February 25, 2009

Jai Ho! :)


When the lady's fingers ripped apart the envelope in an uneven fashion, when Zack Ephron bent forward towards the mike, to declare the results, a girl, who often declared that the 'Mozart from Madras' is beyond awards, felt an anticipation and anxiety that superceded everything she has ever felt before for the happiness of someone else!

And when the words were just about to be formed, she lip read the first syllable and shrieked out in joy- ah well, everyone would have! For millions were glued to their TV sets that day- people from slums to people sipping on morning juices from while sitting in front of their Plasma TVs- for one man-A.R.Rahman!

When he did reshape the history of the land, (with a little note here and a crescendo there. Oh! And some faint triangle strains, if I may add) by becoming the first ever double-Oscar winner from India, the entire country erupted into cheers!

That moment was immensely meaningful. It not just spelt the triumph of the underdog(or Slumdog, as they call it these days), but also an awakening of sorts to the world outside of an immense storehouse of talent that is India!

For all those snooty Hollywoods(as I indulge in an occasional pardonable generalization) who claimed that talent and class was all theirs, here was our answer- "Well, my dears! We beat you at times, and how!"

For a man with a humble beginning, the struggling steps in his initial days and the immense glory that followed him once he broke into tinseltown, this Oscar was something so well-deserved. The effort, and more importantly, the humility that all his genius hides behind, definitely needs laurels far higher than any Oscar can give.

This is just the beginning, and we are glad it has begun. If there is one man whom everyone can learn from- it is Alla Rakha Rahman.

We often find fame playing dangerous games- teasing, tempting and taunting the bestowed with its tricks and making them fall prey to vices that we could never even imagine they could possess! To be a good human being despite being the best- which more often than not, all of us can't quite manage, is a magic trick, really! And Rahman has proved what a fabulous magician he is!

His speech, with his restrained composed excitement and elation, was so laced with humility and generosity, that it moved most of us who heard him.

A.R.Rahman- one wishes to give you an award that no one else could ever dream to possess- one that can just have your name and meant to have just yours!

For being one, who, with immense composure and honesty, values life and humanity, and strives to achieve glory that no other human dared to achieve; for being sincere in your efforts and kind in your actions; for giving meaning to the lives of millions of people around you through your continued hard work, and for being an exemplary inspiration to all, we confer upon you,

          Mr.Alla Rakha Rahman

the award of being the most true and honourable human being ever!


Sriram said...

Sandhya, first time here.

Had I written a post after ARR won the Oscars, it would've been very close to what you wrote

Awesome Sandhya!...and go ARR!

Karthick said...

Oh yaa , cant agree with you better, he is next to god for me. Honestly , I really want to write a post about him and the way his music had impacted my life, just waiting for the right moment.

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