June 28, 2005


A refreshing movie… comes in like a breeze, reminds you of many a movie…and yet leaves you wholly entertained, happy and smiling. Well, that’s what a movie is supposed to do and well, Ullam Kettkume (originally PEPSI) from the minds of Jeeva, definitely is one rocking youthful entertainer.

Priya (Laila)
Emaan (Arya)
Pooja (Asin-actual debut)
Irene(Pooja- actual debut)

PEPSI! Dunno why they left poor Paarthu! Together they are this close-knit bunch of collegers, who well, supposedly study in a college with swanky exteriors and up-scale interiors… From mallipoos to modern- you find all kinds of students here and they all quite gel well.

Priya- her only ambition is to keep Shaam happy. She does everything to please him,from going to the ‘kallu kadai’( rural wine shop) to waiting late in the night in the cold to ask sorry. She pines for him. But he- well the usual- “She’s only my best friend ya” types!
Shaam inturn is head-over-heels with middle-class Brahmin girl- Pooja. Steeped in culture, Practical and simple- that’s Pooja and Shaam falls for her, only to realise that Pooja keeps family in a higher pedestal than love.

The other parallel love story is that of Emman and Irene. Man, their chemistry is tooo good. If eyes could talk, theirs definitely do! A wonderful portrayal by the two.

Shaam simply stumped me by his charms and his underplay- especially in the last scene. Man, he’s too good(every which way. ;) Drool! Drool!!!)

Laila is cute, bubbly, enthu and crazy. She’ssimply brilliant in this movie. And well, her characterin this movie, according to a couple of my friends is supposed to have shades of me… Ahem Ahem!!! Is it any indication of my stupidity or praise of my loyalty, I dunno!
; )

Asin is good and Parthu is fantastic.

The movie is a must watch for its brilliant essay( though with lots of influence from Kuch Kuch Hota Hain and other college flicks!), excellent depth in characterization, good music, choreography(especially Mazhai mazhai…) and for Shaam and MOST importantly Laila…

A refreshing movie that makes you go- “Ullam Kettkume- More!”

June 24, 2005


As I laze around an afternoon, I suddenly see a parchment fluttering within a book. With high hopes of it being an ‘owl-post’ from our very Hogwarts and dreams of being a witch, I hastily explored its contents only to find…

Weird letters filling weirder boxes, innumerable numbers decorating the sides on a faded parchment. Faint ink filling the rest of the pages with a language as twisted as the one spoken by the cast of Junoon.

Little known words like Gothram, Brihacharanam, Bagam, etc pop up now and then……


HORRORSCOPE, I discover! No…no, that wasn’t a spelling mistake! What else will you call it if all it does is seal your fate, curb your ambitions and puts a fullstop to all that is desired?

Well, well, now that they are looking out for a ‘suitable groom’ (I hate this word… I hate it!!!)for my cousin, all sorts of questions run through my mind…

I agree that to a certain extent horoscopes do havesome scientific validity. But beyond that, its all rubbish,I say! Horoscopes are devised based on the time of birth. Based on planetary positions, they devise your chart. And I hate this match-making process based on this. Just because you were born at 11:59, your life with this person would be a joy filled one and had you been born at 12:00, woe be upon you!!!

What crap, I say!

Now leave alone horoscopes, come to the demands that these groom’s family makes. While scanning a newspaper under the ‘Brides Wanted’ column, my periamma saw this ad:
“Wanted: Fair, Beautiful, Tall, Domestically trained(Cooking, must), Well educated, Well trained in Music, Dance, Drama, Should get along well with family, Working bride for…..”

As my cousin remarked, “Even Brahma wouldn’t know such perfection!”
What the hell do they think? Are women some commodities? And the questions these people ask when they call up is so nigh irritating!!!
“ Ponnodu passport size photo-onnu, stamp size photo-rendu, aprom one more copy of jaadagam!” they demand.
(Send one passport size photograph and two stamp size photographsalong withone more copy of the horoscope!)

This, they ask, when they don’t send the boy’s photo or horoscope.

With all this to face already, the horoscope poses more problems. The Gothram or the sect tops my list of ‘MOST IDIOTIC THINGS IN THE WORLD’.
When a woman gets married, her gothram changes from her father’s to her husband’s, which is crap no 1.
Crap no 2: when a girl gets married, she shouldn’t marry a boy of the same gothram as they are considered brother-sister. As Vani and I discovered, if the girl gets married into the Gothram which once was her mother’s, won’t she be a sister/ cousin of that boy? Ah… there you got it.

