February 27, 2007

My mantra...

"Put yourself on such a high pedestal that the world can't reach up to you to hurt you"

~ The Dreamy Dryad

Yihahahaaaaa!!! I'm back to being sane!!!(or I think so! Atleast temporarily, I'm sane and that's SAYING something! :P)

I've adopted my own freak line(in the midst of my 24 X 7 banter, I came up with this gem!!!) as my mantra in life!!!

So me's gonna rock!!! :D :D :D

February 20, 2007


I'm on the brinks of insanity! The lull's now turned to full-fledged flow of flooding proportions and it's SCARY!!!

Hope my boat remains rock-steady all through!

Just need your prayers for continued strength, determination and unwavering perseverance in my course of action!

Sigh... I've changed SO much! Things have changed! People have changed! My preferences havechanged!!! My future seems so puzzling! I hate studying and working. I just want to travel..... All over the world!

Oh...wanderlust mind, come back! Ground reality beckons! Let me row row row my boat!


February 17, 2007


"Similarities between this and that, between apparently uunconnected things, make us clap our hands delightedly when we find them out. It is a sort of national longing for form- or perhaps simply an expression of one deep belief that forms lie hidden within reality; that meaning reveals itself only in flashes. Hence our vulnerability to omens... "

~ Salman Rushdie
"Midnight's Children" pg.300

February 08, 2007


You can JUST not take a lull!!! It's the worst-case-scenario-when nothing seems to happen...moments stagnate and congeal slowly as they clutter up in space.. URGHHHHHHH!!!

I'm not asking for action... but save me from inaction!!!

Life SO tests your character- patience, perseverance, bravery, courage, acceptance, nobility, strength and forbearance... It is a painful struggle that benumbs you and makes you want to just take up something easier and run off from trouble. But it JUST cannot be that way! The lower you want to sink, the lower you go in your own eyes! So you end up aiming maybe an equivalent thing. And again... you need to work... do everything over once more. It requires enormous self confidence to accept that you've failed. To accept that

you are not as great and infallible as you think
there are other perspectives than your own
life may not give you everything you ask,dream,desire
there may be other roads open
while roads you want shut close
there are oceans ahead
and you stand alone- no ship, no sails
you need to build your own boat
you got no time
you are alone
there is help at hand
yet you are alone
the sea rages ahead
and time slyly smiles
a li'l trick of the mighty one above
a trick to test your skill
how far would you go
how deep do you want
how much would you sacrifice
for one persistent dream?
for one moment of ecstacty?
how much would you trade for
the one epoch you dreamed about?

P.S.: I'm NOT vetti! I'm BLOODY busy all day ! This lull is of the mind and soul! Sigh!

February 06, 2007


Have you ever wondered why we dream?

Not all dreams come true! Especially the ones that your heart deeply desires!!! Someway or the other, life snuffs them... and deals the death knell to it! And then...

the very dream that you created
wisp after wisp,
vision after vision
to a million pieces...
The once sweet...
lies in smithereens
Past's sole glory
present's bitter pain
reminding you time and again
of a cold icy failure

Well... this exactly is how EVERY deep desire of my heart has been killed! And yet... picking up those fragments...still with a glimmer so alluring, mesmerising and beautiful...I continue to be The Dreamy Dryad...knowing that one or the other dream I dream next is going to walk the plank...find itself still-born!

Oh...Life's sooooooo unfair sometimes! No.. most of the times! And yet... the 'chronic optimist' in me keeps reviving me and makes me feel upbeat about life again with another new dream!

How long will this hopeless optimism work?
How long can I go without an ego-boost?
How long should I wait patiently?

What is so fundamentally wrong in me?
Maybe nothing is wrong and maybe there's something!

No matter what the truth is... I need to move on in life... with a pile of disappointments beside- a tad bigger than the victories! And I need to keep smiling and yes... dreaming!!!

All said and done- I just can't see myself alive without these dreams of mine!!! :)

God bless the world and yeah... bless me sometimes too! :)
© Dryad's Peak
Maira Gall