March 10, 2009

Point. is born

How is an idea born? Do some weird cells in our body get agitated due to inertia and ennui stretched over really long period of time and bubble up some liquid that energizes your spirit into action?

How does something get created? Long hours of painstaking and careful work, inch by inch, measure by measure- little insignificant nothings coming together to form one big something?

I don't know what actually made it happen, but I started an ezinette- with invaluable help and support from Arvind Caulagi and some overwhelming encouragement from my class friends.

Point. is born.

It is an architectural ezinetter. What is an ezinetter? What is Point. all about- No! I'm not going to explain. For those that care enough or just plain curious- go here and find out.

It's my baby! Go tell it a warm hi and make it believe that the world is a beautiful place after all!


I've been through a whole week of intense untiring work and commitment. I'm happy with the output. we definitely could have made it better and promise to do so from now on.

But ah, for now, as they say-"the heart is so full that a drop overfills it!"

Check point. out at:

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