July 12, 2007


For what loss does the rain bleat
in painful sinuous tones?
with sudden shudders it sighs
and glinting eyes growls?


What's In A Name ? said...

Except for the 'growl' word it was very picturesque. Only one question, Sandhya, Why don't u consider elongating the thought for a few more moments and a few more lines...and write a longer poem? That would be a treat, I am sure.

Rashi said...

hey very nice thought..

I agree with the commentor above me..
nice blog !

Kannathil said...

me too me too .. :) I agree with all the above.

Steve said...

The picture looks very nice. I would love to have a copy of it. Please email me at fontsps@gmail.com

Thanks! Steve

Unknown said...

The pic n the words are no different. very good post !

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