Once, I was entrusted the task of marking out suitable matches for my cousin from this horoscope chart. Initially all I did was look at the qualification and saw a crore and one Software professionals that made my stomach somersault. ARE THERE NO OTHER PROFESSIONS???
Then forgetting this, I moved on to delect the suitable matches. Then ‘asareri’(some divine voice) maathri, I heard “Sandhya, look at the names of the boys too… What if one happened to be a Sansiyan or a Sanklipan(these names, being my little sister’s characters in her story and being names I love much more than Abithakujalambal and BalathirupuraSundari.But having forgotten to include them in my tag, I’m adding them here… Ok…Track Change…). Yeah, so what if the guys had weirdo names? It wouldn’t go well with my cousin’s… So I began to scan the name column…
Imagine my horror when I found my periappa pointing to one of the boys I had marked saying this seems to match and to my utter disbelief, the name alongside was ‘Koundinya’! I yelled, at the top of my voice with an exaggeratedly dramatic movement with my hands-“NO!!! I will not have akka married off to a guy with an awful name like Koundinya!”
“Idiot! That’s not his name. That’s the Gothram,”my mother said and all of them laughed, while I sat their like a silly goose!

Koundinya, Shoundilya, Bharadwaj, Kousika, Kapi, Shadamarshana, Kaashyapa Gothrams with mine being Sankrithi gothram, are few of the gothrams I found out from my thatha.( A request, I’m making a ‘Gothram Database’ to record the most different names in the planet. Please contribute to in by commenting and addingthe names you know. If you don’t, do ask and add. It is very interesting and funny)

But when I did find out that these Gothrams were sort of the priciples followed by Munis and rishis of that name, I quite liked the concept. But why bring in all these in a marriage, I still find no reason.
Idhukku mela, there is the sub sect… what it is, I don’t know and didn’t bother to enquire…. But the other day when Vani’s mother enquired me about it for giving some horoscopes for my cousin, I was stumped. “Eh, aunty… I don’t know. You give me some examples, I’ll pick from them…” I blabbered like an idiot. But try as she might, I really couldn’t find out what it was. Coming home I discovered it was Brihacharanam.
Sect tho, I knew because, I’ve heard the priests in the temples go “:Sankrithi Gothra na na na naaaa…” and so on…

Well its sooooo confusing an very stupid. In an age where inter-caste, inter-race marriages are a common occurrence, I think marriages stopped because of a clash in gothrams and sub-sects are highly stupid. I do believe that marrying out of caste, may lead to some adjustment problems, but within the caste, bringing in these obsolete things is really dumb.

I might have hurt religious sentiment through this. But it was unintentional. I’m proud of my religion and for being what I am. But if there is something within it, that I oppose, I WILL say so!

And hey, don’t forget to add on to my ‘Gothram Database’!!! : )

June 19, 2005


P.S: Don't ask me why for the last one!!!
Others- Icecream, Confidence, Rainbow...

Er... nothing spl
The Dreamy Dryad
My mouth
my teeth
my forehead
Well, my retinal hole
my 'instrumentation' skills
my brains( ahem...ahem... drishti sutthi poda solnum!)

losing friends
my obsession with things
my specks/lenses
my tongue to wag incessantly
cell phone
a grumpy expression
Unconditional unending love
TWO TRUTHS AND A LIE (in no particular order)
I smoke
I don't lend books
I hate curd
Sweet smile
truthful eyes that look straight into mine
well pleasant looks!
switch off cell
Veetla perukaradhu(nalla pannuven, theriyuma?)
well-that made it 4! Never mind! Add Venice!
Sathatpatha Brahmana
I like loooong names, u see!
A moonlit night alone in de beach
Bungee jump
Publish many books

BOOK TAG>>>>>>>>
Total number of books I own:
Total number of books that were given out and never came back:
one- Enid Blyton's 'Circus'
Total number of books flicked from others:
One- The Moonstone- from my mama's Library! shhhh!!!
Last book I bought
The Lord of the rings(Rs.75 ha ha!) and Tom Brown's School Days!

Last book I was gifted:
Da Vinci Code- my cousin
Last book I read:
I am currently reading:
Further Chronicles of Avonlea
The Alchemist
The Partner

Five books that mean a lot to me:
L.M.Montgomery books
Harry Potter books
The Little Princess
My Enid Blyton Collection
All the rest of my books! He he...


