2005

My Woes…

I know God has always been extra special nice to me! But well, there are times when, even if everything goes right, you fell like just ‘crib crib crib’! *Sigh*
I am doing my favourite course, just that this sem isn’t as interesting as the one that just whizzed by! We are designing toilets for th disabled and started a snack bar design. Good and hallenging, yes. But somehow an undefinable laziness has crept into my system that somehow seems to quell all rising interest in work. Lazy bones is too light a word to describe the otherwise active me, these days.
If work seemed boring, college seems more so! Walk for 15 mins to my bus stop, wait for my bus, travel for an hour and half! Sigh again! The only parts I enjoy are when I behold my ‘faeryland’- a very beautiful lake on the way to my college, all bathed in morning glory and the late evening sun. Nothing seems to excite me. I looooong for my old friends. Most of them are coming… including fellow blogger Vani! Ah… I can look forward to some joy.
My eye throb stops, comes back, stops and comes again to exasperate, irritate and terrify me. No luck seems to come my way…yet! Maybe Dame Luck’s jet developed a snag and she’s just around the corner. Let’s see…
To top it all, I’ve got this heat boil in my face which simply is HORRIBLE (in font size infinity)! It is placed above my upper lip and every time I sweat, I accidentally hit it and ouch… it pains. To add fuel to the already burning fire(in every sense of the word!), my dear friend Shabnam- the only soul in the world who compliments me often enough to make me believe I am almost good-looking, sweetly tells me, “ your heat boil suits your face.” My dear darling, it doesn’t and never will! Oh go away you pesky interfering thing!!!
Pending books- The Da vinci Code( second time), The Partner by John Grisham( first), Jonathan Livingston seagull by Richard Bach(second), Music Machine by Bill Stoddard( first), Uncle Tom’s Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe( second) and The Scarlet Letter( first)- all begun and in different stages of reading. I have to start the Harry Potter marathon reading soon… my heart CRAVES to read them! To top it all, tomorrow, I plan to go to Higginbothams to pick more books! Phew!!!
Exams- the dread of every student. My trial by fire starts May 27 and I swear I haven’t studied anything except in one subject where I’m so prepared that I could write it now! Talk of extremities!
Cell- my friend, my foe and the object with which I share a love-hate relationship! It helps me contact my friends at the speed of thought and at the same time makes me so bloody distracted in life! God, sometimes I wish we never had one and at others, ah… I couldn’t ask for better!
Harry Potter 6- well amma of mine, please don’t read this. She thinks I am obsessed with the book even before it is released, and amma, sadly, you are right! I think of it every waking hour and wish I could read it before everybody does!I love that book man! It taught me struggle, victory, courage, bravery, trust and friendship and I value it very highly. I oh-so-want to read the book within two weeks of its release… when it’s still fresh and exciting and when spoil sports in life have still not let out the exciting parts of the wonderful creation from Joanne Kathleen Rowling’s bowels of imagination! Hey J.K.R, are you reading? I would like a free copy please…
Well well… I just poured out my woes and weeps! Now I feel a wee bit better! All self-created troubles that can easily be solved. But kya kare, control hi nahi hota!


My dear dear Vani… the personification of sweetness! This post goes to you. Ah Vans… I so miss you di. The good old times… the Maddy droolings, the Rahman ‘aah’ins, the Mani Ratnam ‘pularihu’fyings! And yeah not to forget our mutual admiration for Karthik, Sonu and Rahul Dravid. And our big fights over Pete Sampras and Aftaab. (Aftaab always wins girl!)
Oh Vani… why did ya go to Singapore? Why for so loooong? I want all of us here… so that we are just a thought away! My god, I’ve known you only for like two years but ah… seems like a life time. I miss you di and I am so heart glad you are coming home! Jolly good times are back. Remember my birthday, when you and Neelima came? Remember the really long conversation we had in my terrace? And remember this time round when you came? Again a nice chummy chat in the terrace? And… that fun time we had at Shruti’s place with Sarayu! Rajoshi’s party in XI, Mahabs trip, Our every waking school hour, our one small fight about ‘lu’, Work experience classes chit-chatting and so may more that I simply lose track. I so enjoyed with you and all others!
So happy you are coming, gal! We should have a gala reunion…
I just can’t wait…

