June 02, 2009

To bring to you a smile

What must I do, dear friend,

to bring that mad smile on your face

Should I sing in the most off-key of voices

or make faces, that amused you those days?


You're the childhood friend I never had

the twin-thinker that I cherish, glad.

It hurts to see you down and low

and putting life on pause and going so slow


Have you looked lately into the mirror

to see those eyes gleaming

with all the world's talent

and intelligence, beaming?


Dear kiddo-friend, I hope you smile

I wish I could bring it back on your face

and erase those clouds that haunt your eyes

and get the happiness back to your gaze.


Smile, for life is yet to come

and whatever sorrows knock today

shall pause to teach

but hurt you, nay!


Smile, for your future stretches ahead

with loads of promises, success in its tread.


Smile, for we want you to smile always

as we know you that way and want that all through the days!!!


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lakshmi bhuvaneswaran said...

u write beautifully.. its really nice.. :)

Sandhya Ramachandran said...

Doc!!! That's such a pleasant surprise! :)

Thank you so much!!! :)

ani_aset said...

ahan thats a nice one for a friend..lovely poem sandhya

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