Well, SK you are again gonna ask me what’s with everyone and food! I guess all we do during holidays is eat. At least, true for me!
Well, so here goes…

As this girl here has her hols, she’s been majorly watching movies! And guess what she found? Movies and food are inseparable!

It started with Hum Aapke Hain Koun, I guess, this obsession with food! One whole para in ‘Dulhe Ki Saaliyon’ was dedicated to food…

Aji Rasmalai- Aapke liye
Itni Mitayee- Aapke Liye
Pehle Joothe-Khayenge Kya
Aapki Marzi- Naa ji Tauba!

Then DDLJ saw Satish Shah’s parivar eating 24X7. Duplicate had this famous dialogue- ‘Karela Bhi Tha’ and well one full song- ‘Wah ji Wah’ was dedicated for food. I find that song very cute..

Okie! If you thought that was the end, then in recent times, Mujhse Dosti Karoge had ‘Gobi ke Parathe’, Dhoom had ‘Gaajar ka Halwa’ and Veer Zaara had ‘Besan ki Laddu’ and speaking about Laddu, how can I forget K3G? Hrithik himself was nick named Laddu!!!

Phir Bhi Dil hain Hindustani saw ‘Kela/Banana’ playing a cameo. Kal Ho naa ho had Jaya ‘Jenny’ Bachchan running ‘Café New York’( later changed to New Delhi). And well all swanky pardesi food names keep popping up- one cappuccino, one double espresso, two cream bagels(low fat!) etc!

Hum Dil de Chuke Sanam too was very ‘foodie’. Remember that scene with Salman Khan? He he!!!

If you still think, that’s not enough, then come to the Tamil movies-
Kalyana Samayal Saadham-ah popular beyond words! Then, there is ‘enna samayal’ from Unnaal Mudiyum Thambi. Not to forget one whole character in Michael Madhana Kama Rajan being a cook.
Nala Damayanthi had a lot of food talk. In Anbae Sivam, the ‘pipe bomb’ Cucumber helps Ars and Sivam meet. And that unforgettable ‘food art’ which makes Bala fall for Nalla, then the selling of the shoe to fill veggie Maddy’s hunger with Chicken limbs!

Now that I think of Maddy, Minnale and RHTDM feature him feasting on some Non veg food. Oh Maddy- why??? ( Asides- hey did ya know Maddy blogs?Anyone who knows his URL, pl pl tellme! : ) )

Food has had an association with every other movie you see, in one way or other? Does it go to show, how obsessed we are about food?
What’s with food and movies, I still am unable to figure out!

June 15, 2005


To my dear Pompo and ‘girl-with-the-pretty-teeth’, all the best for your exams.There is nothing you both can’t do! You guys, trust me, you have it in you! I’ll pray for you. You’ve dreamt for long… and now God will make them bloom true. Just hope and pray and work hard. Be positive. Be confident. Know your abilities and trust yourself. We’re all with you. Do well dears. We’ll miss you. But if you’ll be happy, we’re too…

Best of Luck!
Joy and victory awaits you…

Happy Hols Girl!

In this wonderful world,in these glad times,there lives a girl who simply loves being alive… doing things she most cherishes, meeting people whomshe so loves, finding stuff she most desires… Her life was busy and hectic… very hectic, I must say. She loved her life and her work. But yet, sometimes, she did, like all other normal people, want some free time, to not do anything, to laze around, to read, to write and most importantly to dream. But she couldn’t do all these to her satisfaction on normal days. Time had wings and was always flying. ‘Aye gal, Not a second more shall I give you to stop and stare,’ Father Time with his beard and scythe used to tell her. And suddenly, for all the uncribbing work she had done over the year; for all the occasions she had simply smiled at Father time, and uncomplainingly moved on, Father Time granted her two whole weeks of holiday! And the girl clung to her holidays like moss to the well and ah, what joys and pleasures she filled in them. And as it always happens in all fairy tales, this dear li’l girl, lived happily ever after.

