June 28, 2013

Everyday Writing: Chapter 21

Destiny, the crafty witch
sniffing around lives
scribbling punctuations
not an end, a comma
a fullstop to draw to close
dramatic exclamations
question marked confusions
and sorrow wails its story
quivering within an ellipsis

like dunes of the desert
the ever changing planes 
destiny the whistling wind
charting the ebb and the flow
and when on a whim
stages out the play of a mirage

June 24, 2013

Everyday Writing- Chapter 20

So much happens

And it scatters away

Hope, conversations,

Time, breath, space

And all of a sudden

Unknowingly you have

Moved from then to now

Without having spoken a word

June 15, 2013

Everyday writing: Chapter 19

I flew into the horizon
only to bleed
when my head 
hit the concrete sky

June 14, 2013

Rainsong 4

Maybe you were just a drizzle
of a few minutes lifespan
in the desert of my mind
you lasted a lifetime
oasis, to my parched thought
true respite to my longing call
morn-song of pitter-patter
to set the tune today of my heart

Rainsong 3

The monsoons are here
Of slushy drains
And slithering snails
Earthy smells
And mucky trails.
Wriggling worms
Squished under feet
Eeks and shrieks
At the death giving feat!
With rolled up pants and
Swishing skirt
Let us steal some romance
With some coffee, and flirt?

Rainsong 2

And it rains
And I can hear them like stones pelting on my window
Wanting entry into my life
Knocking and demanding 
The meaning of my actions

And today they evoke the greys

Brooding unsure greys
With their dicey e’s instead of the straight a’s
Slow-torturing me with cold fingers


Echoes of laughter in the pitter-patter
Drowsy air laden with dreams
Words take shape on paper
As leaves get glazed in the rain
Every eye-full a shot
Every ear-full a song

Paths seduce to walk on
Every step thumping out
giddy smells of wet earth

From under curls of petals
And blades of grass
Poetry plays peekaboo

Such romance that diffuses in the air
That it sounds of the coming
Along with the rain, some wispy surprise


"There will be defeat,"
she whispered in my ears,
looking right into my eyes
"You will be thrown headlong
into depths of despair
you had never known."

"And then", she paused

with a flicker of a smile,
"when you nearly lose hope
you will rise..."
© Dryad's Peak
Maira Gall