June 23, 2010

falling all over the earth
with a kind of arrogance
raising a faint muddy smell
as it slakes the earth's thirst.

With a roar
the rain unleashes its yearning
lust flashing in its eyes
like lightening.

The sea rises and tumbles
as the breeze and the rain
attack it with all their
inner strength

Heavens exchange melodies
with the sea
rains and wave-splash
encounter mid-air
in a raucous play of
light sight and sound.

As the skies lock lips
with the dancing waves
as it reaches out for an embrace
in an orgy of sinful passion
a burning fire within is roused
and some molten passion bursts forth
in golden lava
spewing out its anger
pleading a reason
for its heartbreak!
© Dryad's Peak
Maira Gall