March 06, 2005

CUMBUM…Part one.

Hi ppl… just back after a week’s trip to my native place- a town named Cumbum, near Madurai and Thekkady(Kerala).
After two years, I stepped foot on the land where I first opened my eyes to. A trip to cumbum is so fulfilling and pleasant. The people there show simple affection and are friendly to the core! Life there moves at its own sweet pace and with an ease and effortlessness, hard to be perceived in present times.
Though I have been a Chennai girl from when I was 80 days old, my best childhood memories are associated with Cumbum. My childhood achievement- making my neighbour’s li’l daughter Kashanya talkative, after having been shy and introverted all her 3 year old life. My childhood friends- my uncle- Mani mama( who doubled up for an enemy too!Innumerable are the times we fought…er…fight!), Kaarthi and Lavanya- the playmates with whom every idling hour was spent playing cards or cooking rice in toy mud paanais or burning matchsticks using magnifying glasses! My play area- the wonderful rented house on Appavupillai Theru- a house which I love next only to my Chennai house.

Oh… lots more stories. Will blog them soon. Time and pending assignments permit me no more to blog. So tata.


Harish said...

Phew! I can comment now. It didnt lemme comment all these days. :(

waitin for Part 2, keep blogging.

see ya :)

Murali said...

Its alwez a kewl experience when you go back to your native place especially if its a village or any place near to a typical village...the calm atmosphere, absence of tall buildings, the greenary around..... hmmm!!! ideal spot to retire to from the hectic city life... Its a wonderful experience nevertheless

newez eagerly awaiting part 2

Vani Viswanathan said...

madam, what's up?? no mails, no posts...avalo busy-aa?
missing your mails...
when is part 2 coming?

Anonymous said...

Hi Sandhya,
My wife's wouldbe is from cumbum... i am going to stay their for a week. Is their any good hotels...

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