April 16, 2005


Heard of heart throb,yes; but Eye throb???
Well, this is what i've been suffering from for the past 4 days at a stretch!
my eye nerve has been throbbing continuously for heavens know why!
Ask amma and she goes..."Its supposed to be lucky"( No luck has come my way yet!)
Ask paatti and she gives an I've-seen-worse look.
Ask sis.. and she has a "wow, how interesting!" look
Ask cousin and she advices professional help.
Thatha and appa...well...THEIR ignorance is MY bliss!
Now...I'm asking You!
Why does it throb???

April 13, 2005


It is a rarity these days and I sorta dislike it this way! I still remember the days in the past (groan… I sound like an old lady!) When there used to be a power cut right in the middle of one of the endless soap operas in the night...
Initial reaction-
Me: Oh God! Now how will I know what happened next?
My sister: (matter-of-factly) they’ll retelecast it tomorrow. If not, they’ll show a recap in the next episode.
A few minutes later, after the candle has been lit and a flickering emergency lamp has been switched on (Side gap: Have you ever noticed that the emergency lamp or the torch refuse to switch on ONLY when there is a power cut?), my sister and I will huddle( er… two of them can’t but heck, I badly wanted to use the word!) together and start our numerous games.
Game 1: Savior of the jobless- ANTAKSHARI
Thankfully my sister sings really well and I too am ok. So we begin our antakshari game, much to the exasperation of our neighbours who just went to their balconies for a li’l air and quiet and end up getting the blare! Cos sadly, we chose the same zone to stage our show of vocal chords! My god, the million times we would have played the game till one of us ends up with a D-O-N-K-E-Y are still etched in my mind! And well the fights we fought over the beginning of a particular song…well sample this.
Swetha: Illaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Adhu apdi aarambikkathu Sandhya akka! Wordsku minnaadi oru humming varum.
Moi: Enna nambu! Enakku onnavida lyrics ellam theriyum!
Swetha: Alatikkatha!
Moi: Unmaya sonna en kochukira?
Swetha: Aiyo!
Moi: Idhudhan onnoda velayadavekoodathu! Podi, naan paatu kekkaporen.
Swetha: naan en walkman kudukka maaaten.
Moi: En di ipdi panra? Adhan ennodu ‘out’ ayidthunu theriyum la? Too mucha pannathe…
And thus goes on our girly fights! Jumping from one to another, the fight ends up with me yelling ‘nee ammakku help pannamatengra. Innaikku kooda naan than potato urichu kuduthen!’ Silly yes, but hey, lots of fun!
GAME 2: My super invention- FAVOURITES
Ok, this game’s a ‘my homie’ version of twenty questions. I think of someone and my sis gueses who it is. There are 4 categories- Friends, known people, famous personalities and family. My god, this is a helluva game! We’ve thought of almost everyone on the planet!(er… yes, a figment of my usual exaggeration only!) From the station master to just born- unnamed babies; from long-forgotten friends to dead people (RIP); from insignificant actors (sample this… the woman who sells buns in Kal Ho Na Ho. Now would you agree?) To my mother’s great aunts great grandson, we’ve left no person in our games!
GAME 3: Song-o-mania
Ever heard of situational songs? This is our ode to them. We give each other situations and we need to impromptu sing a song with lyrics manufactured in-situ! My sister is simply a genius in this game all thanks to the resident poet in her. Especially her starting deserves a big hand!

GAME 3: Gossip!!!
My ultimate favourite. We talk about everything- class, flat, family, famous people’s lives- gossip gossip gossip! Delicious man it is to ‘manda-urittify’ everyone. But of course, we don’t indulge in evil gossiping. None of us like it.

GAME 4: Rigmarole
This is just the normal way anyone plays the game. We rope in famous personalities into our impossible stories! We once created a story where Hermione comes to India to return Aishwarya Rai’s bindis. Crazy, eh?

