May 10, 2009

A little scribble on the scroll

"To the Fringed Gentian"

Then whisper, blossom, in thy sleep,
How I may upward climb,
The Alpine Path, so hard, so steep,
That leads to heights sublime.
How I may reach the far-off goal,
Of true and honoured fame.
And write upon its shining scroll,
A woman's humble name"

I have quoted that poem over and again in my blog as I guess, in all that I've read in my life, those few lines have the greatest meaning.

And today, loads of those vision-clouds have been swept away by time and sense and I stand happily, having added the first scribble on the shining scroll of life.

It has been sheer torture living through those days of waiting. But now, a great sense of purpose has emerged.'

I'm happy! :)

And it's such a fierce happiness that I'm not really showing its nature in entirety to the world. Somewhere I like holding things back to myself, these days, rather than grabbing a trumpet and blowing it loud. I'm just making a small audible sound! :D

Life has changed so much over the five wonderful years I've spent in under-grad college here in Chennai. But I'm glad to be letting go of the city and embracing a new one for the next 2-3 years.

God knows what they hold for me. It's the first biggest challenge I'm going to face. It might be a piece of cake or might scare and taunt me. I'm curious to begin.

Life, although has put a small little pause button and is forcing me to finish up all the dirty work here and then fly off.

It's scary, beautiful, dreamy, alluring, independent and simply the most inspiring thing that has happened.

I wonder what lies ahead.

But I just am happy as can be!

Thank you everyone and everything and every power for this. I deeply cherish and appreciate it.

I will not ask for anything more in life, like I said.



ME :)


Vyazz said...

Life is always an adventure. You never know where you may land up!!...Best of luck for whatever you seek to endeavour, for may lady fortune always smile upon you, forever and ever.

Sandhya Ramachandran said...

thanks a bunch Vyas!That was just-so-sweet of you! :)

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