And as it always is the rule, fairy tales ought to be told to all, and hence I narrated my own little fairy tale, for lack of other narrators! :D

It’s nice having a holiday. Filling every moment with activities that massage my soul so well… so well… that it feels all rejuvenated, fresh and anew! I’ve had a whale of a time these 5 days, I declare. Oh actually, 7 days! Beforemy design exam, which fell on 10 and which required no preparation, I went off for a marriage( on 9) . There, oh my god, I had SUCH a time! Yummy food, old relatives met after ages, new friends made and ah… DANCE! I just Love to dance and that is what I did, when presented the opppotunity. Danced like mad… danced like crazy… but yeah, danced well- as all present complimented.
Its sooooo nice to get compliments. I so love them, as you all do! It feels nice and special!

And then, for the marriage, my grand parents had come from Coimbatore,now that they’ve left Cumbum for good(sigh!) and its so nice to have them here…

Design exam- went super! We had a choice between designing a snack bar and a living quarters for a PHd student. I picked the latter and did a satisfactory work!

Had a grand reunion of my XII class at Pizza Hut. My first visitto a pizza house and a good experience. Had Garlic bread( ah… yumm!), Tandoori pizza and Veggie Supreme( Both excellent!). The Non Veggie’s in my class had some other mutton/ chicken stuff with pineapple. Er… no comments on that! But more than food, it was meeting ten of my old friends, that made my day. Some, I’m seeing after more than a year. And it fel like the good old times to be gup-shupping again! Ah… school life was so nice- only due to friends!!! LOVEYOU ALL!!!

A visit on Sunday to Besant Nagar Ashtalakshmi Koil made me very very calmand happy. The koil is very very well planned. It’s been executed in the form of different levels for different shrines. It was so nice, climbing up and down to see the various idols. It felt good, I say!

Then a brief 10minute stop at the bezant Nagar beach- near shrouded in darkness, with the sickle moon shining above, silently whispering into my ear,” Child, don’t fear your ol’ friend- the sea. She’s always calmed you. No more dread. Forget everything that’s happened. Venture into her.” Yes, I washed off my fears about the sea that day. I wanted to. And I did. And it makes me feel brave to have gotten over a fear since December 26!

Then a trip to Aaru Padai Veedu on Coastal Road, Besant Nagar. The way to the koil was simply beautiful. My sister and I, couldn’t stop ‘ooh’ing and ‘aah’ing at the wonderful houses there. The shrines enclosed were also very aesthetically done and each ‘sannidhi’ had a different column type- entablature, capital, shaft, abacus, base et al! Indian Architecture is Splendid, I always have loved reading about it.( For others like me, pl read Percy Brown’s Indian Architecture- Buddhist and Hindu periods. My god, he’s amazing!)

On coming out, we saw this man and his wife selling ‘manga-pattani-thenga’ sundal. I so wanted it, that my mom got it. It turned out to be tastier than the pizza that I ate in the morning. All said and done, Indian food is the best. Nothing else fills my appetite so well!

Then movies- Anbe Sivam, Chandramukhi and Main Hoon naa again… had a great time watching them. Anbe Sivam- as it always is- was a ‘filling’ experience. Being my most favourite movie, I just couldn’t resist watching it again. Its a classic! It makes me cry, every single time. And this time, strangely, I cried the most-only next to the amount I did the first once! I don’t know why. I guess, the more I’m learning about this world, the more I feel, this movie is to be watched by the worldmen! Chandramukhi- ah… a brilliant movie.Wholesome entertainer. Drool over Vineeth and his dance. And also drool over the first macho man I ever fell for- Oomaiyyan! Okie- I forgot I do like Hrithik,but not for his muscles!
Main Hoon naa- I din like it when I saw it first cos I expected way too much depth from the movie. This time, I knew what it was about, and hence I enjoyed and liked it. Hilarious and full of exaggeration- It has lovely songs!
Mujhse Dosti Karoge- just finished watching it! Great movie. I loved the theme and I LOVE Rani ever since Black and Veer Zaara! Very entertaining and not very predictable.

Books- aha starting to feast on them! Finished two books in one-and-a-half days! Okie- both Children’s classics only. But I LOVED them- Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm and Polyanna. No other book than children’s classic EVER kindles the same happiness in me! They can’t, cos they are more honest, beautiful and true- something you never can find in the so-called ‘adult masterpiece fiction’. I liked Da Vince Code, Tell me your Dreams and stuff. But there was always a disturbing thought in them. Da vinci had murder, betrayal, etc. TMYD had Child molestation. But these lovely lovely children’s books have none of them. They are pure,like the rainbow from a prism. And I love to see them play across my life!
Music- Well, not listened too much except for a while with my BEST friend. The song I’m fida over,now is ‘Woh Lamhe’ from Zeher. Man, it ROCKS!!!

