August 30, 2006


There’s some sudden sort of sullenness that’s crept into me. I find a few cherished friends moving away from me all of a sudden! It doesn’t feel right… is it my fault or theirs? Questions plague my mind and take it to heights of insanity!

I can’t fathom what’s happening around. I feel detached from most of the world. I am scared. I’m working myself to death to keep away paranoia! And I’m clinging on to my precious few with a ferocity that scares me!

I am so dependent!!!

Depressions go away…. I want those blithe cheerful days again. Let me be reborn so I can start everything all over again!!!


August 25, 2006


He he he...

I'm sitting in college with lots of work at hand but refusing to do them! Uncaring, I'm scrapping people on Orkut and cleaning my inbox and posting this....

It REALLy does feel nice when you flaunt the rules and just do as your hart wishes you to do!


August 18, 2006

This is to declare that i'm now one of the proud contributors to website-a really cool and comprehensive website that talks everything about good ol' Chennai! :)

Go check it out!!! :)


BlogCamp is coming its way to Chennai on 10,11 September 2006 at Tidel Park! Visit for further details! Seems like one really interesting, geeky, cool time up next month! :) I'm pretty excited about it!!! :)

August 06, 2006


For all those who care for The Dreamy Dryad who cares back....
Here's wishing you a

Happy Friendship Day!!!

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