March 05, 2012

Kahin to hogi woh duniya

"Jaane naa kahan woh duniya hai
Jaane naa woh hai bhi ya nahi
Jahan meri zindagi mujhse
Itni khafa nahi"

Is there such a world, really? Even if it is a mirage that will last but a moment, a minute, a night, a day- however short or long- the hope of it sounds so fulfilling.

How is it that certain questions can never be answered? Maybe the answers are around, but in a stretch of years, what exactly is defined as "just around the corner" in a time span?

There are corners in our spirit that can be yanked only by the ones that own that bit of you. You never auctioned your spirit, thank god. But will the owner of that missing bit stand up and claim? We would like to give you your due, else we need to begin to find someone else who may consider your returned rejected piece.

"Manzilon se raahein dhoondthi chali, aur
Kho gayi hai manzil kahin rahon mein"

This is always the problem with ignorance. You never know if you want to have it around. Sometimes, it is a comforter on an icy windy night. At others it is that flat dent in your pillow that keeps you awake all night. It never announces which form it will take that night. To be lost is wonderful, as there is a possibility of finding your way. Just that, you are puzzled at times. Is there really a way out? Or is being lost the only way to get through, till you collapse from the tire of the long arduous walk.

"Kahin to hai nasha
Teri meri har mulaqaat mein"

Tangible. From a distance. From up close. Thick and yet with a poetic vulnerability. Like a freshly beaten and baked blueberry cheesecake in your mouth. Inexplicable understanding. A madness and drug, a habit that cannot be kicked.

Ondaatje is always right- "From this point on, we will either find or lose our souls."

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