Writing… mmm… should complete my unfinished stories and start the muhurat for the ideas that have been there in my head for quite sometime!

Ah… blogging- stillcan’t do it everyday. Amma’s curfew, ever since the telephone bill came! *wicked grin*
But I tell you,it feels just great to bne blogging, even if not many people visit me! I just have this medium to express myself. What more could an aspiring journalist want???

A week and a half left. College reopens on 27 June. Sad, right?
Well, till then, Happy hols girl!!!

June 12, 2005


My freind 'Jassi' has begun to blog. She won't reveal her identity, it seems and I too shouldn't!
Well, catch my pal at:

June 11, 2005

food for thought

“ Kalyana Samayal Saadham
kaigarigalum Pramaadham!
Indha Gourava Prasadham
Idhuve enakku podhum
Ha ha ha ha ha ha haa…”

It is simply great to eat! Yes… that too in a marriage! Such varieties that you get! Man… someone was totally right when they said the best way to reach a man’s… or rather, a woman’s heart is through the stomach.

I love to eat tasty food.Well, who doesn’t? And though the world’s best food is still cooked in my grand mother’s pots and pans, I do love kalyana saapadu.

It’s a pleasure to even look at the menu- paal payasam, paruppu chaadam, urlakazhangu, koottu, applam, pappadam, chips, yummy rasam and sambhar, vadai, fruit pachchadi, beans poriyal and jangree!

Iespecially like to mix the rasam and sambhar in a unique proportion to obtain that delicious concoction, which can never be prepared at home; even if the same measurements are used. One-as it can be prepared only from the kalyana rasa-sambhar. Two- my mom wont hear of it!!!

Evenings- sample the north Indian specialities- biriyani, poori,roti, channa, rasmalai,rasagulla, badam kheer, gulab jamun, bisibelabath( ok not N.I special!), Cauliflower Manchurian, etc! And digest it with a paan.
Er: I don’t eat the paan. I shamelessly eat the inner stuffing and throw off the vethalai!

Yumm… I could go on and on… And tho I just had my milk, strangely, my stomach seems to grumble! This is what I call ‘food for thought’- the more you talk about it, the more you need food, for thought! :D

June 08, 2005

Wat the Heck???

Yeah, Wat the heck? Why cancel TNPCEE and ATA? Fine, its too much strain reading for so many zillion exams, blah blah blah blah! But hey, it still did test some analytical and reasoning skills! And it was only fair that there was a common exam to test the skills of students from the different boards!
Now what crap are these people thinking? Man, I can’t even imagine the plight of poor students of the CBSE,ISC and other boards. Up till last year, the state board syllabus was relatively easier. Now, that’s been made on par with the other boards! I am not judging, whether it is better this way or not; but now that from next year the entrance exam is going to be based on the new syllabus= CBSE portions, what’s their bloody problem, man?
Shit man, I’m so wild about this! Think of this- almost every other person scores centums in the four main subjects. So
1- How are they going to prepare the rank list? Based on alphabetical order? CRAP I say! So an Aaarabhi gets a seat in CEG while a Zaheer gets it in some lousy college? Just because one parent named his kid with an A for its first letter? THIS IS TERRIBLE!!! Pl…
2- What happens to improvement candidates? Will their last year marks be considered?
3- What about the talented students, who are artistically brilliant, but academically not so; who solely depended on their ATA( Aptitude test in Architecture) to boost their ranks and get a seat in Architecture?
4- What about those who’ve pursued under different boards and who, try as they might, somehow fail to clinch that elusive centum? People whose marks are around 91% and all which still is damn good in their boards but is not gonna fetch them a seat this time?
5- What if I just finished my boards with my meager 453 on 500? I would not be pursuing my passion? All my dreams of doing architecture... all the million castles I had built over the years… All shattered due to this lousy examination system! Oh God… I am so so blessed that it was ‘last year this period in my life’ and not ‘this year, this period in my life’!

Don’t I make at least remote sense? God… pl save all these students! Wat say you?

