February 17, 2014

In The Bean, I place my trust!

People often ask me if I believe in God. I was always ambiguous, flirting with words like agnostic, ‘an atheist but spiritual’, and the like. Finally I have given my God a form. God is a coffee bean. Referred to as ‘The Bean’ or ‘It’.  

The Bean roasted Itself to give us our daily brew. And in my own life, it has taught me so many things. Every time I waited for the decoction to percolate for my morning cup of filter kaapi, I learnt patience. Grating nutmeg and making sure it is the right amount taught me a balancing act in life. The Bean was very flexible – it could be worshipped instantly or It could be savoured as an experience with patient brewing.

With the various forms in which It manifested itself, It taught me diversity and tolerance. I could love a mocha as much as an espresso. Never hurl a cappuccino out of the window. All foams are a part of life. The Bean was the greatest leveller!

It made sure that I had reasons to work everyday – so I earn my Kopi Luwac! It manifested as the fancy espresso maker at Starbucks and made me long to get it. Meditation was coffee, nirvana was reaching the perfect cup.

When It closed one Cafe Coffee Day, It always opened another Costa. The Bean tested my resilience and trust through watery cups of the brew available solely via the Indian Railways and certain houses of aunties-who-cannot-be-named! 

The Bean is great. It told me to trust in myself and my brewing skills. That is how I learnt to beat my cinnamon with the sugar before adding the milk so the coffee becomes light and tastier. The Bean always gives us the coffee we need, in time. Be it 4 am to study for exams or an excuse to flirt with that cute boy who sat next to you in the computer lab - there was always The Bean with a cup of coffee to the rescue.

And to The Bean we all wrote odes, painted pictures and found different ways to pay obeisance. And to The Bean, I dedicate my life. The Bean is love, love is The Bean! It shall solve everything!

Remember, The Bean loves you!

(DISCLAIMER: This article is written completely in jest and is not meant to offend the religious sentiments of anyone. Also, this has no reference to Rowan Atkinson)

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