February 05, 2011

On a lazy saturday

It is early evening. The stars must slowly be rising from slumber for their night duty. I am looking at some old mails and wondering how much change has been a part of my life.

New words and states of being have entered my life over the past seven years. Such radical changes, such altered behaviour and a new wisdom tooth poking its head as if to authorize all of this.

I wish sometimes chapters of life were written on a word document and stored in a pendrive hung around our neck when we were born. And for a certain amount of times, we must be allowed to rewrite or alter paragraphs and phrases to make amends.

It is actually a decent state I am in, right now. Moderately aloof and disconnected with the world at large. Happy for simple beautiful things. Having certain sensible dreams. An almost-acceptance of being what I am. Few regrets. Few wistful wishes. And a small stash box full of sense and straightforwardness to steer ahead.

It is one of those days meant to be spent cuddled in the room without a thought in the head. But one still can't stop wishing for a distant migrating bird to drop a dream on my lap before I sleep.


Vyazz said...

Sometimes I wish I could rewrite entire chapters in my life's history!!! But if I did that, I suppose I wouldn't be me......
Like ur state of moderate aloofness, I too am in a state of perpetual indifference......of anything and everything that goes on about me. But alas, as much as I like to pretend I'm soaring into the clouds without a care in the world, reality keeps pushing me back to the earth with a thud!!!!!
But I like to keep flying nonetheless!!!!......might be able to take off well into the skies some day or the other!!!! :))

ps: my apologies if I blabbered nonsense.............just in one of my moods!!!!!!

Sandhya Ramachandran said...

@ Astro boy
No... those are not blabbered nonsense! I totally understand. Those chapters helped us grow to what we have become today. But yes, it is really beautiful to hope and dream and live in that strange bubble where things happen just the way we want it to! :)

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