January 14, 2011


It is probably too early, but what the heck?! I have an inkling that this year is going to be a really really good one! For starts, it started with bonfire in the beach, constellations winking and firecrackers exploding into a star shower just above our heads! You can't possibly ask for a better new year's night. And well, it has also lead to a makeover and nice things happening.

I just have a good feeling I'm slowly crawling back to happiness. Or probably, leaping into sunshine like a deer!

Many little Tinker bells are flying inside my soul!

I feel blithe!



Anonymous said...

I like the sunshine-deer metaphor :D

I really hope that you have a great year ahead, why only 2011? :)

Anonymous said...

Oh btw I like commenting "Anonymously" for cheap thrills ;) :P

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