October 30, 2013

Before Sunrise | Before Sunset | Before Midnight

I watch it over and again
They fell in love talking!
I want to gush
Spiral into a dream world
Like a stupid little girl
Stuck to her film-tinted romance
And a fairy tales ruined reality.

I watch it over and again 
They meet again and keep talking 
As if nine years had been but a breath
And time had stood vigil to love
Like a silly young thing
I want to believe in miracles!
A voice sniggers and I wake up!

I watch it over and again
Nine years and together
Shared memories and love
Questions yet
And I hear within-
It is all a mirage
But you can make your oasis
And choose to stay.

And I fall in love with love!

(Thank you Linklater! :) ) 

October 28, 2013


Hiding in my world of make-believe
a one-eyed lens view
zooming as I please on the good parts
letting the rest blur out and stay
manual focus here and there.
It is a comfort,
this delusion of a camera;
a sort of selective memory freeze
while giving the others a pass.
And once in a while the battery dies out;
and reality, my cruel master
shows the ugly whole;
while I stand shivering
shuddering and alone
bidding my time
once again
to beat my retreat!

October 10, 2013

Ekphrasis - 11/0

Sapnon ka sheher
all sparkly in the night! 
Where is the sky?
where begins the sea? -
Dreamers brood relentlessly. 
My wet footprints on the shore
A dimple that honours this start
For a fleeting moment, I smile
The sky smiles back
with its crescent moon
The low tide advances
And kisses the footprint
A beginning blessed by water!
© Dryad's Peak
Maira Gall