February 23, 2014

Ekphrasis - 8

“Washed out!” Ajay declared
“You know maybe there is a reason for this” Dev suggested
“Like what? Not to plan anymore?”
“No! That maybe we should try to shoot the whole film in the rains.”
“Are you kidding me? That would change the whole story, dude!”
“No! It adds a dimension. Think of your characters. All the sadness and tragedy would get enhanced. Pathos. Rain? Get the drift? You could say that was your backdrop. A ‘premeditated backdrop to bring out the inner emotions of your character’. Duuuuude! The jury will love it!”
“What are you thinking? Let’s go. All we need are some umbrellas and polythene! I can shoot it. Don’t worry!”
“Hmm… Yeah! Let’s do it. That actor won’t come again. He is already demanding five cups of chai every hour….”

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