March 30, 2015



Through the turnstiles of life
A dream, with a swagger
Comes in fighting
A monkey chase with mercurial time

March 26, 2015

It’s raining 
Photos appear up there
Magician spin on ink
Spraying wetness 
And invisible cheer
A created town
Of rain messages
Sidewalk maybes
To stumble onto
A stencil to hopes


March 25, 2015


Today's poem is dedicated to Ananya Mani. This is just a reminder to tell her how wonderful a person she is! 

Look at us!
We have made it-
A smiling reality
A treat building up!
Remember the trials?
Something changed,
The songs added
To the times of today
Nothing can stop us!


March 21, 2015


(Reference :

Your games -
Guards and shoots –
Free from rules
Now a score
Then a foul.
Playing on your own
Scoring from a twist of hand
A dribble of contact
Carry on, the whole while
Start the stop-clock
Throw the hoop
And this instance,
Push beyond
Charging free
For a possibility!

March 20, 2015


Music happened,
His particular essence -
Warm, like
A big hug and a sandwich,
His name -
Telling stories
Of all the tangible
Treasures of life
Emerge together
And surrounded
Life, was a lit stage!


March 19, 2015


Elephants on a 
printed pattern
Had a lot of fun
In my bureau drawer
With my pill box
The world of archives
Telling Well-sung stories
When we pass out! 

March 18, 2015



Experiment –
A certain turn
Will capture
And find a way
So elements split
Click and funnel
To navigate
And begin
A winning variation
That will be
your new start

March 17, 2015


Things flow 
Time attracts wonders 
In the long run 
Methods link you 
To delicious probability 
An overnight explosion 
To leave a signature 
Of your name- 
Often neglected; 
Now a souvenir 
In the span of time!


March 16, 2015

Found Poetry - 16 March


This time
We’re all better
A long journey
No slowing down
Simple love -
A slightly exotic mystery
No easy recipe,
But let it do its thing!
Blend, simmer, steam, cook
As you like it.
Possibilities cooking in the ordinary.
No myth – this love is staple
And everything made well
Will last a long time!

© Dryad's Peak
Maira Gall