February 20, 2012


Cut chop snip
A trim here
A spruce there
A dash of colour
Chemicals to rinse
And then bright bright red lights
Surreal setting of real noir
To create and bear the reel.

dripping wet
selectively darkened
selectively brightened
Exposing it for the first time
Since its conception
Introducing it to light
Through darkness
Friends and strangers meet.

Sheer Poetry
As images materialize
On a stark white canvas
As if some magical thought
Breathed into emptiness
A light frozen for eternity
Void slowly eaten up
Chewed by black lines
Gray forms
Coloured curves

The void crumbles into itself
With a zigzag of forms
Together symphonizing a whole
A composition they call an image
That which an eye saw
A heart leaped forth on seeing
A soul stirred for a moment
A brain triggered a response
A plastic shutter opened and closed
For a set time
Allowing just the bit of light
That the vision teased it to commit.


Elen Lackner-Poemas de amor. - Piano said...

Beautiful. I greet you from Argentina.Elen Lackner

Aditi said...

This piece left me speechless!!! I'm all for structure-less poetry and this is the best piece i'v ever come across.

Sandhya Ramachandran said...


Thank you so much! Greetings from India!

I am flattered beyond words *blushes

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