July 03, 2010


As part of our Music Workshop conducted by Vasu Dixit (lead singer and rhythm guitar, Swarathma), we were asked to go freewheeling on words or images as we heard a piece of music play.

The music we heard was the background music of a Dutch industrial documentary short film called Glas(Glass) by Bert Haanstra about the glassblowing industry. The music was primarily jazz and the way the music enhances the visuals and vice versa makes it worth a watch.

We did not know that the music was from a film as we just heard it. We had to create something with the music for inspiration- 'ekphrasis' as Plato would call it.

Here's what I wrote, before realizing that I was absolutely off the mark! :D

Tiptoes and cats
slender tall woman
smoking a pipe
Holly Golightly?

Furtive taps on
black and white keys
sleepless nights and serenades

Metal holes
fill with music
resonate within four walls
along with wine glass clinks

and also a faint tinge of blue
waterlights and romance

rolled-up ball of fur
purring in delight

bristlestrokes of yellow
like cat eyes
shards of black
like hers.
canvases on walls
fairylights winking.

"a little more cheese, please
a sour dumpling of it."
Crispies breaking
and getting soggy in the mouth
heavy viscous sour cheese
explosion of taste

a twirl here
flirting eyes


metal telephone vibrations
android calling home
"CSE04 reporting discontent
among species of the alienship"

music breaks
symphony freezes like the icefloats

Time has been broken down
opened up to let
another dimension pop in.


like a bad dream forgotten
music sets right
rosepetal smells
sprinkling of salt
on ovenhot curry
white crystals
shining a second
before being consumed
by the everyday colour
of the curry.

a moment before forgotten
in the moment that came by
to overwrite

a joyous abandon
classics on Tv
plush sofas
hearty embraces
sip on wine
delicious cheese
a meal for two.


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