June 04, 2010

Is it just me?

1) When something goes right, something wrong usually follows.
2) Volatile is my new middle name
3) Figuring things out makes me lonely and not figuring things out makes me claustrophobic.
4) Wish there was an undo-redo-delete-home-end-pg dn-pg up button in life.
5) Ghajini's Sanjay Ramaswami/Singhania's short term memory loss could be used at will-on myself and others.
6) NID could be shifted to Chennai.
7) Wish shopping was the single biggest meaning making substance in life and I desired nothing beyond that!
8) Wish I did not have so many expectations out of my own life!
9) People were a lot simpler, thoughts could be read and hatred erased from all of the universe.
10) a+b=c (but heck, no... it HAD to be a complex equation!)
11) I could put things back in their place and not live in a messy pig-sty-ish style.
12) I could colour my life when I found it drab, like walls and switchboards!
13) Wish growing up was easier and childhood had less fancies about adulthood.
14) I could travel when I blink.
15) Machines were reasonable beings to whom you could talk and get them self-heal or self-destruct!
16) Food was always good EVERYWHERE!
17) That you could allow family in baggage.
18) Thoughts and ideas could be beckoned at will and brilliance was on speed dial.
19) Memories could be altered and obliviated.
20) All my life could be spent in watching films, reading, writing and painting.
21) Intentions were visible in comic stylized thought bubbles.
22) Mood swings did not exist!(sigh!)
23) Life was not such a complex game, or I was not so simple in the head.
24) More focus, more strength, more I-don't-cares!
25) The little butterfly that is fluttering within could be let out to soar to great heights.
26) Happiness was an over-the-counter medicine.
27) Certain things in life were not mutually exclusive and certain others were not mutually dependent!
28) I had sturdy wings to fly away from everything and soar awhile for some self-discovery.
29) I could talk less, think more and be more independent.
30) I could actually cheer the world and myself easily. *sigh*


Beginning stages of homesickness. Unrest. Cramming for time. Searching for inspiration. Wanting more meaning. No heart to go anywhere or do anything. Beginning of the blah. Desperately wanting Mysterious Mentor for whom I wish for every-goddamn-day ringing my doorbell!

Probable solutions: Endless mugs of tang. Shopaholicism(being followed to a 'T'), self-motivation(urghh! I detest the word), a trip to the mountains, new Rahman album like one of the really old ones, a little more meaning, one single rain, a bit of indifference, a slice of maturity and some more home time!


I really wish life was a little more easy! :(


Kally said...

//Volatile is my new middle name
Well this is u I guess...

Sandhya Volatile Ramachandran :P

//a+b=c (but heck, no... it HAD to be a complex equation!)

If u want it 2 b complex then it must b a + ib = c :)

Anyways...u write a lottt!! :) read few of ur stories...they were really interesting and really short!!

Sandhya Ramachandran said...

@ Kally:
Thank you so much! :)

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