July 26, 2011

Short Story- 27

Did you say you pinned up hopes on a card on your window pane? With those fancy little stick on magnets that kept the paper firmly on the glass, holding it from both sides? You put it up for the world to see? Oh dear!

Nothing... Erm... darn it! Well...I saw the Nasty Little Killjoy eyeing it! I saw his big ugly eyes water with green slime. And then... hmmm... and then he stuck out his long forked tongue and 'phatttt' lashed at your hope card!

And...well... you know what happens when he does that! Hmmm... Something bad begins to uncoil from that little drop of spit he leaves on your card, quietly, just like a bad smell spreads across the room.

And whether you like it or not, I tell you, your hope will die.

I feel sad for you, you dear thing. But you should know better, really! I mean, you are old enough. Why would you pin it up? Who did you think would celebrate with you? The whole world? Really?

Sometimes, I think you are delusional fool, dear. I mean, you live in some alternative universe... no... I'm just saying... well... think about it...

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_rootnode said...

A similar one which i wrote a few months back.
And btw, looks like you've got yourself a new theme. Looks good and chill except for the lighter shades even in headers [blog archives, Search this blog etc] and the font colour is also a bit dim. Just a thought. Purely my opinion.

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