July 22, 2009

Sounds from the native land

As I sit in the FVC Studio, a place where my discipline-mates barely/rarely frequent, on a day when I'm not exactly blessed with the best of moods(moderately homesick, missing UG-college friends and other Chennai friends a lot), suddenly I hear Tamil songs playing from somewhere and a random male voice humming and singing along!

However regionalistic that sounds, it felt like home suddenly! And it was a nice warmth that spread through my heart. The sounds from the native land seemed to be visiting me and assuaging the lack inside in a very calm comforting way.

And one after another, that stranger(or maybe a friend) has been playing familiar favourite songs! A part of me wants to just run and thank him for that good playlist and his unplanned thoughtfulness. Another part of me did not want to ever go find out who it was- and stay in the beauty of the moment- strangers reaching out in a strange manner!

Somewhere I feel better, thanks to "Azhagana Rakshasiye", "Kangal Irandaal", "Sundari Neeyum" and "Pudhu Vellai Mazhai".


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ani_aset said...

i dare not agree with what you write here :)
Who knows you might post about me next :D

I will still:

One who is up there will surely give,..when you deserve to be given (i know i know..shit crap :D )

In hindsight, everything will look good ( i know i know YAAAAWN right? )

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