February 20, 2012

The Doctor Speaks

Sarcasm and varnish
in alternative doses-

When pity curls
pushing you off your bed
Spasms in your heart
your limbs and head

pick my dosage
and drink it clean
like treacle and ink
and toast and bean

sometimes one
and at times the other
will gift you some peace
save you from the bother

no no this is a life long dose
to cure your head and to your toes
they sell it over the counter, dear
ask for your share, without any fear

just tell them you're suffering

from a disease called living
Roll down a tear
let out a sniffle clear
They will give you sarcasm and varnish too
With a striped lollipop, a candy or two!

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© Dryad's Peak
Maira Gall