June 06, 2005


You slowly walk… dodging the milling crowd… casually pausing to look at the stuff displayed in the windows… Pretty! Very beautifully embroidered! Nice colour! Rich! Oops…bloody expensive!- you rate them one by one.
And suddenly your eye falls on one particular dress material and you just can’t take your eyes off it… or er… maybe you have already shifted gaze, but the object you just saw refuses to dissolve from your retinal screen ( Got It! Now this is approximately what my teacher tried explaining by Simultaneous contrast! Cha Cha… exam bodhu therilaye….!!!)
It stays there for a while… JATAAKS!!! Your mind scrrrrrreams!
Definition: That indefinable unbelievable colour that makes you feel like yelling at the top of your voice yet leaves you dumb-struck and eye-numb! Actually it cannot be explained… it is an experience in itself!
Where can you spot it? On display at every ‘three and a half’th shop on any shopper’s paradise.( Note: Three and a half the because the other half is a PCO booth erected for cell-less souls like me!)
Wondering how exactly you can identify it? No problem, man! You don’t need to! It identifies itself- By standing OUT- in every which way possible!

Seeing Jataaks catalyses a specific neurologically psychologically disturbing phenomenon or disease called ‘Jataaksitis’. Specific symptoms have been well researched by the author and have been listed below for the benefit of the ignorant and concerned reader quoting personal experiences and also over-heard and eaves-dropped ones…
“ Jataksitis is not a permanent phenomena. In this way, the patient is not really in any serious condition. But it results in momentary loss of the sensory cognition and even few seconds lost during work may resulting great loss of output and hence National Income. If the patient is struck by the ‘disease’ during walking/commuting, which often is the case, then this results in accidents. Actually a recent survey indicates that this is the major cause of accidents in recent times. Hence it is better to follow the adage- ‘Prevention is better than cure’. So once you get the symptoms, relax awhile and then consult a jataksologist to get you back to normalcy. Several symptoms include-clogging of your mental process, mind refusing to shift focus… transforming you, for nano- seconds into a brainless git, unable to do anything than blink and rub your eyes vigorously, dizziness, haunting of that colour in your visual nerves; and in severe cases- nausea, fever and fits!!!” an eminent jatakslogist clarifies.
In the author’s personal experience, recovery may takes several minutes or hours, and sometimes even days! Normally, self-curable by relaxing and concentrating on pleasanter thoughts by closing the eye( in case the jataks object still is in focus),in case of such extremeties,consulting a jataksologist is greatly recommended. Medication include psychological treatment to forget the colour, hypnosis to forget the trauma experienced, counseling( not the engineering one, Puhleez!) and physiotherapy( in case your body muscles stiffened up (Seeing Jataks stuff= Petrificus Totalus for a few cases!).
Although lots of cases have been reported near the shopping areas only, many are occassionally spotted near cinema halls, beaches, panjumuttai kadais, ribbon stalls, etc, where lots of people and jataks colours( obviously, duh!) congregate!
People are asked to be careful about this disease ,as, coupled with the sweltering heat, it is supposed to cause nightmares, mirages and even retard your sensory capacities( as it seems to have, for the author!). Sunglasses are found to reduce the degree of attack but ultimately, mental control to refuse to see the colour seems to be most effective! Cases seem to be on the rise in recent times.
For further information on the disease please mail: the_help_forum@jataksitis.com
For FAQ’s: faq@jataksitis.com
For assistance and contact details: queries@jataksitis.com

June 04, 2005


Sometimes all the joy in the world falls at your feet. And you feel like you could kiss the world… And all that you see around you seem blooming, radiant and beautiful…
Er… if you think I’m all cranked due to my ensuing exams, no dear! Not at all! Strangely all the exams that got over were not too bad!
This happiness has its bud in the fact that, things have been going my way and how! Wonders seem to be happening… Miracles seem to be brewing…
Well, today’s paper is the crowning glory. This might seem like blowing my own trumpet, but what the heck, how many have such happiness? Just 4 of us- Vinod G, Harish V and Praveen…
Ah well, check out
  • Peek into the blogger's mind
  • by none other than Sudhish Kamath in The Hindu dated 4 June 2005 and you’ll know…
    To be written by my most favourite journalist…ah well, I feel so blessed. Come on, not many could have this joy and privilege… Thanks so much Suderman! You made my day!!! Long live you…May all your dreams come true and may everyone spray happiness across your life like you did on mine… Danku!!!
    A poem by some anonymous poet plays in my mind today…

    To The Fringed Gentian

    Then whisper, blossom, in thy sleep
    How I may upward climb
    The Alpine path, so hard, so steep,
    That leads to heights sublime;
    How I may reach that far-off goal
    Of true and honoured fame,
    And write upon its shining scroll
    A woman's humble name.

