May 16, 2013

Everyday Writing: Chapter 13

*This is NOT technically an everyday writing. I was cleaning my drafts on gmail and re-discovered this poem I had written many moons ago. I hate keeping my verses to myself. I like to scatter them to the wind. Maybe there'll be some takers. Maybe there won't. But words were never meant to be hoarded. They were meant to be set free. So here goes...*

Whenever you demand your roti dal

You must eat at once, or befall
a horrible fate that visits the doomed
your hunger, my dear, away, would've vroomed!

So pick your chicken and bite it clean
Dip it in the chutney- spicy and mean
Food for the tummy is food for the mind
To your mealtimes, don't be unkind!

If perchance, you happen to skip
your pepparoni pizza and jalapeno dip
at half past nine on a sunday night
don't you get angry and pick up a fight

At half past ten, grab your friend and go
to a movie, that may or maynot show
but whatever it be, pause at the McD
and grab a bite and quit being angry

For good food and friends are a double
that keep your soul warm from winter and trouble
And be it silly, be it serious
friends and food, you must never cuss! 

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