March 09, 2008


Considering the girl who tagged me is someone with whom I can associate myself sooo well(Nithya), this is gonna sound so much like what she wrote!

Ten Things You Wish You Could Say To People Right Now (names withheld) :

1) You don't know how much you mean to me! You're the one person who means the most to me in this world. I'd do anything for you.Yeah, it IS tough to believe when I don't even do the little things you ask me to! :P Sometimes I think, maybe I'm NOT the kind of person you wanted. Sometimes I could see pride in your eyes when you look at me. I wish I KNEW what you think of me. No matter who goes away from my life, I can manage. But without you, I'd be nothing! I've been cruel, horrible, lazy, mean, stubborn and more to you. But I still LOVE you! :)

2) I miss you so much. I cried the other day when you were so sweet when we chatted! :) I can't wait for you to come back and dry my hair and bug me and yell and scream at me when you are here! :D Love you!

3) You're the apple of my eye. I might not be too over-expressive with you alone! I don't know why but I DO take it for granted that you KNOW how important you are to me. I want you to have everything I never did. i want to gift the world to you. i wish I could be a better person so you can look up to me. I wish I were more sensible like you! You are like my kid. :P and yes, I WILL BOSS OVER YOU! :P

4) I wish I'd met you before, been a part of your life before so that there might have been a chance. Sometimes I wish... oh crap! I hate you for waking into my life so late! But I hope there is hope!

5) You are the meanest creature I know. I hate you for treating me the way you did and I wish I could hurt you back too! But I know I wouldn't.

6) I'm so glad I know you! :) You make me smile at life and trust that there still is some goodness left! - dedicated to a few ppl! :) not just one!

7) I believe in miracles now. I believe in fairy tale endings because of what happened to you! :) You have no clue how much I prayed and wished everything will be alright! I'm GLAD everything is so beautiful now! :) I'm gonna miss you terrible! i can't even imagine. Yes, I can't! and I KNOW I'll miss you more than you would! :( and I HATE you for going to stay away from me! I wish you had more time so we could spend it together. you're so busy. The time I used to get, someone else does!The someone deserves it totally! I can't even hate that someone! damn!!! Cos that someone's just-so-nice! :( no messages anymore. no late night talks. I miss it all! I don't say it cos I dont want to sound like a spoilt selfish brat! But it's true! I miss all the times we used to have. I want such times again!!!! :( Because, after a few months, life will become irrevocable!

8) I wish you never grew up, kiddo! You used to trust life so much! you used to laugh more. Now.. you've changed so much. of course, you can better face the world now. But well.. sometimes I wish you STILL did trust in birthdays and doing crazier things, being a little more open-armed! I wish you still were the girl you used to be! But I guess, it's all for the better. Love you, kiddo!

9) I hate change! And you knew that. I told you NOTHING will change. You got scared and you ran off. Never to return in the same way. You are so different now. so distant. It hurts that you did not value me enough and you just tossed everything off and went away. Was I just a timepass for you? I wish you'd stop imagining things and be normal now. I'm matured in my head now. It's high time you get some maturity up there too!

10) I wish i could tell you how fake, irresponsible, hollow and annoying you are! Go get a life! And make sure this time round you don't cheat and take people for granted! URGH! you disgust me!

Nine Things About Yourself
1) I crave for people at times and I crave solitude at times. People tend to think I am a social butterfly. I am not exactly one (Quoted exactly from Nithya's blog. It's absolutely applicable to me!)

2) I am constantly plagued by the fear of seclusion! I'm pretty insecure in that way!

3) I am greedy for new experiences, new friends, new books, new material possessions etc! :D

4) I am extreeeeeeeemely fussy about food! :P

5) I can be silent, too! :P

6) I think and analyse things too much. I tell myself I'll stop. But i never do.

7) I love being busy and filling every second of existence with activities. It makes me feel GOOOOD about life! :)

8) I love it when people reach out to me the way i do to them.

9) I expect too much. I'm consciously trying to curtail it.

Eight Ways To Win Your Heart

1) Have a great conversation with me! I'll be floored!

2) Do something JUST for me- cook, write a letter, think of me and message, call me saying 'i felt like talking to you', something, anything! :) the fact that i mean something to you makes my day! :)

3) Chocolates! :D ferrero rocher, dairy milk, crackle especially! :D

4) Ask me to entertain you when you are bored(straight out of Nithya's :P)

5) take me on a long walk or insist I spend time with you! :)

6) smile at me wholeheartedly! :)

7) Be candid to me. Be yourself. I loathe artificiality. (Nithya's again!:P)

8) Let's both do something crazy- write shitty poems, war dance in the terrace, invent a new language, etc! :P

Seven Things That Cross Your Mind A Lot

1) Why do i confuse myself so much?

2) Am i doing right?

3) Was I destined to do this ?

4) Why do I have trouble in accepting things ?

5) Why do I get emotionally attached ? Why do I entertain false hopes ?

6) Are people taking me for granted? Do they genuinely care for me? Am i being a little-too-nice to everyone?

7) Am I asking for too much out of life?

Six Things You Wish You Never Did

1) Some words, meant well, but that caused someone to forget the lovely friendship we had shared till then. I've tried a million times to patch it up. But somehow, thigs have changed and it still hurts that I lost one of the most true friends I had and treasured! I wish things would change back to normal... but i know it might not happen!

2) I trusted people. And they were untrustworthy!

3) I wish I had never stopped my swimming and keyboard classes! I wish I had learnt dance professionally

4)I wish I never grew up! :(

5) I wish people would understand that I don't OVER-REACT, but that's just MY WAY of reacting!

6) I wish I could rewrite a few chapters of my life... undo a lot of things, change a few and make myself more happy!

Five Turn-Off’s

1) Artificiality
2) Irresponsible people taking responsibilities
3) Unfairness
4) Inequality
5) Meanness

Four Turn-On’s

1) A nice start to the day... like a slight drizzle, some friend's message/call, chilly breeze, purple dawns, nice dreams, birthday mornings when amma wakes me up saying 'Happy birthday'! :) , Vishu mornings when I close my eye, stumble across and look at gold! :D

2) Simple and sweet and beautiful li'l nothings! :)

3) smiles :)

4) great conversations! :)

Three Things You Want To Do Before You Die

Too many things! :) globe-trot, publish a book, be called a good human being to name just three!

Two Smileys that Describe You



One Confession

I do feel lonely at times, and feel unimportant, useless and a huge failure in a few particular ways!

I tag- whoever wants to take it up! :P

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