    June 02, 2005


    Check out the photos of the Blogger's meet



    The other day, I went for a walk in the terrace and lost my old self there…
    I had gone to lock the terrace, not planning to stay there for more than twenty seconds. But as I was about to shut the door close, a gust of wind blew and pushed me out into the open, as if, asking me to stay. I did…
    I took a walk… No one around… all the skies, the stars and the heavens beyond were all in one staggering silence, waiting for me to utter my first word…
    “Hi” I silently murmured, long since forgotten the art of talking to ‘em people above; having been long since I had had a ‘silent tryst’ with them…
    “Hi” they sweetly echoed in unison.
    We began… after ages, our beautiful talk… one where we opened our souls to each other and applied the sweet balm of love. There was a fragrance that enriched our every word. A long lost friend found back… A simple pleasure of talking freely and happily, without any inhibition, any second thoughts about what the world would think. A deep trust… knowing that it won’t be betrayed…
    I was so heart glad about being alive…to feel the breeze playing with my hair, to see the million stars winking at me from the ether world above.
    I am a fragment of the divine- an infinitesimal fragment… but oh what joy to be part of it! A tranquility of being able to feel the joy of living! What are we here for? To be cheerful, happy and spread the word that being happy is simple and easy! This mask we wear in the form of this body- is just a medium to commune with other such souls, in search of happiness. Drink in the spirit of pure ecstasy… the eternal cup is all around… just that the smoke of all the bad in this world, clouds our eye! Be happy, dear soul… and make joy contagious!
    I felt so whole…as I’ve never felt before. Such an unknown, unbounded joy it was to just be alone, silent and talking to the wedges of the Lord’s creation twinkling in the sky. But oh… was I silent? Are we really silent when we are quiet? Silence is such a mirage- aren’t a million thoughts running through our mind? Aren’t we conversing brilliantly to ourselves? Then how is it SILENCE?
    And have you ever wondered how wherever we go, whoever be/ be not with us, the sky, stars, sun and moon are always there? Silently telling us… we are always there for you. Don’t muddle yourself up… don’t worry. Life’s a joy… A brilliant note of music. Just open your mouth and sing… mellifluous music will flow…
    Be happy people… ‘Cause it is so much more easier…
    Ah… I LOVE LIFE…
    All the world’s at my feet and all the joy is mine!!! :D

    Sitting in idleness
    Sometimes, I feel
    This life- in retrospection-
    A mixed bag has been.

    Eighteen years-
    Not long, nay!
    Too short a span,
    To judge, maybe.

    Nevertheless, as I look back
    A few moments, good and bad
    Come alive, for seconds few,
    Rewind and play again, I do!

    Funny- this way I live again,
    The dread, the glory; the joy, the pain.
    I feel the myriad feels, I felt ago,
    As if they happened now, just so!

    Flash back seems so nice a way,
    To go back to the past, from today.
    Then stop, forward, on I go,
    Dream away on future in tow.

    This life- a journey of joy and pain,
    A lesson- once taught, never again.
    This birth- a disguise in offer,
    To learn about life, before the coffer*.
    This body- a form giving refuge
    To the spirit from a grieving deluge.
    This soul- a mysterious entrapment,
    A perennial question, a divine fragment.
    This mind- an unfathomable expanse,
    A practical figment, an intellectual dance.

    This life- a miracle, a journey onwards,
    A lesson once taught, a victory cornered.

    Eighteen summers gone, eighteen autumns seen,
    Years waiting to come- a surging dream.
    The wishes, the thoughts, the heartbeats, the desire,
    The unquenched glory, the passionate fire.
    Waiting for their dawn to come their way,
    Waiting for life to unfold each day!

    * I’ve used the word coffer here as I believe the coffin is like a treasure chest, taking the remnant of what we associate as our dear one…


    The results are out again…no dummy, not my exam results. Haven’t even finished writing them! [P.S. God Save me!]

    I’m talking about the 10 and 12 CBSE results. Yet again Chennai leads the country in its pass percentage and the female intelligence outwitted the male counterparts by a good margin. I declare I am nigh proud to be a girl student with CBSE background from Chennai. Ah… that makes me the best… ain’t it?