GAME 5: Déjà vu!
Talks of the past… listen to amma’s stories of her childhood. Wow, it’s son nice to flip back pages in life.
GAME 6: ‘Cell’estial Rambles
Go to the terrace or balcony and spot Orion, Vrishchika (my star!) etc is sheer elation.
Ah well these days one more game has come in- messaging people in the dark. It’s so interesting to message in the dark.

Well, power cuts are times where man realizes that there is a life without all the million inventions of science (er… for a while forget I ever talked about the cell; ) ) It just comes as a breather from mundane life (full of pending portions and piling home works!) and a short full stop to the hustle-bustle to have a nice chummy family conclave.
Ah… sometimes I wouldn’t mind sweaty necks and mosquito bites if I can get the tranquility and joy that filled those times in the past when suddenly some soul in the Electricity Board decides- “Ahoy! Let’s have a power cut!”

April 10, 2005


On top of the world(er… at least the city), I had one of the best experiences in my life. The date- 9 April 2005.
Time- around 5:15.
Location- St.Thomas Mount.
My first blogger’s meet where I got to meet people who share a common passion- expressing themselves through their web logs. Eleven of us-Sophia-the person who organized the meet and selected this beautiful place for the meet(http://www.carmalin.blogspot.com), Ravi Kumar(http://www.ravikumar.blogdrive.com, http://www.justravi.blogspot.com),
Sudhir( Thanks so much for dropping us!)(http://www.sudhir-lp.blogspot.com), Nirenjan(http://www.nirenjan.com), Chandrachoodan(www.selectiveamnesia.org), Siva, Sekhar(http://www.shekys.blogspot.com), my dear class friend Arvind(http://www.blogglegoggle.blogspot.com)
Co-organisers Praveen(http://www.pravunpluggedblogspot.com)and Harish(THE greatest Rahman fan I’ve seen in life and one of the wittiest and like-minded friend I have)(http://magixncurses.blogspot.com) and I met up near the Halt and shop shopping centre and proceeded to the mount after brief introductions. The climb upwards threw Chennai’s prettiest sights but this was just the beginning. On reaching the top, the sight in store was one of the best ever. Chennai city draped in a filmy mist, owing to the recent showers, looks her best from here, people!
As we went about exploring the place, praying at the church and oohing and aahing at the splendorous surround, conversation abounded. It was so nice getting to know all of them.
Till now the only bloggers I’ve met are Sudhish, Karthik Subramaniam, Ramya Kannan( when I went to the Hindu office) and Harish( during a culturals). Of course, Arvind and Vani too! But that was all. Meeting so many at the same time was a novel experience altogether. We spoke at length about so many things- architecture, my wanting to leave early ;), blogging, Chennai, The pope’s visit to St.Thomas Mount( ha I actually stood at the very spot where he had. Didn’t I feel divine?), etc etc.
Came back home so excited and happy, amma was sure that I was possessed!
I am continuing my vote of thanks now… ;)
Thank you amma for allowing me to attend the meet. If not for you, I couldn’t have had such a rollicking enjoyable two hours!
Thank you Arvind,if you hadn’t come along, I couldn’t have made it to the meet!
Thank you Harish, for coming all the way to Guindy Railway Station and for being the greatest Rahman fan that you are!
Thank you Sudhir, for dropping us in your car!
Thank you Sophia, for selecting St.Thomas Mount. But next time its T.Nagar, remember!
Thank you all others for making my day!!!

