July 25, 2014


Can I safely say words will never let me down?
Can I be assured of their perennial love?
Or will they, with time and age
Dull at their edges and shrivel like memory
And leave me mute and paralyzed?

July 09, 2014

Time Versus You

And the test begins
Time versus You
The seasons are changing
And the mutually exclusive clause 
Dictates new terms you cannot fathom
Ill prepared, happiness is a bitter pill
A distant carillon of bells 
Clangs to the thump of your heart
And you don’t know anymore
If that’s a good sign
Or a bad omen
Time has erased the fine lines
Time has made thoughts like dunes
Time has seized your sanity 
And waltzed with it in the wind
In this game, you make no moves
You stand still and let the ebb flow
© Dryad's Peak
Maira Gall