August 13, 2013

Everyday Writing

There are only so many times
You can scream at walls
Knock on them with dreamy eyes
Before you figure out
They won't sing you songs
Nor would they walk along
Or hold you when you hurt your knee.
Walls are static things
You just saw them move
Like a mirage in a desert
Your longings breathing 
into them, the illusion of life

August 08, 2013

Photopoetry 3

She sat there in the corner, hugging her knees and rocking in fetal position. She wished it would rain. Pour out as if the clouds were crying and lamenting her loss.

She wished selfishly for it to storm on the city. For fogs to take siege, for roads to be flooded.

Out of nowhere, it began to pour.

Little did she know she could summon the rains at will!

Photopoetry 2

Fickle flitting clouds,

I had asked you to wail

and how you heard my plea

and huddled my rancid grief 

in a long drawn gray embrace

and poured forth as the rain!


It rained through the whole night while pain kept vigil. She tried to drown her sorrows in words. She wrote tirelessly to forget all the memories that were now oozing out of the puncture.

"Grief has sticky rubber hands to cling on to your skin. And every time there is a death, the itch begins."


The scent has spread in the wind

The trees in rustling whispers speak

And echoes come back with the tale

That the truth shall soon awake!

Photopoetry 1

Pillars punctuating paths

Flirting with light and dark

Like we do, with our eyes!

Everyday Writing: Chapter 22

There are remnant thoughts
Stale food stuck to last night’s dishes
It is time for spring-cleaning
Letting in some fresh air
Too many tears and wasted time
And the pillows have gone moldy
The sun is out today drying the grass
And the wind is calling out to me

August 06, 2013

Hello, you!

a distant star shivered
and a dream dropped by my bed

I smelt some jasmine flowers
and a fear, albeit some hope

you walked in then 

galaxies danced
and whizzing astroids made music
so loud that the universe exploded

but you and I-
we stood still.

frazzled nerves calm
your words silencing sounds

you smiled at me

truth stood tall
and scoffed at questions and answers
at petty games played by choices

are where we met last night
Hello, you!
© Dryad's Peak
Maira Gall