April 05, 2005


Rainy days get the best out of me- poetically, spiritually and intellectually. They extend their arms, embrace me in an eternal hug, and make me feel -all elevated!
It all began with the sun going on a vacation and the grey clouds playing substitute! “Long long ago, in one sleepy hamlet where haunting shadows and sudden silences were born…” was how I felt about the world around me. The Master painter wielded his brush to paint the world in grey and oh what a ‘picture-postcard’ beauty the world was!
On the long way to my college, the windows offered a breath-taking view of ‘Chennaiyil oru Mazhai kaalam’.
Sleepy kids coming out of wet thatched huts, people running for shelter towards the nearby tea shop where the piping hot concoction was being brewed, pretty women flaunting colourful umbrellas, wet wet buildings that just seemed to have been scrubbed new, fresh smell of earth emanating to tantalize my senses, a roguish wind playing about my hair with its rainy friend splashing a few droplets onto my face and the green trees looking all splendidly decked up in white bridal flowers stretching its arms wide towards heaven, as it awaits its handsome groom.
Ah, the million feels the heart feels the same second, when the heavens huddle up for a good cry- Oh inexplicable! Philosophy runs through my blood on rainy days. I count my million blessings. A silent smile penetrates my every action. I can feel such joy, that there’s a spring to my step and a spirit in my work. Something divine sometimes steals into my soul and makes it feel an unbeknownst tranquility; that which soon transforms into verses few, whose fragrance not only richens me that second, but spreads the same ages later!
Rainy days with slush, overflowing drains, irate auto drivers, et al still make me feel that the world is having a wash and is taking my soul for a li’l wash too; so that it appears all nice and shiny; clean and bright- unpolluted with worldly fumes and as pristine as The Maker once made it- in that infinitesimal second of creation that bore me!
The distant drumming noises,
Seemed a million flutes at play.
The pitter-patter was melody,
Drenching the world in its rhyme!

How the trees curtsy,
How the wind bows!
No picture more perfect than thee,
Could one in life see…

Woo…! The chilly wind,
Strikes the face with its might,
Oh now a riot of colours emerge,
As the world plays in rainy light.
Are dreams blowing, or is it the wind?
My heart does soar, my soul does sing!
Secrets huddle up in the sky,
The heavens ready up for a good cry,
The trees do dance and sway today
The earth bows down for a divine pray
Oh dear, asudden,this world seems new,
Joy from its wee buds, blooms true!

A richer tinge adds on to the leaves’ green,
A browner hue cuddles the bark,
A bluer blue embraces the sky,
Oh! The world is having a bath!


Some kids are born with it!
Some kids acquire it!
Some never seem to catch it!
And I belong to the first category…
Yes, I am talking about the ‘couch potato’ syndrome… glued to the idiot box, watching what comes and waiting for the one about to!
Right from my childhood, I’ve been a TV addict. That is one of the main reasons why my parents refused to give me a cable connection. “Idhaye ippadi paakarai. Cable potta avlodhan- on padippu kettupoidum!” They used to tell me.
From baby hood, my eyes refused to shift focus from the colourful blinking thing; so much so that I demanded to see adimesan (my childhood blab for advertisements) and ‘oliyum oliyum’ if I had to eat.

Baby Sandhya grew up and still no one could shake off her TV addiction! Come on, old habits never die and one acquired in babyhood’ll take a looong time to give up! So whether it was ‘Shanthi’ where a deglamourised Mandira Bedi played the protagonist, to ‘Junoon’ whose Tamil dubbed dialogues are objects of ridicule even today, I went on to watch every damn thing Baird’s invention dished out in ‘Desh ka apna channel- DD’. I watched TV so much that my Hindi picked up three-fold this way- much more than what my teacher could produce!

A few tantrums and heart melt later; my parents gave cable connection for a month during my holidays. That whole month, I watched all the TV my grandparents would have watched all their life! Well, mostly I was glued to Sun Movies. Morning, noon and night, I was so jobless that I watched the same movies over and over again! Gowthami-Bhagyaraj’s ‘Rudra’ and Suhasini-Mohan-Radha-S.Ve.Shekhar’s amazing comical fare Gopurangal Saivadhillai- two movies I would have watched at least 10 times each! I can even remember the scenes well! I also watched Rajnikanth-Prabhu’s masterpiece ‘Guru-Shishyan’ a million times. The then Music channel ATN also used to be my hot-favourite as it reeled off one latest song after the other. Bliss exists, but not for long and the holidays came to an end just like the end of my month’s cable viewing!

