December 12, 2010

On Writing

Writing is my self-defence. It is my way of making peace with myself. Somehow, when you see words shaping your thoughts and insecurities, everything seems lighter.

I don't write for anyone. I know a few people read me. But I don't write for them either. I write to send a fragment of me into the cosmos. To get rid of that excess baggage of thoughts or emotions that can't seem to be held anymore in my pea-sized brain.

I'm glad I can write to vent things out.



bharat chandran said...

'Writing is my self-defence' - Interesting..

Is writing a self defense for you from (within) yourself? :-)

Siddhartha Joshi said...

somehow i can completely relate to this...

Quicksilver said...

My superhuge ego is my defence mechanism. Hurt before getting hurt. Hasn't worked out too well for me though :P

Sandhya Ramachandran said...

@Bharat chandran
A bit of both...from the world and from myself too!
@ Siddhartha Joshi:
Thank you :)
@ Quicksilver
I completely disagree. Hurt before getting hurt is escapism.

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