May 07, 2009

The Metal that hasn't been named

There is a metal that hasn't been named. It has not even been formed yet. It's basic properties are well-known. But what form, shape, destiny it assumes is still not clear.

For the metal to be named or to be stashed off and categorized as non-metal, it needs to go through a process. That process just got over. And due to reasons best known to the lab and its resident experts, the report isn't out.

Till then the metal sings to itself, in a very Margaret Lawrence-y tone(refer to her poem 'Am I a child or an Adult?' here)

Am I a metal or a non-metal

No, not a metal anymore-my shine is gone!

My crystallized world has melted away

I am amorphous, I understand non-metallic sounds

But does that mean I am a non-metal?


(OK OK! I give up. I'm just suffering from a self-declared case of rapid cycling bipolar disorder. May be a temporary phenomena. But well.. depends!)

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