May 11, 2009


There are some wonderful reasons I have to dream about. So many things to look forward to that I'm scared. I know this too shall pass- all this bountiful beautiful happiness is, but momentary. Mundane reality shall set in its routine ways very soon.

But at the end of the day, I can't stop myself from letting that little hope-bud from raising its impish head from the very bottom of my soul! :)

I'm trying hard not to hype things for myself, not to build a lovely dream only to just see it remaining so for eternity.

But the ways of the mind are as yet a puzzle to the world and no matter what, it stubbornly entertains itself and refuses to let go of me. The dream seizes me with such a power and a promise of forever happiness that I succumb to it.

Yes, everything is just momentary. I am telling myself that.

But that dream of that wonderful wonderful time ahead... those little bits and pieces I string together to make a patchwork quilt-o'-happiness in my head... oh it's just so beautiful, I wish it would become true!

Here's giving some little sugar and some more spice to that dream and hoping, whatever happens, happens for my best and the best of everyone!


The Dreamy Dryad

PS: I love life, and now, more than ever! :)


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