At rare times, my TV used to pick up cable TV signals and I watched many a programme. Once I saw a whole movie- ‘Hum Saath Saath Hain’ in this way. Star World’s ‘Crystal Maze’ on Sunday mornings at 7 am (I think), used to thrill me. I also watched The Flintstone kids show (can anyone tell me the name of the show?) sometimes also the Daffalympics (Am I right?). Such episodes are etched clearly in my mind!

We had to take a survey regarding TVviewing in our ninth and there was a column saying-“Hours of TV viewing per week”- I filled – 30 hours! The reason-DD2 suddenly decided to revamp itself and introduced ‘Golden Hours’ where one got to watch awesome shows from 7-11. I still feel that this was the best phase I my life. I had the dearest class teacher possible, with whom we girls used to enjoy. The subjects were interesting. I was enjoying life and well… Golden Hours filled my idling times. From ‘Hum tum ek Camere mein Bandh ho’ where very funny visuals were telecast to some extraordinarily good serials like ‘Patang’, ‘Kuchh Reth Kuchh Paani’, ‘Kavita’, ‘Nargis’, ‘Maan’, ‘Kabhie Sautan Kabhie Saheli’(well one exception to the good category. I swear I watched it only to drool over one of the actors!) And best of them- ‘Smriti’, I used to spend quality time watching TV. ‘Bol baby Bol’, ‘Superstars’ and one of the best ever programme- ‘Director’s cut’-which telecast telefilms of famous directors- also made me addicted.
Ah but DD dear is KNOWN to spoil all fun and well it did. All of a sudden due to the abrupt switching of DD’s super brains back to their age-old insanity after a brief spell of sanity (Refer to DD!!!-my previous post for further complaints regarding Doordarshan), my Golden Hours met their sunset.

So after endless cursing of Prasar Bharathi, I somehow accepted my sad state. But ah… can an incurably TV mad creature ever be able to reverse her life’s rules? No… NEVER! In came Shaktimaan, Chamatkar, Betaal Pachhisi and other programmes that dealt with the super-natural and extra-terrestrial. Also I watched the Sunday movie-mostly some ‘ancient’ Sivaji or MGR flick with an occasional Murali or T.Rajendar! Sadly, I watched them all. Never did the proverb, ‘Beggars can’t be choosers’ make more sense!

Highly placed officials in DD smelt my miniscule joy and decided to snuff it instantly. “How…How …HOW can a soul be satisfied watching OUR programme? No… this JUST can’t happen! Let’s cancel all programme or wait… better still, let’s re-telecast the same serial from scratch and bug our viewers.”
One another top brass official added,” Hey let’s play Buniyaad, Circus and other age old serials again. What say?”
“Yippee! Great idea!” they agreed.

After this scenario existed for a good half year, some new good serials came in (refer again to DD!!!) but were then cut for Tamil viewing public. And mind you, this included my only source to listen to latest Hindi songs- Chithrahaar. But Podhigai began telecasting one awesome live phone-in show- “BSNL Sports Quiz” conducted by the inimitable, affable and able genius Dr.Sumanth Raman.
NOW-my TV viewing is at an all time low! Old reliable Rangoli and BSNL Sports Quiz are the ONLY shows I watch-2 hours a week! Cricket matches and Friday-Saturday late night Hindi movies- if good- are the occasional entertainment I indulge in. If I am at home- I catch a few shows on architecture that the channel sometimes sensibly shows. Even NEWS makes for very rare viewing.

Strange, what studies and a sad entertainment in a channel can turn a TV addict into! I hang my head in grief these days when people talk of Indian Idols and Koffee with Karan and others!
I wonder if those good old days of bliss, glued to the TV set, with no care in mind will ever come again! No…I guess not. Sometimes I feel sad, but I know better, that these days, greater entertaining media are available. And if I had still been in front of my TV, watching some idiotic serial, how could I have ever written about it? : )
Ah… the poem ‘Jimmy Jet and His TV set’ plays in my mind…
© Dryad's Peak
Maira Gall