May 30, 2009

Music and inner peace


There really is nothing I want more than a good song~when I work. A soul is at peace and the mind is working properly when there's great music playing in the ears!

Honestly, no matter what happens in life, I guess as long as I find a song to go with my mood, I should be ok. I know that sounds darned weird and downright dumb, but it is true. When you actually discover someone has a song that's just-right for the moment, it gives you such a fellow-feeling with the writer, that it makes you get excited about it no matter what!

It's like discovering that your roommate also loves to drink tea at midnight and follow it up with a nice conversation for an hour or so! How delightful does that sound!!! :D

So, as I've been doing the trims and the fillets and the mirrors on CAD, music has been playing in the side. I've just begun to try out different kinds of music. The prudishness in the head has been facing a melt-down for the past 5 yrs. And slowly but steadily, I've become a big fan of English movies and a select genre of English music. In the sense, the genre is not your rock, hip hop, jazz kinds.. in fact I don't recognize any genre except Jazz(and I LOVE it!!!). The genre I'm talking about is the kind that comes with some great lyrics and a wonderful tune to go with it, backed by powerful vocals.

Be it off-beat like Baz Leurman's(I hope I got your spelling right, dear fellow crusader!) 'Sunscreen' or the ever-favourite 'Hotel California'(Thanks Varun for telling me about the supposed Satanic verses and getting me curious about this song! :P), nice chick-music like 'Holding Out for a Hero'(Frou Frou version) or good old Animated music (Aaliyah's "Once Upon a December" from Anastasia) to the most wonderful music from the Classics like Audrey singing 'Moonriver' or Nat King Cole going a soulful 'When I fall in love': I am transported!

Some songs, like Moonriver, Vienna(Billy Joel, I worship thee), Rainy Days and Mondays(Carpenters: Karen has the most wonderful voice!) and Only Hope(Mandy Moore) have me listening to them repeatedly!!!

I might STILL have a very restricted knowledge of English music, but I love the ones I listen to.

Thank god for music! It helps me retain my sanity and ah... before I forget, gifts me SUCH a lovely feeling about life, that NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS, I'm made happy in a jiffy! :)

Good old music.. what would I do without you?


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