February 27, 2008


Sometimes you KNOW you need to blog.. to write something and fill in those really low moments when you seem to be so unsure of everything you do/talk/think! Weirdly, from the morning, many little incidents have been piling up-insignificant in isolation- but together making me feel 'oh-god-WHAT-am-I-doing-in-life?'!!!

So many choices made that are making me confused.
So many choices ebing made that are making me unsure of the next step I take!
So many choices ahead!

Sometimes I wish I KNEW what i'm supposed to do! People accuse you so often-so easily! Some in jest, some so seriously and some-just 'cos they did not have anything better to talk about! And sometimes, although it's not supposed to hurt you NO-MATTER-WHAT, it DOES hurt and your stupid shrinking mind thinks of it all day and ruins your mindframe at the end of the day.

I BADLY feel like taking a few days off from everything and EVERYONE and travel! I can't wait for my next course to begin in 1.5 yrs...

I'm not depressed! I am just feeling that sinking, totally empty, kinda dull aching feeling inside. No one can help. I need to help myself. And when this paralytic benumbing phase seizes you, it's kind of difficult to gather yourself and start your normal work!

Sometimes I wish i knew what life was all about...

February 20, 2008

My dear dear D-O,

It is extremely unfair if I begin this letter with a 'hope this finds you in the best of spirits'! I have shamelessly and unceremoniously ditched you all along. A pathetic excuse of 'not feeling like blogging' shall never quite compensate for this prolonged silence.

So I seek no apology nor do I write any more reasons!

Before you freak out thinking I have once and forever decided to dump you, here's the truth- NO bloggie! NEVER shall that be even a possibility!

I am back! And I've decided to blog more frequently. Of course, you KNOW how I feel about filler posts and stuff. I shall not resort to them at the maximum. But in case, in case, I feel like making some meaningless noise, I shall put in some filler posts like that pathetic 'Orkut fotune cookie' post that I had put up previous to this.

I have not been in any 'non-writing' mode. In fact, I've started a new blog! Now now.. don't you be threatened. You share space with these 5 sister bloggie friends and you may well be assured that you still are the first, my very best and most priceless bloggie of them all. Now, Stop grinning! :P

Going back to that 'new blog', it's actually a joint venture by 3 of us. Oh...the usual suspects- Arvind and Anoodha. It is a movie blog. Yes, ONE MORE of them that floats in blogsville. The only difference being- nothing at all! :D The three of us update it at our convenience. We don't write amazing reviews nor do we write
anything of great quality. But it is OURS, we're constantly learning and improving(I hope!).

So in case you want to go sneak-a-peek at your new bloggie buddy, here you go, D-O....
and the Blog's called 'Montages..'

Did you know I'm going to seriously take up writing and journalism as a career? Seems strange, eh, after 5 whole years of architecture?! Well, the FIVE years itself aren't over yet! In one way, it seems to have stretched a hell of a lotlonger than for the rest and in another way it seems to have just flown past. Just an year and 2 months left now in architecture.

And then... I shall flutter my wings in the new horizon. I trust in God to keep the wind steady and the flight-not too difficult! And most of all- I trust in myself to be able to continue my passion in a more serious manner!

Somebody had told me,randomly in some conversation, D-O, that sportsmen are really lucky to be taking up seriously what others look at as a hobby! That's so true. 
I never quite have forgotten those 
words although it skips me as to WHO told me that! Apart from the immense influential changes that have washed over me, I've also realised that, at the bottom of my heart, I remain and always shall remain- a writer. I cannot be separated from words. Whether it's good writing or bad is for others to decide. But writing cures me of EVERYTHING! :)

I'm glad at this delayed clarity of thought. Although many feel I've 'WASTED' 5 years, there have been nothing more fruitful than these! :)

Well, I've bored you enough. I promise to come back later and refresh you with something better and more sensible.

Till then,
Cheers from
The Dreamy Dryad :)

© Dryad's Peak
Maira Gall