April 03, 2011

We bled blue on the world cup and how!

Rajinikanth was in the stadium. Hence, India won! And... I missed you Dravid. Ohsobadly!
CONGRATS Team INDIA and Special congratulations Sachin! You deserved this earlier! :)

And somehow, I cannot seem to forget the thrill of winning the T20 WC we won four years back.. That catch by Sreeshanth of Misbah Ul Haq. OHMYGOD! Was just thrilling as hell. Although my craze for cricket is much less now, today, standing in the mess with about the entire college, staring at the whitewashed wall where the live telecast was being projected, was quite awesome.

And yes, Dravid. I missed you!


Vyazz said...

Congratulations to ye!!!..........Knowing full well that ur a cricket buff!!.....Mebbe it won coz this was d first time I actually paid attention to a match!!! :P

_rootnode said...

I missed you Dravid. Ohsobadly!
Even I felt the same. Especially, after seeing Anil Kumble.
Unsung hero of Indian cricket..
Love you RD :(

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