February 13, 2011

Delusional Angel

Daydream delusion,
limousine eyelash,
oh, baby with your pretty face,
drop a tear in my wineglass,
look at those big eyes,
see what you mean to me,
sweet cakes and milkshakes,
I am a delusional angel,
I am a fantasy parade,
I want you to know what I think,
dont want you to guess anymore,
you have no idea where I came from,
we have no idea where we're going,
launched in life,
like branches in the river,
flowing downstream,
caught in the current,
I'll carry you, you'll carry me,
that's how it could be,
don't you know me?
don't you know me by now?

- Poem by the poet by the riverside in 'Before Sunrise'

I have always been deeply moved by this poem and the randomness of it. Even when I had to do a film dissertation early this year, I took this film and the conversations in it for study. It was lovely...watching those beautiful conversations seamlessly blend into one another and flow like satin.

Conversations have always fascinated me. I've always wondered how words always want to get out of us and pin themselves in the air around us, or incept themselves in the minds of people around.

Before Sunrise in that way, has achieved immense success in the way its conversations are structured. You feel so involved with the characters!

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bharat chandran said...

I think Before Sunrise is more acceptable to those who like to be more open in life. In fact I felt very much involved with that movie. However, during the course of time I realised that many people around us might not like it. The movie is more of going with the flow and accepting the 'randomness' as you rightly mentioned. How many would be ready to accept in reality is still a question, isnt? :-) What do you say?

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