April 26, 2013

Everyday Writing : Chapter 1

* from today begins 'Everyday Writing'. I want to bring back the habit of writing that I used to passionately engage in and that has subsided quite an alarming bit! Each day will have a theme that I randomly choose. Sometimes themes may overlap. There may be continuations, or each chapter may be isolated. My favourite themes happen to be euphoria and melancholia. But that does not necessarily mean I am in either one of the states. They are a work of fiction. *

Walking by the fringes of one another's life
not knowing
never knowing, sometimes
about the beautiful everyday moments
that surprise us.
Are you not curious?
Don't you miss
the habits we formed
of telling and finding out?

Somedays it seems like just a pause
which shall resume to play
when one of us
on some idle Tuesday afternoon
walk by the tape recorder of conversations
tapping on the talk-
yours and mine-
of fears and longings
thoughts and tenderness.

And somedays it seems like
there can be no sound at all
and that this is the end
to the hopeful beginnings
we flirted around with. 

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Aditi said...

I like the concept of themes. I shall copy it and also put a minimum clause of word limit. :)
Keep Writing!

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