August 26, 2012


Slip in more such days like today, where I can laugh at simple mistakes, live in innocent happiness and soak myself in rain, music and the fragrant history of how a song was born.

*knocks on wood

Thank you, whatever that keeps everything going!

August 23, 2012

Cold Nights

In the middle of the rubble-
I wonder how I got here!
Amnesiac and unaware

Cold, lonely
and homeless too
as if
being cold and lonely
was not enough

a chimney belches out
a happy dinner
a home with tinkling glasses
and tinkling laughter
and anklets too

I remember
I used to be that woman

Alone, Beaten

I battled with patience
built townscapes out of matchsticks
shot down some stars for a neckpiece
only to face a wall of silence

Thick creepers
clutched down my throat
viscous words
defeated in the depths

And tears
never when needed
never when needed

In that silent continuum
as night folds people into sleep
with wraps of anger
or lack of love and feeling
dreaming their purple dreams

I sit
alone, again
vomitting words
streaming tears

August 20, 2012


And then I had an epiphany...
no many epiphanies!
And instead of clarity
It dragged home confusion

August 15, 2012


And it rains softly in the night
an echo to my whimper of tears
the low hum of its existence
a reminder of things that never left

© Dryad's Peak
Maira Gall