    Well, in all this joy, I wonder how much, these things called exams, actually gauge a person’s skills and how such a system snuffs many a happiness out!
    My CBSE education has covered a lot of basic stuff- things that can be applied in day-to-day life- and a lot of super-extraordinary genius stuff (crap!!!)- Like complex equations and geeky theories that made no sense to me and still don’t! I’ve spent hours figuring out both kinds of stuff- for the CBSE believes in “understanding and learning”. And when I fight a losing battle with those tough chapters, I’ve tried cramming them up- for we students of CBSE believe- “if you don’t get it, don’t fight it, just mug it!”

    Sadly, not oriented to mugging, I’ve never managed to remember anything learnt by rote... But that’s not my point. What have quantum theories, redox equations and loci, learnt to its minutest details, got to do with what I’m reading now- theory and history of architecture, design fundamentals and auto CAD? Agreed that everything learnt in the basic level definitely is useful. As in, I still do have a few chemical equations, stress-strain data and stuff; but in much lesser a quantity than what I’ve studied all through!
    Now where exactly is the point of reading so much of Physics, Chemistry when architecture has so less of it?

    Shouldn’t our system- CBSE, state, ISC or whatever- be revamped in such a way that it teaches you the basics of a lot of things but does not go into such mind-boggling details that
    One-confuse you, jumble you and leave you worse than ever.
    Two-are in no way related to the crap dished out at you later.

    Come on, my brain is as small as my hand and does the poor thing need to be stuffed with the details that it neither likes, desires or requires? Schrödinger’s equation is total nonsense to a literature student. She needs Shakespeare and Shelley. So what present day requires is a system that teaches the basics till tenth and specialized and refined higher studies in the last two years of schooling.

    Now here’s my well-pondered over theory…

    Till tenth…

    Subjects taught-

    Mathematics,English,Physics,Chemistry,Biology,History,Geography,Civics,Economics,Languages and computers; with a little Arts, physical and health education and Work Experience thrown in.

    Subject content/ Course of Study:

    *Be more application oriented.
    *Have live demos, videos, slides- a little info-tainment. Research has proved that using visual media while teaching increases memory retention span.
    *Introduce individual and group projects, industrial visits, vocational training, seminars, mock interviews, etc to enhance total understanding.*Teach that which is essential to understand the human body, its functioning, his socio-personal relationship, working of the society, our chemical, physical, technical, artistic and biological worlds- to the extent we come in contact with and that which can be comprehended.

    Eleventh, Twelfth:

    Subjects taught-
    Have many options and choices regarding course of study.
    For example, for my course, I would suggest this:
    Course study for Architecture-
    *World History with special stress on Architecture (civilization, ancient and modern forms of architecture and society, lifestyles, modern preferences, etc)
    *Building materials and construction (various available materials, properties, costs, different buildings, structural elements)
    *practical design fundamentals (in eleventh) and core (in twelfth) (where you should get to design clothes, jewellery, pots and stuff! Ooh… Interesting!),
    *Art appreciation, creatve skills and drawing (includes painting, theatre, music, writing and dance for all-round development of creativity, 3-D modeling, engineering drawing, perspectives, etc)
    *structural engineering- basics (strength of materials, mechanics of structures)
    * Architectural theories, concepts and terminology (introduction to concepts like-colour, proportion, rhythm, climatology, acoustics, etc)
    Six essential subjects which will get you prepared for your course and get you to begin learning the nuances of the trade.

    Subject content/ course of study:

    *Internship for a month- both the years- to work at and study an architect’s office
    *Painting Workshops
    *Tribal Arts
    *Visits to places of architectural/ artistic/ cultural significance
    *Traditional arts and architectural styles
    *visits to contemporary and ancient arts
    *Study of lifestyles of people, their pattern, behavior, skills, special requirements, creating an inclusive society (where differently abled people live comfortably, making use of all amenities without difficulty)
    *People skills to be learnt through interaction with society
    * Other methods employed earlier to be followed.

    It might have been bloody boring to read but be happy that you gave me the satisfaction of having read it! I’ve been wanting to spit all this out!!!

    I tell you, I really enjoyed thinking all this up and I’m sure people who really get to read such stuff would be more than thrilled. Ultimately our intellectual and monetary growth is what results from this. Just give it a thought and tell me your views…
    © Dryad's Peak
    Maira Gall