April 04, 2017

On Writing

Nobody reads what I write anymore!
Apparently, they are into vlogs.
“Are you a youtube sensation?” they ask.
Words, they don’t matter anymore.
“What are the numbers you’ve got?”-
They want to know.
It’s just not about what I make them feel
But about how many likes to my tweet.

I wooed all my loves with words.
Measured moments
Writing reams
On scraps of tissue and
'One-sided papers' that my uncle gave
With punched holes running on the sides
Diligently, I filed them away
And rewrote them
On pretty diaries that no one wanted
And a blog that I still don’t know
How or why to 'monetize'!

Thirteen years on,
They still want to know
How popular my posts are.
“Maybe you could put your poems on Insta?”
“How about you make short films out of stories?”
“You have so much potential!”
I am glad to hear that, but
I wooed all my loves with words!

When did writing stop to rouse?
© Dryad's Peak
Maira Gall